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Friday, July 31, 2009

Thomas Anthem song.

Now its time to take a peek, at the Thomas & Friends - Thomas's Anthem video and you can sing along with the Anthem Thomas music see if you can harmonize & follow all the words in the Thomas song lyrics underneath try to keep up...!

Thomas's Anthem video.

Thomas Song Anthem Lyrics.

It's Thomas the Tank Engine
Hip hip hip hip hooray
Chugga chugga chug chug, Chuff chuff chuff
He rides along the way
And when you hear that whistle
It can only be one train
Our favorite little engine
Thomas is his name

Thomas the Tank Engine rolling along
All of his friends will be coming along
Thomas, we love you

He's a really useful engine
With a heart that's big and strong
He chugga chugga chuff chuffs, working hard
Helping everyone
Thomas he has lots of friends, and you can be one too
Just clap clap clap and sing along
Thomas we love you


There's Gordon and Henry
Edward, James and Toby
Annie and Clarabel, and don't forget Percy
Terence and Bertie
Diesel, Duck and Daisy
Lots more friends for you

He's always up to mischief, that cheeky little train
He chugga chugga chuff chuffs everywhere
He's always playing games
The Fat Controller scolds him, but loves him just the same
Our favorite little engine
Thomas is his name

(Chorus repeats twice)

Thomas we love you, Thomas we love you.
(Thomas the Engine Anthem has been composed by Mike O'Donnell & Junior Cambell)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Play Harold helicopter game online

Harold the helicopter is flying to the mountains pictureIt’s a bad day for Harold the helicopter he has to rescue the cold people on the other snow covered island. You have to help him by your flying copter skills. Play the game and learn to fly helicopters to recover people who are in danger. Get them home safely with this game helicopter challenge. The keys to play this Harold helicopter game are the arrow keys on your keyboard or a joystick and the space bar for the up and down. Harold the helicopter can’t wait to go home to island of Sodor to see his friend Thomas the tank a really useful engine.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Trevor the traction engine.

Trevor traction engine at the steam traction ralliesTrevor the traction engine and driver picTrevor the traction engine livelihood was on the manor farm cottages land. His employment was doing nine-to-five agricultural general farming with the local farm equipment used for transporting beefy and bulky loads along the winding country roads of Sodor. Every day Trevor traction engine helps his employer to do the saw cutting of timber for the sawmill and firewood logs for burning wood to go into the steam engine boilers. After some years passed, his boss Jem Cole concluded Trevor to be mouldy, musty and behind the times so he shipped the poor little traction engine away to the locomotive scrapyard breakers for salvage & spares.Trevor the traction engine in the locomotive scrapyardThis is were Edward engine and James found him and they all became great companions. Edward came steaming to the rescue and convinced the Wellsworth church Vicar the Rev.Charles Laxey to go and acquire Trevor steam traction back from the scrap heap.Time now for planning for retirement home fun at the old vicarage wood, a large country garden orchard apple trees growing in the sunshine and little orchard flowers dotted across the green grass overlooking the dairy farm animals. The Wellsworth old vicarage wood is close to the seaside in the north part of sodor. Jem Cole sometimes borrows magical Trevor to do some work on the farmyard. There were big blowing violet storm winds,rolling thunder lightning strikes, it was raining cats and dogs.Trevor_traction _engine_in_the_orchard_apple After this Trevor was out of early retirement for a couple of days and assisted in the tidy up operation of the mountain forest pine wood in Sodor Forest.
A live steam traction engine Trevor is getting older now enjoying taking an afternoon nap and the thing he likes best is joyful happy children riding in a wooden cart wheel hay trailer as he gives them a ride at the summer steam traction rallies.

Tribute to Trevor the traction engine video in the island of sodor.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Thomas the train t-shirt.

yellow thomas & friends right on time trendy kids t-shirtIf you’re looking for Thomas clothing kids sweaters or a Tank Percy custom Thomas the train t-shirt that is really delightful to wear that you can add in your wardrobe collection then these Thomas t-shirt are for you!

Most young children love to have the figure of there Thomas the train favourite cartoon characters on the little kids tee shirt, especially for costume garments at a fancy dress party that you may take them along to.

With the Thomas kids clothing there's a vast array to chose from to dress up your young ones up in the latest style of custom shirt Thomas tank clothing.

brand-new fashionable white and green thomas tank cotton shirt picSo they can prudly show off to their Thomas the train fan friends, the new Diesel 10 Engines of sodor top that they are wearing for play or at a praty.

There are many funky t-shirt makers and manufactures were you could make purchases of your cute kids clothes tee shirts of bob the builder, barney dinosaur embroidery cotton shirt and Thomas the tank engine t shirt from.

