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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bulstrode The Barge Thomas wooden railway toy

Sodor friends Thomas and Bulstrode the barge on the water waysThomas and friends Bulstrode the barge has spent most of his working life in Sodor harbour on the coast. He is a sea worthy vessel and loves the big waves to ride on.

Bulstrode barge likes it when he is full to the brim with coal or sand and enjoys it when the Brendam Docks side Cranky the crane loads him up very fast with the maritime cargo load.

If there is a day when he is empty Bulstrode the barge is very upset and moody, crotchety and rude to every one he sees in the Sodor harbour bay.

This made Tomy Thomas and Percy train very malcontent and glum with him Bulstrode the barge attitude.

One day, the Thomas and friends green Percy tank engine decided to turn the tables on Bulstrode the barge.
Train Percy tank engine decided to turn the tables on Bulstrode barge with the troublesome trucks
Train Percy the small engine accidentally shoving the silly giggling troublesome trucks off the edge of the marina dock key side on to pour barge Bulstrode snapping his ships hull with a large crack.
Bulstrode the barge at the Sodor Brendam dock side
After this he was towed away to the sandy seaside beach of Knapford town, there he was converted to a kids fun attrition in the playground for the young children to play games on.

Even to this day he's still grumbling but happy with his new paint work. Now, Bulstrode barge is a good looking cream, black and red in color.

Brio Bulstrode the barge harbour's lighthouse Bridge toy set.
Wooden railway Brio Bulstrode the barge lighthouse toy set
This Thomas Tank Brio train Bulstrode the barge wooden railway Brio toy set has bright lights and sounding foghorn so this Lighthouse makes the deep sea boats safe in the harbour bay.

Bulstrode the Barge also is working close to the Bridge, sounding of his warning horn as he is going under the lift bridge.

Thomas and friends wooden railway lighthouse lift bridge classic character Bulstrode the boat toy

You can raise & lower drawbridge by pressing a lever and the Barge horn sounds when bridge is lifted up.

The Thomas and his friends wooden railway system lighthouse lift bridge with classic character Bulstrode the boat toy Includes: 2 inch adapter rail track piece and it requires two AA size batteries.

This fun action-packed Sodor Brendam bay lighthouse train bridge with Bulstrode the barge is a must-have for any Thomas wooden railway toy colleting enthusiast!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Online Thomas games

To play this, one of the great online Thomas games, all you have to do is just pick up 1 of the blocks of train track, place it in the grid squares to make up the finished railway track. Running from the starting station to the end at Henry rail tunnel on the other side of the grid. On completion you will advance a level and the game will get a little harder to play but more fun, going around Small Mountain peaks and extra long tunnels to pass through. On the corners of some blocks, there are stars and cherries to pick up as the train goes chuffing by.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thomas the tank engine and friends Thomas ultimate train set.

HO Bachmann and Hornby Thomas the tank engine and friends Thomas ultimate train set great exhibitionThis Thomas ultimate train set is a fantastic gauge model railway layout plan with loads of interweaving railway tracks going over truss and viaduct bridges curving round then entering long dark train tunnels.

The design incorporates a straight main line for the BR intercity 125 trains and express locomotives. In the scale model track layout plans there are a couple of branch lines and good yard sidings.

The Thomas the tank engine and friends Ho scale electric toy train set Hornby buildings and houses are shrouded by the woodland trees in forests dotted across the landscape in small villages and hamlets on the hills.

The scale model Bachmann layouts landscape has been well finished in accessory green shrubs, bushes on the edge on the farms ploughed fields and hedgers along the roadways.

The HO Bachmann and Hornby Thomas the tank engine and friends Thomas ultimate train set is a great exhibition example of gauge model railway layout plan and a toy for Daddy.
Thomas ultimate train set

Thomas tents.

Thomas tents a Wendy house for boysThe adventure Thomas tents are great way to introduce your young ones to the camping with young children experiencing the outdoors park woodland life at a camp site for kids in the mountains.

