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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Thomas and magic railroad.

An excellent Britt Allcroft action packed adventure comedy, this family film is for every age of the family young or old incorporating plenty of blowing whistles, mighty steam power smoke clouds, thrills and spills along the way. The Thomas tank video clips of the magic railroad story revolves around the people in the two different worlds and how the railroad magic gold dust help join together a pair of far apart lands.Thomas and magic railroad logo title
James the tank engine in the roundhouse shed.KIDS DVD Thomas tank episode 1.
Start’s with the meeting of blue Thomas the number one hero in the story on the island of Sodor land but he is a bit behind schedule in his performance, when he finally arrives at the train station stop, he saw big blue Gordon engine waiting at the Sodor station for him. Gordon tank engine asks him to read out the sing board “ the Sodor railway really reliable and right on time” Gordon tells off Thomas for not being on time! The diesel number 10 fly down the track, Thomas and Gordon both wish Mr conductor were they’re adjoining them to keep them secure and safe from harm’s way. Mr conductors other hometown is far away across oceans of time from Sodor trainz over Muffle Mountain top deep in a river valley is the place of Shining-Time Station. Red james is stuck in his noaughty corner, the engine shed being bothered by a noises from buzzing fly because he had been naughty boy. So Sir Topham Hatt spited it out he is to stay there and think about ways he could be realy usfull.Thomas and magic railroad Lady the lost engine.Diesel 10 engine turned up telling how he was going to find the lost steam engine and destroy her, then dominated the Sodor island railway making James and Thomas useless scrap suppliers. Mr conductor didn’t have knowledge in respect to the secret of lady who was hidden beep in the centre of the Muffle Mountain peaks. These missing pieces of the jigsaw puzzle, the steamengine was vital for keeping two worlds held together but only Burnett knew about this. They found a chileds picture in an old locker cabinet on a shelf, of the magic buffers drawn by Burnett Stone. The lights are put on in the secrete workshop room to reveal lady tank engine, she hade been chased there by the eval diesel 10 train he made her go to fast and totally used up all her coal-fuel then lady crashed. She had been take to the rugged Mountain secret workshop to try to be fixed up and repaired but still didn’t run and come back into life.

Movie Thomas and the Magic Railroad Part. 1

Thomas and magic railroad the conductor.Family Online video Thomas tank episode 2.
Diesel 10 instructed Splatter and Dodge on his evil plan to discover lady and finish on his business over destroying her. Splatter and Dodge say that Mr conductor will stop him in his tracks but diesel 10 engine says he can do what ever he wants.
The railway conductor chats to Billy the Native American red Indian tribes man as he prepares himself for the important day ahead, to leave Shining-Time migrating to the island of Sodor mountain peaks the only place he fits in sizes wises. Sir Topham Hatt has given the conductors job, the heavyweight responsibility of running the railroad whilst he’s on a sun summer holiday. Warning him in connection with the returning of Diesel 10 and to make sure that he behaves himself. Billy wishes him a wholesome visiting day. He questions Stacy the receptionist where she’d found the painting done by Burnett-Stone, he was looking puzzled because the pictures appearance was very similar to the land of sodor layout and didn’t understand how he could have traveled there without using the magic gold dust to draw this picture. He said frawell to the dog mutt, blow his magic whistle to release the glittering sparkle and teleported to the Sodor isalnd were he managed to pinpoint Thomas, telling him about that the joinery form Shining Time is getting more bumper and bumper, he was there to constrain the Diesel to order.

DVD Thomas and the Magic Railroad Part. 2

Thomas and magic railroad Lily and Grandpa Burnett Stone YouTube Thomas tank episode 3.
Burnett granddaughter Lily who lived in the big city bright lights set out for Country life in Muffle Mountain peak to pay a visit to her lonely Grandfather in Shining Time. Each and every one of the engines were merrily in play through there work, toby tram said that they must stand up to diesel because he knows of the lost enginge in the legend myth does really exist. Tank James and percy the engine were surprised to hear about the legend of the magic lady engine how magic makes her more powerful than diesel could ever be, he wants to lay fingers on where she is located. Railway Thomas tank showed that little engines can do big things. Splatter and Dodge where laughing because Harold the hellicopter was flying past and they thought he would be spraying, sneezing fragments all over Thomas but they got covered in spray of sneezing powder dusts aswell.