In the Thomas the tank engine pictures of the trendy kids clothes I have included, there are lots of different coloured designer kids clothes of Thomas t-shirts. There we have some very admirable and nice Thomas the train boys clothing examples to view.

Hopefully this will give you some fresh brand-new fashionable tee shirt ideas, on which of the attractive garments of Thomas tee shirt, you will get your hands on and pick to obtain for your little star kids clothing wardrobe essentials.

Thomas clothes red stripe top tee shirt attractive garment for kids
fashionable diesel 10 thomas the tank t shirt for boys

But with so many choices of quality kids Thomas the train clothes from v-neck t-shirt, middy, pullover, slipover, turtleneck custom made shirt, with a colorful funny styles that can be chosen and picked. What will be the Thomas the tank t-shirt designing brand that you and your kids will go for every time?

Engines of sodor thomas & friends custom t-shirt attractive train garment for boys
boys thomas red train iv-neck t-shirt
boys red funky t-shirt thomas tank top
boys black top tee shirt thomas clothing
blue custom shirt thomas tank clothing pic
black color kids thomas tank t-shirt pic
black and blue thomas kids clothing pic
Age 6 cool blue thomas v-neck t-shirt
Age 5 red t-shirt designing custom shirt thomas tank clothing jpg
Age 5 red james engine thomas t-shirt pic
Age 5 Thomas the train and green percy engine thomas t-shirt
Age 5 boys blue engine thomas t-shirt pic
Thomas the train Age 4 blue & white stripe thomas kids clothing pic

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Thomas and friends song.

Watch the video of Thomas and friends song and listen to the Gordon engine Thomas and friends music.

Thomas and friends song lyrics.

They're two they're four they're six they're eight
Shunting trucks and hauling freight
red and green and brown and blue
they're the really useful crew

All with different roles to play
Round Tidmouth sheds or far away,
Down the hills and round the bends
Thomas and friends

Thomas he's the cheeky one
James is vain but lots of fun
Percy pulls the mail on time
Gordon thunders down the line
Emily really knows her stuff
Henry toots and huffs and puffs
Edward wants to help and share
Toby, well let's say, he's square

They're two they're four they're six they're eight
Shunting trucks and hauling freight
red and green and brown and blue
they're the really useful crew

All with different roles to play
Round tidmouths or far away
Down the hills and round the bends
Thomas and friends

They're two they're four they're six they're eight
Shunting trucks and hauling freight
red and green and brown and blue
they're the really useful crew

All with different roles to play
Round tidmouths or far away
Down the hills and round the bends
Thomas and friends
Now you can sing along with the Thomas and friends songs. All you have to do is just follow the lyrics to sing along with the Thomas and friends theme song.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Thomas live on stage.

See tank engine Thomas live concert with dancing and singing Thomas live on stage children’s drama show. This is a really nice family performance. Watch the little blue steam engine travel round the stage on a small railway track with the Thomas show theatre stage lighting flashing and changing colours shinning on the concerts live stage floor. The Thomas live show event on the theatre stage has an enchanting & charming production of music live songs.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thomas tank brio

