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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Boulder Mountain Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway Set

This fun kindergarten learning activities toy, Boulder Mountain Thomas & friends wooden railway Set is themed on the Sodor railway traditional childrens story of Thomas the tank engine Rusty and the boulder mountain adventure.
Fun kindergarten learning activities toy Boulder Mountain Thomas & friends wooden railway Set
Thomas and friends wooden railway Learning Curve high quality wood model toy Boulder Mountain set The new Sodor mine and quarry machine Thumper rocks the wooden giant Mountain boulder stone rolling it into action, tumbling down the hillside slopes chasing after trusty Rusty the little diesel engine.

They travel along the old-excavations rickety winding track, eventually the Mountain boulder comes to its final resting halt, smashing into some tatty abandoned sandstone-pit building and bowling the workshop sheds flat to the floor.

For a good educational Per-K starter toddler toy wooden railway set, there is plenty of tracking to ride the trains over with a pair of rail tunnels, one under the arched wooden bridge and a passageway through the Boulder Mountain, which is an excellent dynamic verity of actives for the low-price Thomas the tank engine set for your children.

Thomas and friends Boulder Mountain set for ages 3  up incorporates a boulder Thumper stone masher With the Learning Curve's high quality of wood model-toy production this is a very robust solid nursery plaything; it can plummet to the ground from your train table and won't snap or break very easily. There are ample parts to construct numerous wooden railway train track layout configurations to play on and with two locomotive engines multiple kids can participate in the fun at once.

The only real downside with this Thomas and friends wooden railway set is the two wood tracks don't interconnect just cross over each other, so an extra track expansion pack possibly could be a plus idea, also you may perhaps require that little blue train also, but I seem to have forgot his name ;-).
Thomas & friends Boulder Mountain set product description.
This Learning Curve Thomas the train wood toy railroad set has 35 sections of wooden track, with a total shop-retail value of $145.

The Thomas and friends set for ages 3 and up incorporates a boulder, Thumper stone masher, Orange Rusty the diesel engine, Green Oliver the great western engine and a mountain, also some wooden Thomas the tank engine railway accessories trees and signs.
Assembled set measures 25 x 30 inches.

Overall, This Thomas & friends wooden railway Boulder Mountain toy is a huge success, with being awarded 5 customer review gold-stars on, the sets peak point is the Learning Curve child friendly great-quality build.
Imagine seeing the fun enchantment, when tiny hands are opening Thomas Tank Mountains wrapping paper, its really going to bring your little one's delight on Christmas day morning.

View the video of Thomas the Train on YouTube, clip Thomas the tank engine Rusty and the Boulder Mountain.

Thomas the tank engine Rusty and the Boulder Mountain story.

high on mountains a mysterious bolder resting on the peeks for a long time but workmen arrivedOn the eastside of a choppy Irish Sea, in a central part of Sodor Island high up on some mountains was a mysterious bolder, it has stood alone resting on the peeks for a long time, but one day workmen arrived to build the Sodor-quarry on the land below.

Trusty Rusty the little diesel engine meet his two friends Thomas and Percy tank engine, where is all this new rock coming from train Percy the green engine asked, the new Sodor Mining Company quarry replied trust Rusty the engine.
Trusty Rusty diesel engine meet two friends Thomas and Percy tank engine at Boulder Mountain quarry
This mountain rock is good for many things, though it's dangerous up there. Why asked Thomas, because of a big bolder I think its watching me said train Rusty the tank engine nervously. How can it be? Boulders don't have eyes! That's true Percy-the-train but there's something strange about this one.

Just then Thomas and friends Edward the blue engine arrived he was delivering a new piece of machinery with caterpillar treads for the quarry. That's that asked Rusty, it called Thumper apparently it helps collect the rock faster replied Mr. Edward the train.
Thumper stone masher was working hard the men were pleased nobody bothered to inspect the bolder
Soon Thumper was working hard the men were pleased, but nobody bothered to inspect the bolder.

Hill rock landed on tracks strait in front little mountain railway engine Rusty train was shockedWhen it rain came the workmen went away, train Rusty the tank engine gazed up and shivered, above stood bolder. Suddenly a hefty portion of hill rock landed on the tracks strait in front of them.

The little mountain railway engine Rusty train was shocked and shaken, his cab driver was concerned, and we'd best leave until the weather gets better, the rain loosened the rocks he said.

I think it is boulder wanting us to go away whispered Thomas & friends Rusty.

The next day the summer time hot sun shone, the mineral quarry was filled with more granite rock burrowing machines. Suddenly Thomas and friends Rusty noticed something the mountain boulder was moving; don't be so daft, it can't spoke Rusties driver!


The Boulder Mountain stone came crashing down with a pounding thud.
It's rolling along our narrow railway-line, we will stop here until gigantic boulder passers by said Rusty the trains drive, but bolder mountain monster pebble was nowhere to be seen.
Boulder thundered past Thomas and friends Rusty the tank engine on the lower Mountain pathway route
Suddenly it was behind them; just in front of then they found a small railway track junction one line went uphill. The rolling Boulder thundered past them on the lower rail Mountain pathway route.

Speeding Bolder rounded a bend head was narrow gauge railway engine Rheneas the roller coaster ride Meanwhile Thomas and friends Skarloey the tank engine was making his way up to the quarry then he was bolder, bolder was catching up with then fast but the slipped off in to a siding. We must warren the yards shouted tiny steam train Skarloey tank engine. Yes but how called Rusty the train?

Bolder rounded a bend and just a head was narrow gauge railway engine Rheneas the train, its running loose yelled gallant old engine Rheneas train driver, he drove him back as fast as he could, small steam train Rheneas had fair ground roller coaster ride.
They went speeding over the valley railway bridge colliding into a dead-end stop.

Slightly better a smash than a squash said Rheneas tank engines driver.
At the railroad yards tiny green Percy tank engine collecting trucks then he heard bolder hurtling
At the railroad yards tiny green Percy tank engine was collecting trucks, and then he heard bolder. O no it heading strait for me. But fortunately it bypassed Percy the tank engine hurtling into the Sodor quarry yards shed.

Thomas tank engine the Fat Controller car came to inspect quarry mine damage wooden railway sheds When the Fat Controller car came to inspect the damage wooden railway sheds he decided to close the quarry mine. Then he looked at bolder we should have left this part of the Island alone he said thoughtful.

They mover bolder to a hill close by the yard, train Rusty the tank engine is certain that on a clear night that it is gazing up at the mountain and that its cries are being carried on the wind too where it once used to stand proud and silent.

I wonder if Rusty is correct don't you?

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