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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Thomas Cranky Bugs

Thomas and Percy the green engine enjoy working at the seaside Brendan docks marina, they like the shell fishing boats sea air and the sound of the seagull birds flying in the sky, but one day the railway friends were felling hot and bothered. A large crane was making double trouble, his name is cranky the crane and this was his first day of the week at the ferry docks harbour side.

The small engine Thomas and friends cranky bugs video by Britt Allcroft with Gordon and Percy tank
Your miniature railway useless little bugs he called from above, if you put these trucks on the inside line then I would have so far to travel. Rubbish said locomotive Thomas the train we always put our trucks like this and no crane has ever complained before. Well I am complaining now and cranky banged is load down on the quayside. Afterward the two engines met the high speed engine Gordon and James telling them about cranky, Crank are hairy fairy this and need a lot of attention like me infected said Gordon the fastest tank engine.

You should see the situation from Cranky's point of view huffed train James the splendid engine he is high up in the air coping with wind rain and scorching hot baking sun, then he looks down and dose see you two little engines being annoying no wonder he calls Thomas bugs.
See Brendam docks situation of Thomas and friends Cranky the crane bugs said splendid engine James
When crane cranky heard that the bigger engines agreed with him, he grows even bossier still saying come-on come-on tiny little bugs set in motion those railroad trucks closer to me. But train Percy takes the plunge because he was to upset to concentrate and pushed the truck too far, then the load fell on him pour little Percy the train engine.

Then cranky at the docks played a trick on Thomas, saying push your truck onto the outside track line, it's easier for me to load them up. So Thomas move the load onto the outside line, but large Cranky the crane left the load left the wooden box load at the side of the rail trucks not in them. You should have well-known the swing arm chain can't reach you there complained cranky the crane silly little bugs. This mix-up caused confusion and delay, the fat controller was most upset.

Thomas and Percy the tank engine this new crane has an important job to do, I have heard you have not been helping him today, you will go to the Tidmouth train roundhouse sheds and consider how you will improve your self's tomorrow, at this moment train Percy and Thomas were also saddened.

Percy the green engine enjoy working at the seaside Brendan docks with large cranky the crane bugs
That evening a gigantic thunder rainstorm raged across the Island, with a stormy sky that was so cloudy there was no twinkle twinkle little star to be seen, cranky and the big engines were trapped at the Brendan docks. We are certain to be safe in this shed said duck the great western engine, but he was wrong. The old railway engines had know idea that they were about to be put in great danger, by a old sea crab steamer boat, it was out of control and running aground strait into the Sodor dock quayside wooden sheds.

Wood and planks were flying every where as the old vintage shed collapsed in a heap on the floor this topped cranky over he yelled HELP as he fell. Help called the engines from inside of the shed.
I can't yelp pour Cranky the crane miserably. When the lightning storm was over the fat controller's car rush to the seen of destruction, Thomas and Percy the green engine will help he called to cranky and then you can help the engines. O please hurry whimper cranky and tell them I am sorry I was rude to them. So it was you muttered the fat controller I owe those engines an apology.

Toy railway system Tomy Thomas and Cranky Deluxe Action Set play your own Thomas Cranky Bugs games
Tank Percy and Thomas almost immediately went along the railroad tracks to the Sodor dockland island rescue, it was in no time at all that Cranky crane was standing tall once more, looking spic and span, also he started removing the building rubble and wood wreckage.

At last all the engines were free, thank you said express train Gordon what would I have done without you, Cranky crane said well I had to be rescued before I could help you. But I never would have thought it would be by a couple of bug bar b, cranky was about to say Thomas bugs but he quickly corrected him self, small engines thank you.

I will never be rude again, however you two mites so move over. Percy the green engine grumbled he's back to bugging use, he rolled backwards, Thomas howled don't budge your rope is still attached to Thomas and friends Cranky the crane, but it was too late he crashed down once more to the ground. He still glances downwards at the two little engines, but ever since that stormy night they all have a good friendship now, he never calls them bugs or mites because he knows they mite get him back.

A best Youtube video Thomas and friends cranky bugs by Britt Allcroft.

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