Thomas highly desirable toy brio thomas tank set picThe wooden Thomas brio train sets with its magnetic coupling is great indoor fun, as a young children’s toy, to keep them entertained and occupied on a indoor rainy afternoon.
Big brio battery wooden train track picwooden thomas brio engines pictureWith a 100 pieces wooden train sets there is a wide variety of pieces to choose from…junction points, crossover track, Curved Crossing Tracks, ramp inclines for flyovers and 33254 super supports to hold up the over pass, short and long straits tracks straits with humps, assortment of curves to drive James and Toby down. Doing the train track planning & construction is a very fun starter project for a child’s valued development and learning arranging skills.
Beginning with a Thomas tank engine wooden train set is a considerably good place to start before going onto the wide world of tri-ang oo Scale model railway hornby trains sets for boys.Compatible brio expansion set for Wooden brio thomas track picMaking a simple model steam locomotive train brio wooden railway set table is a great place to set-up and play with your Thomas set or mount a 8 x 4 chip board on a hinged fixing on the wall that can pull down to arrange your Scale Model tunnel railway layout of Sodor island on.Fits brio compatible Harbour loading up Wooden toy thomas tank loader picEquivalent fitting wooden brio thomas the tank track crossing There are many great fetched attachments like level crossings.brio james thomas the tank engine wooden toy pic The brio flying Scotsman train set is one of the most famous and well known rail lines in the world 4472 flying Scotsman locomotive is a class (LNER) London North Eastern Railway 4-6-2 having a glorious speed of 126 mph (203 km/h) made in the year of 1923.
Get the great discovery with express passenger play toy brio mallard train sets make your own genuinely outstanding line from London to Edinburgh with a express mallard LNER Class A4. From one side of the room to the other it can stretch.World class Thomas tank brio trian layout pictureGood-quality brio thomas shed for  Locomotives trains pic
The swinging green door five bay brio engine shed the place where big express Gordon engine, oldest Edward, James and friends like to have a little sleep at night safely in their Sodor roundhouse engine shed. You can link two train wooden railway engine sheds together making a Grand Roundhouse and put a brilliant looking spinning Round-About Action Turntable in the middle of them too revolve a yellow Molly round on.Wooden thomas tank engine brio layout on a table photosmall brio Thomas tank multiple pieced track brio layout picYoung children's toy wooden brio train set with diesel engine Dennis loco is the extremely really lazy diesel every day of the week. Dennis is making new excuses not to get on train track duties pulling the troublesome trucks while they’re singing there song.
Thomas and Friends brio train coal loader picCompatible with brio wooden railway tunnel picture
Thomas brio wooden train track layouts help Children’s Learning with many happy hours of enjoyable Activities. Watching the red rocky mountain steam train tunnel as the Scottish twins Donald & Douglas pull along the wooden railway freight coming steaming out of the other side of the tunnel entrance.Many different colored brio happy henry thomas trains photo The brio train set wooden bridges suspension in Sodor bay, you can play toy daisy the diesel journey across to the opposite end or send daisy over the inclining hump back bridge. Plan City transport system, the layout has motorway road bridges, flyovers, ramps and accessories figuresKids toy brio train thomas bridgeA big brio classic unspeakably great adventure toy train wooden brio bridge pic On a rainy day is the train table time to leave and go to play all day with Thomas tank.
Befitting education toys are wood brio train sets in the pictureComplementary expansion set and percy thomas brio tracksQ. Are the wooden Brio trains and tracks systems compatible with other manufactures of childrens wood model railway magnetically connecting together push along toys, like Thomas the tank engine take along train set and Trackmaster.
A. The answer is yes they are really all a stranded gauge size but you will require an adaptor to link some types of trainline tracks.

The brio track layouts in the pictures show some possible ways that you can set-up and layout your brio track. Hopefully they will give you some nice brand-new and improved ideas on your refreshed railway displays.miscellaneous parts brio thomas trian track Compatible set picWooden brio thomas the tank engine set up on a wooden laminated flooring photoA well-organized and logically done spencer thomas tank engine set picBRIO 33681 Wooden Railway System: Stop & Go railway Station a small platform and two red seats or a Speaking Station. Collapsing Sodor model train track bridge over looking the other parts of the brio train layouts. A red color brio thomas wood road bridge picA gas station with a bright red roof pumps and oval gas sign for filling up the cars. Train coal-loading hopper standing over the line, to do the task of loading up Scruffy the big cheese. S.C.Ruffey commanding leader over the troublesome trucks. brio Stop & start Electric thomas station in green color pic The best brio thomas castle photoBRIO 33357 Wooden Railway System Lifting Bridge in red brickwork and green trussing so the load can travel over another track lifting with a tenable handle to raise or close the bridge to allow Poor old Neville to pass over it. BRIO 33076 Wooden Railway System: Freight Yard Set with Cranky The Crane dock worker who lifts up and down the freight goods onto the rolling stock trucks, then being taken away with the impetuous silly Billy and Ben teeny tank engines to the Sodor Island town station platformNice,fun and harmonious brio thomas bridge pic. The Island of Sodor new railway station train track accessories include scale model woodland pine green trees in different sizes, colours and shapes, model houses, train signals, railroad stop sign posts traffic light signs and the Fat Controllor.brio trainsets gordon thomas james adaptable wood accessories pack picture Toy train sets brio wooden water tank pic
Toby Thomas the tank engine brio roundhouse pic A water tank to give big bold blue Hank the biggest engine from (USA) United States of America a cool drink of water. There’s farmyard with fences, walls, gates, farm sheep, cows and a barnyard. brio battery thomas tank and Friends brio flyover supports photo
The friends and Thomas Brio wooden train toys are excellent children’s toys to encourage, bolster and boost, wood toy educational standards for boys.
If you like, you can get your important purchases of toy brio train track for sale online please see my links at the bottom of the page.

Island of Sodor toy wooden railway steam train friends

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Where the Sodor steam railway train Thomas the tank engine friends fans come from.

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