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Friday, July 17, 2009

Green Engine Emily the tank engine

Thomas and friends green engine Emily the tank engineGreen engine Emily the tank engine is a very beautiful 4-2-2 Single Sterling high speed express engine with a shinny brass cap on the top of her smoke funnel and one gigantic centrally placed drive wheel.

On arrival to the sunny Island of Sodor railway there was a big train accident on the main-line City level crossing with Thomas train Toad the brake & Oliver engine.
Thomas and friends Emily the green engine at Island of Sodor Ironworks traveling on her new route
Thomas and friends Emily the tank engine showed her courageousness and gallantry that day by come to the rescue of the stuck pair, helping to restore the old railway line to its full working order.

DVD movie CGI Thomas the tank engine Emily the train Single Sterling high speed beautiful express
A Hit Entertainment Movie CGI Picture of Thomas and friends Emily the tank engine the bright emerald green beautiful train locomotive with the Stout gentleman and Thomas tank party going children standing on the small village Maithwaite platform.
Thomas and friends Emily the tank engine the bright emerald green beautiful train locomotive

choo choo Train Emily the train at the railway stationSir Topham Hatt decided to give her some of the latest brand-new very pretty and delightful green coaches to pull along behind her, this made green engine Emily train so very happy and joyful to see the railway coaches.Sodor railway Thomas and friends Emily green coaches
Thomas the tank engine is a now friend's with emerald engine Emily train again, because she did apologize & ask forgiveness for the misunderstanding of accidentally pulling along Thomas tanks own branch line, the faithful two coaches Annie and Clarabel.

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