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Here we have a complete list all the Thomas the tank engine characters and favorite steam railway train personalities that help to bring the magic to the world of Sodor and Misty Island. Say hello to the best of Thomas and Thomas characters catalog in alphabetical order.

Aeroplane appeared in the Sodor airfield runway in the story Thomas and Bertie bus great race at Dryaw airfield.

Alf the train
Thomas tank train character Alf the train is a small railroad narrow gauge Diesel Talyllyn Railway
Alf the train is a small railroad narrow gauge Diesel manufactured about 1950, working on the Rheilffordd mid-Wales Talyllyn Railway line with other saddle-tank engine trains.

Alf the diesel utilized spare-parts from another locomotive hoarded at Brynglas railway station sheds.

Alfie the green excavator
Thomas tank and friends character Alfie the green excavator job is at the Sodor Construction Company
Alfie the green excavator whose job is at the Sodor Construction Company, Alfie excavator is a strong wholehearted land digger that make the entire work load at the mountain quarry appear effortless to complete.

Annie and Clarabel
Thomas and Thomas the tank engine characters Annie and Clarabel are two faithful railway coaches
Annie and Clarabel are Thomas the tank engine two faithful railway coaches.

The North Western Railway Annie and Clarabel coaches work carrying traveling holiday passengers on the busy Thomas the train branch line, which runs from the Knapford grand central main terminal station to Ffarquhar station Toryreck rural community.

Arry and Bert
Thomas the train character Arry and Bert Diesel train twins sizzling Island of Sodor Ironworks yard
Arry and Bert Diesel trains are a pair of bad-tempered twins whose employment is at the sizzling hot Island of Sodor Ironworks scrap metal smelting yard. The Thomas and friends Bert and Iron train models are based on British Railways Class 08 Diesel Shunter 0-6-0.

Iron Bert and Iron Arry diesel engines are brother, both started in the 2011 Thomas and friends Day of the Diesels DVD with Diesel 10.

Arthur the big tank engine
Thomas tank train character Arthur the big tank engine London Midland and Scottish Ivatt Class 2 LMS
Arthur the big tank engine is extremely watchful things don't go wrong. Arthur train is a London Midland and Scottish Ivatt Class 2 2-6-2T LMS locomotive also he is extremely self-righteous about his first-rate spotless job-record.

Arthur the tank engine was thrilled to toil in the Fat Controller railway as well as having a first-rate attitude however Thomas the tank engine tarnished his legendary spick and span work record.

Arthur the train was first brought to the Island of Sodor land for shunting troublesome trucks and help with the hauling of freight nevertheless soon he was transferred to the one-fish two-fish costal Fishing Village Railway-line.

Bash the tank engine
Thomas the tank engine character Bash the tank engine 2011 Thomas misty Island Rescue DVD CGI movie
Bash the tank engine from 2011 Thomas and friends misty Island Rescue DVD CGI movie.

Thomas train friend Bash the logging loco is a 0-4-0 train and painted yellow and brown color, he has a twin call Dash the tank engine.

Once steam tram Toby & Bash the train had a day out to Bluff's Cove is a sandy beach seaside station.

Beatrice the brake van
Beatrice is a narrow gauge brake van on the Skarloey railway line, working with Agnes, Ruth, Lucy and Jemima the four coaches all named after Sir Handel Brown's daughters, with Agnes the coach as chief.

Each and every one of the four narrow gauge railway coaches look down on Thomas and friends brake-van Beatrice, and maintain that she stinks of old trout-fish and rotten-cheese.

Nevertheless Beatrice is an incredibly functional caboose truck and she has a travel ticket-booth as well as an emergency buzzer, plus every now and then Beatrice even takes railroad passengers when the rail commuter coaches are occupied.

Belle the tank engine
Thomas and friends character Belle the tank engine red fire truck train lives the Sodor fire station
Belle the tank engine is the Island of Sodor brave red fire truck train who lives at the Sodor fire station close to the Misty Island tunnel.

Belle the train is part of the Land Sea and Air search and rescue squad, with fire truck Flynn Thomas the train Harold the helicopter and captain the lifeboat.