Thomas tank engine play tent
There is nothing better than a hot summers sunny day to have the great fun garden toys set up on your back lawn grass. Seeing the youngsters in a corner play house under the shade of a trees with all there friends in group active games on there patented kids campsite location.

Thomas pop up tent and traintrack
The railway Thomas pop up tent is a commendable addition to your little angel’s garden toy set for green grass fun in the sunshine. This makes fabulous venue for their tiny tea party, to have a drink of Kool-Aid, eating sandwiches and chocolate cakes.

Steam engine Thomas tents
Having a Wendy house for boys is also a tip-top idea as a garden play tent to amuse the tiny teenyboppers of hours on-end to play Wendy house toys and play tent games in the shade.

big Thomas tents
There’s no real big difference between indoor and outdoor play equipment, use of the Gordon the blue engine play tent brings a so enjoyable learn active fun for kids to take part in all year round.

adventure Thomas tents with railway tunnel The outdoor toy Thomas activity tents come in a wide range of beautiful colors, shapes and size’s to choose from with lots of lovely pictures of railway tunnels, train Henry engine James and Thomas tank with all their friends. Have a look at the Thomas tents in the pictures and try to decide which is the best one for you.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Big Buster the Steamroller Thomas and friends

Big buster the steamroller is a bright red heavy construction machineBig Buster the steamroller is a bright red heavy construction machine with a heart of gold and a friendly smille for every occassion.

Thomas and friends Buster the Steamroller definitely love his hard work fixing the Island of Sodor country village roadways along side his best of friends green George the steamroller road builder.

After steam tank engine Buster and the construction worker crew have finished the repair road work jobs, they go home to the old village farm machines yard for the night.

Their favourite day out for the pair of them is the once a year vintage steamroller show day, where all the steam driven powered vehicles meet up for the fun carnival and grand steam rally.
Thomas and friends tank Buster the Steamroller home the Island of Sodor village farm machines yard
Big Buster the Steamroller and his engine driver dream of winning the annual race to win the two trucks Max and Monty Thomas tank's best friends.
Thomas the tank engine buster the Steamroller with two trucks Max and Monty at a grand steam rallyThomas the tank engine Buster has great enthusiasm to hold the Sodor island flying steamrally show trophy cup and blow his steam whistle sound "choo – choo" whilst quickly crossing over the finish lines party bunting flags.
This member of The Thomas and friends Pack is sure that he will manage to be the winner this next rolling great-race time, because very powerful Buster the Steamroller thinks he's the fastest road steam engine in the whole wide world.

Have a look at the YouTube Thomas the tank engine and friends Tribute to Buster the steamroller video.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Choo choo train song.

Every body all aboard the choo choo train and sing along with the choo choo train song lyrics.
See the Thomas choo choo express train song video.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Paint Tank Thomas Colouring Pages For Kids Print And Colour