A family film Thomas and the Magic Railroad Part. 3

magic railroad the conductor getting going to sleepFree video clip Thomas tank episode 4.
The train conductor got ready for his evening bedtime stories and was getting round to the bed sleep hours with his companion of a cup of hot chocolate coco drink, when outside the building turned up the troublesome number 10 bringing co-partner "Pinchy" The roof-top hydraulic grabber digger claw snapping away hungrily eating up everything of the construction workman’s scaffold towers, pulling them crashing down to the ground in a heap. Locomotive Henry, Gordon the express, James, Percy and Thomas face shell expressions were very frightened looking at this entire scary nights goings on. He had come to establish contract with the railway conductor who did a loud blow of his magic whistle to teleport away in his escape only to discover that he had run out of the magical treasure mellow yellow granules and was stranded there in peril. outside the building turned up the troublesome Diesel 10 engine
Pinchy gave out a bellowing chattering cackle of laughter at the loss of the gold dust sparkle and desired to seek out were the lost engine was hidden. Mr conductor pulled out a bulky bag of sugar and threatened to sea sups this Diesel engine by pouring it in to his gas, gone too, but he was not shore! Railway Percy knows without the sparkle that Mr-C was stuck and could not move around to help them out. The train went to sleep in the goods shed whilst the line conductor lay down restlessly in his bed troubled by the great loss of his golden magical sparking bust. He finally fell asleep dreaming of his hometown Shining Time entirely in ruinuns because the magic had completely gone. He soon realized that his entire universe was in grave danger and had to stumble upon a fresh supply on golden powder.
The next bright morning mutt the dog travelled next to Lily to the big city train station. Mutt was sure Lily could help out her grandpa and together they could help the train conductor. Lily got on the passenger coach and set of for Shining Time crossing hills and farm fields on the way. Mr c was hard at-work cleaning down james tank engine applying a yard brush, to make him shiny new looking and remove the sneezing powder from out his itchy nose but james still had a itchy nose and wondered if Mr-c liked seeing the colore red. The train conductor said burgundy, cherry, chestnut, ruby and rose are loverly brite chearfull shades just like my sparkle well it was before it had all gone away. Hes set of for the Dutch double windmill blades on the embankment to encounter something and james went to grease the wheels of the daily grind.James the tank engine moving gifHe got lost on a hidden track on the way to the old corn windmill and could not remember where it was so he tried again the whistle test to teleport there but at last no acceptable solution on how to unearth more gold-dust. His family had told him that if you can’t memorize the clue, the farm windmill garden would remind you but where was the mill house and what is the clue. All the engines had gathered together on to chat on the subject where was Mr-conductor. Thomas went to look for him on the way there he saw roaming down the village roadway red Bertie the bus asking him to rise to the challenge of a race he replayed not today, I have to be a really useful engine solving some mysteries instead.

Free video Thomas and the Magic Railroad Part. 4

Thomas and magic railroad C Junior on the bell phoneYouTube Thomas tank episode 5.
Mr C chanced upon a letter on a tatty piece of old parchment paper, resting on some pebble rocks. The letter was from Mr rabbit that had gone fly-fishing for the morning. It instructed him to try out the rabbits fresh vegetables because they would help him to conjure up things that were forgotten. How thoughtful of the kind rabbit to do that, he begins to eat a fresh orange carrot and his memory starts to work so he tries the juice celery stick and thinks of the beach. He goes to ferret out a bellflower to make a phone call to junior his young cousin. Lying down in the sun on the hot tropical seaside oceanfront seashore, in his folding deckchair was his cousin junior. Who answers the shell phone, he tells him that he must backtrack to the island of Sodor to help identify the secret source to there families supply of the golden-yellow tiny particles are coming from. C Junior didn’t have information or knowledge what the source was either and his own stock of the honeyed colour flakes was nearly all gone as well. The conductor instructs Junior to first venture to Shining Time Station signal box to fetch the emergency last whistle stocks and not to tell asoll regarding the buffers then the telephone line got cut off. Lily and mutt howned arrived at the train Station in Shining Time. She first meets C-Junior is very small compared to her they say hello to each other, he the teleports himself to Sodor leaving some gold shavings on the wall mount shelf lip. Lily picks up some shavings of gold on her fingers tips wondering what ever could this stuff be! Mr conductor had fallen asleep on the green grass meadow dreaming of how to find more sparkling dust, he was woken up by Thomas steaming passed calling his name out loud, he proclaimed back but he had already gone passing by. Mr C wondered how he could possibly say that he was reliable and useful now.