Bert the train
Thomas the tank engine and friends character Bert train Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway locomotive
Bert the train is a light blue locomotive his configuration of wheels are 0-8-2 but originally 0-8-0T he is based on a Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway River. Bert the tank engine is certainly the calmest rail loco traveling on the Arlesdale steam railway engine tracks.

Bertie the bus came to travel around Sodor routes almost immediately behind Thomas the train engine and Edward. Akin to Thomas the tank engine Bertie the bus lives and works on the Ffarquhar small railway branch-line.

Some time ago school bus Bertie help liberate Thomas tank train stranded passengers, when Thomas the engine and friends got marooned and trapped frozen in the cold winter snowdrift blizzard.

The red Bertie bus service, once entered into a great-race with Thomas, nonetheless fast train Thomas the number 1 blue engine did triumphant in the contest. Currently at the moment on Sodor Thomas and Bertie bus are keeping each other full with visiting holiday commuters and are the best of friends.

Bertram tank engine
Thomas the train character Bertram tank engine 0-4-0 old narrow gauge railway Sodor quarry mountain
Bertram tank engine 0-4-0 is a gentle old narrow gauge railway engine who worked at the Sodor quarry mountain excavation.

Bertram the train employment was with other Thomas and friends narrow gauge engines pulling mine trucks.

Bertram the tank engine the Old Warrior destiny was one of the Sodor mountain mysteries to a lot of people following the rock colliery shutting down, it was understood Bertram train was missing and lost rusting away in some part of the hills.

Nevertheless Toby the tram engine made the hunting ghostly trick discovery of Bertram the tank engine whilst Toby tram driver was doing an examination of the quarry one night. Thomas and friends Bertram at the present works at the refurbished Island of Sodor mountain pits, transporting customers to the childrens fairground.

Big City Engine
Thomas tank train character Big City Engine arrived from mainline Kings Cross station London railway
Big City Engine has arrived from mainline Kings Cross station London railway!

The Big City Engine 2-6-4 normally he hauls the big top circus train and stag performing pops across England and Wales.

This is a very challenging large green engine that travels every now and then from the overnight shed at the main city station en route for Sodor.

Bill and Ben the tank engine twins
Thomas and his friends character Bill and Ben the train twins 0-4-0 Bagnall Steam Saddle Tank Engine
Bill and Ben the tank engine twins are 0-4-0 Bagnall Steam Saddle Tank Engines. Bill and Ben tank engine trains are yellow and black identical mirror images, GWR Duck the train calls them the bees. They both arrived on the Island railway in 1966 and are owned by the Sodor China Clay Company.

Bill and Ben are mischievous as well as slightly troublesome their rail employment is connecting the china clay mine and the dockyard harbour at Brendam. Edward the train keeps Bill and Ben trains in good-order also Thomas and friends Boco the diesel railcar almost immediately gain knowledge of their roguish ways.

They were able to lend a hand when Thomas and friends Gordon takes a shortcut and traveled along an incorrect train-track by mistake!

This youthful Tom the train cheeky duo spend their day thrusting trucks, in addition to this these pair of small steam locomotives adore playing tricks on the large railway engines, but are kept in order by Edward and Boco.

Billy the tank engine
Steam railway characters from Thomas the train and his friends silly puffing Billy the tank engine
Thomas and friends Billy the train is petite, with an engine blueprint themed on the north Yorkshire Boyne Engine Works Manning Wardle locomotive Class 0-6-0ST and painted a brilliant orange color.

Billy the tank engine has distinctly visible buck teeth similar to the cartoon character Goofy from Walt Disney Mickey Mouse. Puffing Billy train was original introduced to Thomas & Friends in the autumn of 2007 series, in the episode Thomas the tank engine don't be silly Billy.

When he initially arrived on the Sodor land mass in Thomas train don't be Silly Billy, Sir Topham Hatt requested for Thomas the train and his friends to demonstrate to him the correct technique of doing jobs properly.

He is always full of enthusiasm to start the work, however Puffing Billy tank considered that Thomas & his friends were being a smidgen domineering, but this energetic sparkling orange steam train thinks he is able to finish the entire lot of railroad freight tasks.