Paint Tank Thomas colouring pages for kids with Thomas riding in the mountains. Click on the drawing to print out the picture and colour Thomas tank in your favorite colours with a wax crayon brush set. Please keep checking the Thomas website for updates for more print and colour picture drawings or fun early childhood education training sheets. Paint Tank Thomas colouring pages for kids with Thomas riding in the mountains For more art painting fun Thomas colouring pages for kids print and colour pictures Thomas and friends Percy the small engine. The two really useful engines on the line Thomas the tank engine Ned and Percy train are watching the fisher man at to Sodor small duck pond.Thomas colouring pages for kids print and colour pictures Thomas and friends Percy the small engine Play the free railway picturesThomas tank engine online colouring game for kid with your friends. Free art craft pictures, printable train James and Thomas colouring pages for children with Tram Toby and the stout gentleman looking at the Sodor railway midland train timetable on his gold pocket watch.Printable train James and Thomas colouring pages for children with Tram Toby and the stout gentleman Printable Thomas the tank engine coloring pages for kids with the Hero of the rails. Thomas and friends Hiro the train is an old Japanese steamer made of many colorful patchwork parts that got abandoned in the woodland forest trees, until he was found by accident then rescued.Thomas the tank engine coloring pages for kids Thomas and friends Hiro the train Japanese patchwork Seasonal Christmas snow Skarloey Thomas the tank engine colouring sheets free online coloring pages for boys. The Thomas and friends Skarloey railway line is getting covered in frozen flake of white holiday snow fall, as they drive past the Rudolf red-nosed reindeer and the red robin flying over the beautiful frosted evergreen coniferous tree. Christmas snow Skarloey Thomas the tank engine colouring sheets free online coloring pages for boys Free online boys art printable Thomas coloring pages for kids print and colour posters tank Hank the American engine. Thomas and friends Hank the tank engine is traveling past the Brendam docks, can you finish this black-and-white print Thomas the tank engine colouring sheets in your favorite water colors or magic doodle poster pens. Art Printable Thomas coloring pages for kids print and colour posters tank Hank the American engine Free clipart drawings, best Boys train pictures of Thomas colouring book pages to print for children, Henry the green engine Toby tram and Jeremy jet plane. Riding along on the track top rails over the bridge archway is Thomas the tank engine Toby and the whistling woods railway forest line has Henry the train engine next to the holiday picnic area. Coming into land high up in the Sodor blue-sky, is Thomas and friends Jeremy the jumbo jet plane, he is looking down on the ground at his two really useful but old steam locomotive friends, train Toby the steam tram engine and Henry the tank engine, traveling in the woodland trees. Boys train pictures of Thomas colouring pages to print for children Henry the green engine Toby tram Paint clipart Thomas the train coloring pages with the narrow gauge Duncan tank engine as he travels thought the rock mountain rail pass. He is looking at Mr. bolder high-up on the hilltop. Thomas the train coloring pages with narrow gauge Duncan tank engine travels thought a mountain pass

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Thomas The Tank Engine Online Games For Boys

Time for some Island of Sodor railway high-speed chase and race excitement, play the Thomas the tank engine online games for boys, with your favorite cartoon character Thomas the train and friends, Duck the great western engine, little red Bertie the bus and the steam train Percy the green engine.
Island of Sodor Thomas the tank engine games free online games for boys chase and race excitement
In this fun entertaining Thomas the tank engine online games for boys, you can have the great steam train locomotive race with Percy the green engine and Bertie the bus up over the green grass hills and crossing flag red ribbon finish line as the Thomas and friends game winner of the great race.

To play this one of our free online Thomas games, first select one out the 4 transport vehicles, your preferred Island of Sodor cartoon railway game character to participate in the contest, there is Thomas the tank engine, Duck the great western engine, Bertie bus or Percy the train to choose from.

Use the keyboard arrow keys left and right to mover Thomas the train and friends along on the speedy competition voyage, in this cool Thomas the tank engine online games for boys chase and race excitement.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Thomas and friends Rosie tank engine

America made the brilliant red Rosie tank engine a small scale railway drawing in wooden station
Rosie tank engine is standing outside the sunny Island of Sodor train station in Tidmouth Thomas and friends Rosie tank engine is a friendly and pretty little girl train with good spirit.
When she first met Tomy Thomas the tank engine, this brilliant red Rosie engine became totally idolized and chased after her hero of the rails all over the Sodor Island. Thomas engine if truth be told was not actually very happy about all of this it makes him have the feeling, of getting the run around the tracks also makes him as red as a Raspberry.

He in actual fact wishes to escape from Rosie the tank engine so he can continue doing his work with Annie and Clarabel the faithful passenger coaches.

A Movie CGI Picture of Thomas and friends Rosie the tank engine with the fat controller on the Maithwaite branchline Thomas train station platform, chatting to the two Rosie the train railway engine drivers.
Thomas and friends Rosie the tank engine with the fat controller on Thomas train station platform
Rosie train had a job to understand this furthermore wanted to work along side him on each job he was doing. One stormy day in late autumn after some heavy rain, there was a rockslide on the mountain embankment the earth did fall down onto Thomas trapping him.

This did cause the bring to a halt of Tomas tanks really important journey going toward High Farm yard to drop the night train post bags, but Rosie the tank engine was ready to assist him, Rose was able to recover little loco Thomas tank from the muddy dirty landslide wreckage.
Rosie the tank engine is ready to assist and recover Thomas from the muddy dirty landslide wreckage
Happy smiling freckle face Rosie train is going to Sodor bay bridge festival funfair to find EmilyEver since the accident happened they have got on like a house on fire and Rosie tank engine is no longer so obsessed, but, still wishes to follow in his foot steps being just the same as him. Rosie tank engine is a little bit boyish in her behaviour with stupendous delightfulness and equal amounts of steadfastness in her work load.

Being a USA made 0-6-0 tank engine Rosie is about the equivalent freight carrying capability and effectiveness, as Percy tank engine and Thomas the Really Useful engine. She is a purple pink rose colour with fire engine red wheels, battleship grey painted sides and a happy smiling freckle face.

This small friendly engine and was manufactured in Pennsylvania America, first arriving in Great Britain in 1943.
Toy railroad system Brio Thomas and friends Rosie tank engine set a pretty little girl train 0 6 0After nearly three years for working on England's railroad system, in the year 1945 she went to live at her new home with Thomas and Percy the train in the wooden Tidmouth shed roundhouse on the sunny Island of Sodor.

The Thomas and friends Rosie train is a smidgen restricted to the jobs she can accomplish and handle only because of her size being so tiny, she is not very athletic or capable of being very powerful.

The small scale railway dimension of train Rosie tank engine doesn't deter or discourage her in anyway from trying her best, at doing every single job on the steam railway line track's, that her friends Henry tank, Spencer and
Gordon engine the larger trains can accomplish.

The traveling carnival funfair for the children came to visit Sodor Island, there was a very special locomotive train arranged for this particular festive day.

Thomas and friends Rosie Carnival Special Rosie the train at a main station waiting for the funfair
Rosie engine was given the job of helping the pushing as the back-engine for the funfair train, that
green emerald Emily tank engine was leading down the line. The Thomas and freinds Rosie train wanted to help so she setoffs on her own leaving lost Emily the engine behind at the narrow gauge railway station.
Doing this created bewilderment a massive muddle, not a soul knowing what they were doing or were they were going. But in the finish it all went all right for Rosie tank engine and her friends of the railway. Every one had great time at the Sodor bay bridge, festival funfair day.

Youtube Rosie tank engine video.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thomas the engine games.

There are three fun Thomas the engine games to play. Click on the correct shapes or colours to make your trainload compliant. There are 5 coloured shapes to choose from. If you go wrong in the free online train game the train guard will way the red flag. Please tell all of your friend about the great adventure of Thomas the engine games.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bertie the bus at the county bus station

Bertie the bus at the county bus station
Thomas the tank engine Bertie the Bus shows the kindly face to every body, always having a big pleasant smile.Bertie the bus with passengers they had the Great Race He is a passenger vehicle functioning in the vicinity of Sodor Island and is always gladly and ready to lend a helping hand to the other steam railway trains.

Thomas and friends Bertie will agree that the railway lane tracks are as useful as the country road on the Island of Sodor.

Red Bertie Bus has been the greatest companion of Thomas the Tank Engine and friends ever since they first met. One day they had the Great Race. Thomas & Bertie bus route cross over each other twice at two places, the Bertie bus Thomas the train tunnel & at the railway Thomas level crossing on market road lane.
Pictures of Thomas the tank engine Bertie the Bus Christmas chilly cold winter day with heavy snow
At the end of the Great Race Thomas tank engine eventually came out the victor after Bertie challenge him. The Bertie the bus travel is the best farm road village service on Sodor. On the highway and roads he is taking the passenger travelling each day in the small red bus to the county bus station.