Billy runs off forgetting the farm chickens and Mavis the diesel oil furthermore, he quickly ran out of coal fuel and boiler water.

To the rescue Thomas assisted pushing him to the Sodor water tower station depot, following this Billy the orange train doesn't believe that the really useful engine Thomas is a bossy boiler any more, in addition this on no account will he trouble a steam-engine for very long.

Thomas and friends Billy the tank is a dazzling happy engine and not anything is excessively overwhelming or over taxing for Puffing Billy to complete.

Boco the diese engine
Guide to character Thomas and friends BoCo the diesel engine NWR BR Class 28 reasonable personality
Thomas and friends BoCo the diesel engine is a dark olive green color, he generally works with Scottish Douglas and Donald twins, traveling from the main town Wellsworth Edward station big cargo storage area, along the land isthmus to the sea dockyard anchorage at Brendam quayside, over the frail structure railroad track of Edward tank engine north western railway Branch Line.

Thomas the tank engine Boco diesel is an incredibly honest sort of locomotive-engine, seeing the truly funny side of things regardless of having to labor in the company of Cranky the crane Thomas Bill & Ben train shutters at the maritime docks.

Thomas Boco diesel train is on the whole is regard as one of the most reasonable personalities and levelheaded Sodor Island diesel engine trains touring on the Fat Controller's railway setup.

At the Sodor Brendam isle dock jetty Thomas the train Bill and Ben tank engine look-alikes, in the beginning misunderstood sensible Bo-Co, making a point to hoax train Bo-Co, even though this impractical Bill N Ben trickery was almost immediately made shipshape furthermore, this cheerful genial diesel Boco the green engine still managed to chuckle about the situation afterwards.

He was called after an out of the ordinary Co-Bo railroad wheel arrangement, although the rail locomotive name BoCo from Thomas the tank engine railway series displays a capitalized letter C, this name wording capitalization has not been currently utilized in the Thomas and friends television show episodes.

BR Class 28 BoCo the diesel engine first materialized on the big screen in the Early Years 1986 Thomas the tank engine series two nevertheless, he has not been witness in the Thomas TV episodes from that time until when returning in Series 5 and now still sadly missing. There was some kids movie gossip that he would have come back in Thomas and his friends Series 13.

This Thomas train character Boco railway model is coped from the Metropolitan-Vickers (Metrovick) category 2 heavy diesel electric-engines British Rail Class 28.

The drive railway wheel bogie underneath the power plant holds 3 powered rail axles making the letters Co plus the additional set carries 2 for the Bo. The old British railway bogie wheel array was intended to take full advantage of the various different track courses over which this diesel locomotive train possibly will function.

In the Thomas tank Railway Series, BoCo exhibits a North Western Railway NWR number D2, while in the Thomas & friends TV show has a logo railway identification number 26 then later changing to D2, which is in the collection of railroad classification figures allocated to the genuine Metrovick locomotives by British Railways.

BoCo is the wonderful saving Gordon character, in the Edward and Gordon the express Wrong Road Thomas classic stories, who quarrels with the two yellow busying bees Bill & Ben tank engines.

Brake Vans
Thomas the tank engine character brake van wagons railroad caboose cars US or railway guard's van UK
Thomas the tank engine brake van wagons are, sometimes branded as railroad caboose cars in the US or railway guard's van in the UK, they are an important safety stopping component for the backend of passenger, freight and goods trains.

A brake van holds the railroad-guard in addition to being fitted out with strong powerful brakes that lend a hand in slowing and bring to a standstill cargo and passenger trains.

From the back of the rail convoy, the watchful railway box-van guard can maintain a close observation on the fleet of train-trucks in case there is a tricky predicament. In the Thomas TV series hardly any Thomas and friends brake-vans have train faces.

There are only 4 different Thomas the tank engine character categories of rail transport brake van vehicles that have ever been observed on the fantasy Sodor islet;

An amalgamation between a BR Standard 20 Ton mixed with a Southern Railway 25 Ton pillbox truck-van.
Thomas n friends GWR brake van Toad.
LMS brake van 20,000 Kg SWL capacity.
LB & SCR Stroudley 20 Ton vans.