Red Berties the bus at a show county bus station It was a frosty chilly cold winters day with Christmas time heavy snow falling all around the island of Sodor.

Opposite Mrs Kyndley's village cottage house where there was a giant snowdrift, that is the place where poor steam train Thomas got stuck in the snow once. Red Bertie the Bus came down the lane to the great rescue of all the stranded train passengers.

Old vintage lorry Elizabeth and Bertie the bus often will appear in the adventures of Thomas the Tank. On a hot sunny day Edward engine had departed from the train station without Bertie, so big red Bertie the Bus has to chase him along the winding roadways to catch him up, giving him the passengers to carry.

See the Thomas youtube Bertie the Bus video.

Sing a long to the song with the Bertie the Bus lyrics.

Give me a HO if you've got your funky bus fare...HO HO HO

There's a double Dutch bus coming' down the street
Moving pretty fast
So kind of shuffle your feet
Get on the bus and pay your fare
And tell the driver that you're
Going' to a Double Dutch Affair
Fe Fi Fo Fum
Well I'll be darn here it comes
The Double Dutch Bus is on the street
You'd better get off the curb
Move your feet

Bus fare trans-pass
That's the way my money lasts
Aren’t got no car to get around
When I go to work I've got to go downtown
Now I've missed my train
That's a darn shame
When I'm running late no sleep's to blame
If you've gotta wife you know I'm right
Gotta special man well I can understand
Uptown, downtown everybody's getting down
Say uptown say downtown
Well I've missed my bus I know I'm late
I've gotta do something I know I hate
I'm gonna walk to work fifteen blocks
I already got a hole in my socks
Go ahead and laugh that's okay
Cause what I really wanna say
I got bad feet my corns hurt
To top it off I'm lost for work
Let me tell you what I say
When I'm dealing with the funky sidewalk
Let me show you how to walk
When I gotta do my funky walk
Let me tell you what I say
When I'm dealing with the funky sidewalk
I say sugar

Monday, August 17, 2009

railway and Thomas

Play the severn valley railway and thomas puzzle online game. Match the 12 pieces of the jigsaw puzzle Thomas game, to match the picture above of valley railway thomas day out.
severn valley railway and thomas puzzle online game

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Alfie the Excavator.

Alfie the Excavator standing on the grassAlfie the Excavator belongs to the Sodor Construction Machinery Company. Their bands of workers are could the PACK. Earth digger excavator Alfie original worked along side with his friends Jack the digger loader, Kelly the crane excavator with a Lifting arm to carry the loads high in the sky and caterpillar Oliver the Big Excavator. This team all work well together doing the best job that they can of demolishing building, moving crushed rock, macadam, sand stones and digging big hole in the ground. Alfie the excavator loader love to tell the others "More work means more dirt; more dirt means more fun!” He is the colour tree green with a big number 12 painted on his side cab and has a good coating dust and muck. He loves A day out with his friends, at the rock quarry picking up crushed stones, using the long reach construction digger arm and hydraulic excavation bucket. There he would chat away to big Oliver doing earthmoving the sand and gravel. Both of them making the hardest of tasks look so effortless easy work.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Thomas Train Free Online Games For PRE-K Kids

Thomas the tank engine games free online games for kids
It's tim to play Thomas Train free online games for PRE-K kids with the fun number one litte locomotive Thomas tank engine online game,Harold helicopter game and red Bertie bus game.

Here we have three nice and simply activities for your toddlers to participate in, click the green play button in the center to start.

Thomas and friends Harold the helicopter game !
Party balloon Thomas Train Free Online Games for PRE-K Kids Harold the helicopter game free onlineHelp Thomas and friends Harold the helicopter to catch the childrens party balloon as it fly through the air.

To move Thomas the tank engine Harold the helicopter game character, use the keyboard arrow for up and down travel.

You have to grab as many childrens balloon as possible in 1 minute.

Free online Thomas the train game for children to play.
Free online Thomas the train game for children to play simply activities collect musical instrumentsLend a helping hand to #1 Thomas train engine and friends to collect up the musical instruments as they fall over the top of the wall, utilize the right and left arrow keys to navigate Thomas the tank engine and his wagon.

Try to catch all the Island of Sodor brass band implements you can in 60 seconds. Press the GO button in the bottom right hand side of the screen to start this free online Thomas the train game.

Thomas and friends Bertie the bus game of kids.
Catch all the Island of Sodor brass band implements Thomas and friends Bertie the bus game of kidsHelp big red Thomas and friends Bertie the school bus to pick up all the traveling people as he voyages along the road.

Use the up arrow button to make Bertie the bus stop.

You have only 60 seconds to get each and every one of the day trip bus passenger.

Please visit the rest of our childrens Thomas the tank engine and friends online games web site for more great Island of Sodor railway games to play.

Steam train Thomas and friends duck the great western engine

British steam railway duck the great western engineStean train Duck engine is a great western railways 0-6-0 pannier one of the smaller GWR locomotives with his six wheels. Before he was transferred to the sunny island of Sodor he originally used to live in central London England working at the city of London Paddington station line. There he would chat all day to the underground trains in the tunnels telling the tube trains stories about the great westen trains and the tree covered mountain climbs of the gwr railway tracks winding through the hills and valleys. Train duck the tank engine is a great westen trains GWR Duck the tank engine has had his name changed by Sir Topham Hatt the Fat Controller, perversely train Duck GWR was called by the name Montague with the plate number of 5741 and that’s his real name. Railway Duck tank engine is just his nickname. The Fat Controller had him relocated in 1955 to work on the Sodor Arlesburgh branch line. British steam railway Duck the great western engine was the 8th steam locomotive to arrive on Sodor Island so he was presented with the lucky number eight. When first arriving at the Arlsburgh branch line, this Welsh dragon green painted Duck the great western engine help Thomas and friends Oliver engine who is another loco GWR tank engine they both finding the motivation to work hard always together moving boxers of the old railway goods wagons and shunting the giggling troublesome trucks about in a siding shed. After some time had passed locomotive duck the tank engine was sent with Tank Percy engine to assist with the building and construction work of the seaside Harbour town of Knapford. A really railway GWR steam train with a Duck the Tank engine face
There they would just love to look at the sailing ships and sea fishermen with fishing boats in the harbour area. The tank engine duck train service is the best one on the island of Sodor, well that’s what he thinks. Train Duck and Percy tank are really good worker but not all the other big steam engines would not agree with this and made funny jokes of them. So one day they decided to get there own back by changing the track points over so the lager engines were stuck outside the railway shed shivering in the cold air for the whole night under the stars twinkling in the sky. After this they were pestered no more and left to do as they pleased. One day the number 10 Diesel engine come forth to help run the line he would always say kind and complimentary words to please the other engines. Duck the great western engine felt there was something suspicious and gave the number 10 Diesel a wide berth. GWR locomotives Steam train Thomas and friends duck the great western engine
Green Duck the great western railway engine didn’t warn the Diesel 10 engine about how dangerous the troublesome rusty trucks could be as they giggled and sing rude songs going down the tracks. The consequence of this cursed a terrible calamity with Fearless chieftain grey and rusty S.C.Ruffey the leader of the Troublesome Trucks. The Diesel engine wanted to get even so he told the others that the Duck engine has been calling them disagreeable and silly stage names. Eventually every one came to realize that it was not the tank engine Duck train service doing wrong at all and was his friend once more.