Bulgy The Double Decker Bus
Bulstrode the Barge
Buster the Steamroller

Butch the Breakdown Vehicle
Thomas the tank engine Butch the breakdown vehicle character main BRK 03 Sodor Heavy Recovery Unit
Sodor road recovery vehicle rescue Butch Thomas the tank engine friend is a big yellow and has a dark blue navy colored lorry flatbed.

Thomas and friends Butch breakdown lorry whose mostly employment is traveling the Island motor highways always remains active lending a hand to remove old metal scrap bits as well as tow-away broken down motor cars and lorries.

Thomas the train Butch the breakdown truck, is the main BRK 03 Sodor Heavy Recovery Unit on the roads and now has moved to the sea shoreline just south of Maron station, working with Harold the helicopter, Rocky the crane, Captain the boat, Belle train and Flynn the fire engine at the Jodi wood Sodor Search and Rescue Center.

Without any difficulty heroically assisting at the railway accident scenes, brave recovery truck Butch BRK 03 is a tremendously strong breakdown transportation vehicle, with a mammoth engine-motor, which can effortlessly heave a heavy low loader lorry trailer, to aid marooned automobiles.

Busy Butch the truck truly adores being committed to his pick up job plus he is very dedicated to the salvage work, particularly when running to the rescue in the good company of his Sodor Search and Rescue railway friends.

To accompany a magnificent magnitude, Butch also has a big strong heart, for ever and a day he is fully equipped for when his important services are most needed.

Thomas the tank engine Butch the road lorry character was essentially assembled utilizing many old motor parts of various special vehicles, including a crane-hoist gantry, a HGV transportation-truck plus a powerful diesel engine.

Byron the Bulldozer
Canal Boats
Captain the lifeboat
Captain the lifeboat from the new Sodor search and rescue center Misty Island Rescue character, Thomas lost at sea.
Caroline the Car
Cattle Trucks
Circus Trains
City of Truro
Charlie the tank engine
Colin the crane who works at the Sodor water canal wharf
Cora brake van
Cranky the crane at Brendam docks

Culdee the tank engine the mountain Culdee Fell railway climber
Cyril the Fog Man
D Fusit Gunpowder Vans
D199 the diesel
Daisy the diesel railcar.

Thomas and friends Daisy the diesel railcar, initially was taken to the Island of Sodor as a short-term assistant for Thomas the train engine following a particularly horrible train crash accident, BR Class 101 train Daisy diesel railcar did not make good acquaintances instantaneously.

At first on the Island Diesel Daisy insulted Thomas tanks coaches Annie and Clarabelle furthermore diesel train Daisy refused to haul the large shipping container car for the silly reason that she considered it a less then good task for her.

Daisy the train almost immediately gained acceptance once a big railroad accident happened, where she did rally round and was a first-class assistance to the other Island of Sodor railway locomotives, except from that day has sadly lingered in the rail goods-yard since.

One time number 6 Thomas and friends Percy the small engine used the train railcar Daisy as an example of an excellent diesel loco, to alter Scottish railroad train Douglas and Douglas tank engine attitude concerning railway diesel locomotives.

In the story Thomas Comes Home, rail-car Daisy diesel engine was placed in control of tank Thomas Annie and Clarabelle speedy run to Knapford station platform, while #1 Thomas the train was visiting English York railway center.

British rail train Daisy the diesel engine on one occasion claimed that she was not frightened of cold winter snow, nevertheless Thomas and friends Daisy the diesel railcar shortly changed her view following receiving a chilly time stuck in a deep icy snowdrift for almost a complete week.

As soon as steam engine Thomas at last come home once more from York station works Daisy the train was given charge of a special travel journey to transport railroad visitors to Knapford train station platform for the home coming grand reception party Thomas the tank engine celebration.

Although she got a little delayed, subsequently running down a quantity of traffic-cones, left inside the railway line crossing wooden gates at the Fat Controller Dryaw crossing and narrowly arrived in time for the enjoyable kids Thomas the train party night.