The You-Tube video is tribute to Steam train Thomas and friends Duck the tank engine, the twins Donald, and Douglas with the sing a long song of There Once was an Engine Who Ran Away.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Thomas and friends island of Sodor map railway trainline layout

Thomas and friends Sodor island is 62 miles (100 km) wide from the east side going to west sea coast and from the north to south 51 miles (82 km) its long. The Sodor layout trainline railway tracks that tank James the red engine and express Spencer travel there journeys along cover most parts for the diamond shaped island of Sodor map, that was first discovered in 1949. Take look at the animated island of Sodor map to see the different train travel routes also the little town villages and train stations along the trainline map. Here are the names of the trainelines Thomas and friends Sodor main line, ballahoo line, Brenham bay line, Kirk Ronan line, Peel Godred line, Arlesburgh line, Arlesdale railway, Thomas Skarloey railway and the Culdee fell mountain railway.
The railway trainline map layout diamond shaped island of Sodor map first discovered in 1949

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Thomas the games.

Thomas the Tank Engine - The Great Festival Adventure PC game CD-ROMThomas the Tank Engine - The Great Festival Adventure game cd-rom.

This is a classical PC online train game cd-rom preschool play, a perfect game for young Thomas fans! Kids of the age four years and up will be crazy about lend a hand to help Thomas and his Friends getting the entertainment organized for a crowded festival on the Island of Sodor. There is great deal to see and mountains to do at every train station stop along the way, including colour matching, play the shape sorting game and number counting games. Particularity good features including 7 engaging activities, rich 3D graphics and animations, ample favourite Thomas characters and railway locations, receive a winning certificates of achievement on completion for each the individual activity participated in, accompany brave Thomas tank on a fun adventure journey all over the island or pick one a delightful location to stop to view. This cd-rom includes some specially formulated video footage featuring Thomas and his Friends.


This cd-rom comes complete with a colour picture brochure booklet and Thomas games. With eight enchanting and captivating activities including varying levels of difficulty and game play. Rich media 3D graphics and sounds, the printing out of your favourite Thomas online train games pictures and photo prints. There are many colourful picture Jigsaw puzzles and many more creative colouring enterprising fun things to do on this great game. You will have hours of enjoyment fixing the troubles along the tracks.

Save the Day with Thomas and his friends CD-ROMIt's Save the Day with Thomas and his friends!

It’s an exiting new adventure for train Thomas & Friends in Thomas Saves the Day. This cd-rom software game will proved hours of enjoyment again and again. A torrential rain thunderstorm has brought about destruction, in nearly every place on the Island of Sodor. Regrettably cursing the misplacement of the consignment of chocolate supplies goods for the chocolate factory. In the game you have to locate more coal from Thomas and find the lost cargo with the help of Harold sorting out the Troublesome Trucks. Additionally to this there are some mini-games to play producing sweets chocolate candy bars to give to Sir Topham Hatt and Fosters listening and memory skills test. This Save the Day PC CD-ROM is my favourite of the four Thomas the games collection. There’s a lots of interesting work for everyone to tryout in this cdrom proving teamwork-building skills on the Sodor Island.

Vtech Whiz ware for the Whiz Kid Learning System. Thomas the Tank Engine CD-ROMThomas the Tank Engine - A Busy Day on the Island of Sodor.

The Busy Day on the Island of Sodor cdrom /Cartridge Teaches young children aged 3-5 years 120 learning activities Thomas and all his friends have to work well undertaking the jobs so keeping the Sodor railway line functioning efficiently. Pay a visit the top of the Mountain, the Alphabet train Station, a Friendly goods Depot, the Number Quarry and Puzzle Dock by the seaside. There is trainloads of entertaining learning reading skills, maths games, lively logic tests, get the hang of social skills and science. This cdrom is made by BNIP Vtech Whiz ware for the Whiz Kid Learning System.

Island of Sodor toy wooden railway steam train friends

Have a look.

Thomas the tank engine games free online games and train coloring pages for children to print out.

Express train Gordon and Thomas tank engine online games and toys for kids

Where the Sodor steam railway train Thomas the tank engine friends fans come from.

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