Dart the diesel engine form Thomas day of the diesels DVD 2011

The new DVD day of the diesels Thomas and Friends Den the diesel engine is one of the most recent childrens cartoon train accompaniments to the Thomas the tank engine collection of railroad transport vehicles. Thomas friend diesel Den the train helps to repair diesel-locomotives at the Island of Sodor Dieselworks.

 The understudy of Thomas and his friends Diesel 10 Den diesel train is if truth be told a very self-important and proud pompous railway engine, which has a tendency to over consider stuff.
This innovative Thomas the train Den the diesel locomotive engine personality is a fun first-class reproduction wooden railroad Thomas toy item, to add to your assortment of steam railway iron horse trains, which will really assist to make your wood toy scenery landscape layout collection more or less complete.

Dash the logging loco from misty Island Rescue
Den the diesel from the Thomas and friends Day of the Diesels Island of Sodor Dieselworks
Dennis the diesel
Derek the diesel
Diesel Devious Diesel 0-6-0 British Railways Class 08 Diesel Shunter engine
Thomas & friends Diesel 10
Dodge the diesel train form the Thomas and friends Dieselworks
Diesel Loco Co-Co British Railways Class 37
Donald and Douglas the Scottish railway highland twins
Duck the tank engine 0-6-0 GWR 57xx Steam Pannier Tank Engine
Duke the tank engine Granpuff
Duke of Sodor Seen in Duck N Dukes
Duncan the tank engine
Dusty Dave the Miller
Edward the Blue Engine Modified Furness Railway 4-4-0 with Larger Seagull
Elizabeth the lorry is a kind old vintage quarry truck
Emily the beautiful engine 4-2-2 GNR Stirling Single Steam Tender Engine
Emily's Coaches
Express Coaches
Fat Clergyman is Rev Teddy Boston
Fearless Freddie the tank engine
Ferdinand the tank engine a Mist Island logging loco
Fergus the traction engine
Flora the steam tram
Flatbeds 6 well wagons and bolster wagons
Flying Scotsman 4-6-2 LNER A3
Flynn the fire engine
Frank the diesel engine for the Sodor Island Dieselworks
Fred railway Porter Seen in Buzz-Buzz
Fred the Orange Coal Car
George the Steamroller
Godred the tank engine
Gordon the Big Engine 4-6-2 LNER A1 Steam Tender Engine, rebuilt with LMS running gear and coal tender
Hank the tank engine
Harold the helicopter
Harvey the breakdown crane
Henrietta Toby the stem tram coach
Henry the Green Engine 4-6-0 LNER A3 Steam Tender Engine Later LMS Railway 5MT Black Five Steam Tender Engine
Hiro the tank engine the star in the Thomas and friends DVD Hero of the rails movie.
Horrid Lorries
Hot Air Balloon seen in James and the red balloon
Important Passenger
Injured Sailor
Isabella the lorry
Ivo Hugh the train engine 0-6-0 was given is name to remember the Skarloey narrow gauge railway past head Mechanical Engineer
Jack the Front Loader
James' New Trucks
James the Red Engine 2-6-0 LMS Pre-group Steam Tender Engine such as a Hughes 2-6-0 of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway
Jeremiah Jobling
Jeremy jet plane from the Island of Sodor airport
Kathie & Lizzie Talyllyn Railway Volunteer's daughters
Kelly the Crane
Kevin the crane works at the Island of Sodor steamworks
Lady Hatt is the wife of Sir Topham Hatt the Fat Controller
Lady the tank engine one of the main Thomas the train characters in the Magic railroad movie
Luke the tank engine from Blue mountain mystery Thomas the train 2012 DVD
Lord Harry Barrane Island of Sodor Mountain Railway Owner
Lorry number 1
Madge lorry is a self-important 3 wheeled cab truck flatbed.
Mail Boat
Mavis the tank engine
Max the Dump Truck
Merrick the crane from Thomas the tank engine Blue mountain mystery DVD
Mighty Mac the tank engine
Mike the tank engine
Miss Jenny
Molly the yellow engine
Monty the Dump Truck
Mr Bobbie Skarloey builder & engineer
Mr Bubbles the clown is a new CGI animation Thomas and friends character
Mr Crowe Farmer-Mentioned in Ghost Train
Mr Fergus Duncan the Small Controller
Mr Ivo Hugh Skarloey Railway Engineer
Mr Mack Skarloey Railway Controller
Mr. Percival the thin controller
Mr Peter Sam Skarloey Railway Thin Controller
Mr Walter Richards Mountain Railway Controller
Mrs. Kyndley
Mrs Last Featured in Skarloey Remembers
Murdoch the tank engine
Narrow Gauge Coaches
Ned the Steam Shovel
Neil the tank engine 0-4-0 S & M
Nelson the Transporter
Neville the tank engine
New Lorry Driver Seen in Mavis and the Lorry
Norman the diesel engine from 2011 Thomas and his friends film Day of the Diesel trains
NW Brakevan
Oil Tankers
Old Bailey
Old Coaches
Old Slowcoach
Oliver the Excavator
Oliver the tank engine 0-4-2 GWR 1400 Class Steam Tank Engine
Other Coaches
Other Lorries
Other Trucks
Owen the quarry elevator from Thomas and friends 2012 Blue mountain mystery movie
Paddle Boat
Patrick the Cement Mixer Rock climber- Seen in Devil's back
Paxton the diesel from Thomas and his friends Day of the diesels movie 2011
Percy the Small Engine! 0-4-0 Avonside Steam Saddle Tank Engine Heavily Modified W.Awdry seemed uncertain as to Percy's Prototype
Peter Sam the tank engine
Proteus the tank engine
Railway Inspectors
Red Coaches
Rex the tank engine
Rheneas the tank engine
Rickety the Troublesome Truck
Rocky the breakdown crane
Rolling Stock
Rosie the tank engine
Royal Personage Seen in Golden Jubilee
Rusty the diesel engine
Salty the dockyard diesel at Brendam docks.
Salvage Boats
Scruff the Scruncher
Sidney the diesel train
S.C.Ruffey the troublesome truck leader
Sir Handel the tank engine
Sir Handel Brown I Skarloey Railway Owner
Sir Handel Brown II Skarloey Railway Owner
Sir Topham Hatt Island of Sodor railway manager
Skarloey the tank engine
Slate Trucks
Smudger the tank engine
Sodor Ambulance
Sodor Bay Tug Boat
Sodor Crane
Sodor Fire Engines
Sodor Fuel Tankers
Sodor Mail Coaches
Sodor Mail Van
Sodor Soft Side Truck
Sodor Taxi
Special Coaches
Special Trains
Spencer the tank engine 4-6-2 LNER A4
Spiteful Brakevan
Splatter the diesel locomotive engine
Stanly the tank engine a top Thomas the train character in the great discovery DVD
Stepney the tank engine LBSC 0-6-0 Class A1X Terrier
Tar Tankers
Terence the Tractor
The Breakdown Train
The Chinese Dragon in Percy and the dragon
The Cricketers
The Elephant Statue
The Fat Controller
The Fat Controller car
The Flying Kipper
The Jet Engine
The Organ
The Pack
The Refreshment Lady's Tea Room
The Rock Crusher
The Royal Train
The Snow Machine
Thin Clergyman the Rev W Awdry Himself
Thomas' New Trucks
Thomas The Tank Engine Ffarquhar station was built as an extension of Thomas' branch line from Hackenbeck London, Brighton and South Coats (LBSC) Railway E2 Steam Tank Engine
Thomas and the Magic Railroad
Thumper the rock excavator
Tidmouth Milk Tankers
Tiger Moth the plane
Toad the brakevan GWR
Toby the Tram Engine 0-6-0 Wisbech Steam Tram J70 0-6-0T
Tramp Steamer
Trevor the tractor engine
Troublesome Truck Characters
Unusual Loads
Victor the tank engine
Whiff the tank engine
Wilbert the tank engine
Wilfred the steam tank
Willie Farmer Seen in Useful Railway
Winston the red rail car from 2012 Thomas the train Blue mountain mystery film

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