online free dvd Thomas the Magic Railroad Part. 5

old-fashioned toby the tram and the magic railroadKIDS DVD Thomas tank episode 6.
Lily met Stacy Johan, the manager of the station. She took her in a vintage sport’s car to her grandpa’s house on Muffle Valley Mountain top. They swaped cars on the road crossing. It had been a lengthy while since Lily had seen grandpa Burnett, they both wished Stacy good night. Just before going, Stacy invited Lily back there tomorrow to view them all in Shining Time if that was agreable with her grandpa. Lily and grandpa had arrived at the tiny country farmland cottage up in the tree-coved mills. That night they both heard the starkeling strang sound of ladys magic echoing thought, the mountain range. The engines in sodor had lady very much in there thoughts that nighttime, the tank engine percy and thomas the tank engine where talking across a bench on the station platform on how Mr conductor travelled from sodor to Shining Time invoking golddust and the magic buffers on a secret railways. The diesel number 10 was hiding behind the goods shed listening to all what they were saying numder 10 sneaked away thomas wheel and it started to woble, saying I suspect diesels around here some place. Then old-fashioned tram toby arrived say “yes I am sorry you two, I am afraid he heard every word you two spoke” I am running after him to investigate what he will do next, the pair thought he was very brave. Diesel 10 went to the shelter accompanying his associates Splatter and Dodge announcing his wicked railway plans to bring the party to the end. Brave toby the tram rang his brass bell to distract him, pichy swong around knocking over the rooftop of the shed shelter that fall ontop of the three of them.
youtube Thomas and the Magic Railroad Part. 6

Thomas and magic railroad C JuniorFree children video Thomas tank episode 7.
The next morning Thomas and Henry the train spoke to each other outside the front of the coke hopper Henry the train had boiler ache and wasn’t feeling first-rate on that morning, Thomas was on the way to pickup six hardy jet-black coal trucks carrying special magical Sodor coal. When he reversed in to the trucks one of the coalmining trucks shot backwards through the magic buffers and disappeared out of site. Thomas set of on his most important journey down the railway line passing the roadside. Bertie bus happily shouted hello tom and your five coal-trucks, five but I should have six. Later on that day Percy was a bit worried he had heard from red bus Bertie, that he has a missing dusky blackened truck. Yes he replied to Percy it disappeared at the bumper stops near the little grotto maybe there the buffers that lead to the secret railway and the grotto is the lost engines secret platform. Because Percy engine was brave he hade the task of protecting the buffer from the diesel. Thomas went to meet Mr conductor, he was walking down the track about to cross the masonry stonework Viaduct Bridge when the evil number 10 discovered him. He ran and slipped on the grass. Pinchy snapped him up in his metal claws hanging him over the centre of the large overpass edge borderline wall as the Viaduct started to crumble in to the water bellow them. The Diesel-10 gave him only ten seconds to tell where the magical bumper stops were placed on the island! Mr conductor manages to cut the grabber hydraulic pipelines of Pinchy to escape from dome; he was quickly catapulted high in the sky returning back to anchor on some old corn sacks at Toby windmill. He was delighted to have made such a perfect landing in just the place he really requested to have visited. After dusting him self down he look at the mill wall and one of the clues appeared in faint white writing “ stock up the magic in the mountain and the lady will smile. Then watch the swirls that spin so well” then the writing on the wall clue instructions vanished in an instant without a trace left to see.Splatter and Dodge diesel trians outside the roundhouse shed
Splatter and Dodge where teasing their boss describing how he let the conductor escape Diesel the boss lifted up his grab arm and accidentally court the charcoal hopper shoot poring coal soot all over the three of them. James Henry and Gordon steam engine all laughed and chuckled noticing three soot covered Diesels. Lily was sitting on the grass grazing land field under the shade of a flowering tree, when Batch from the hour’s stables came walking across asking her to ride beside him in to Shining Time, her grandpa said sure she can go, but be back in the household by what time the sunsets. They ask if grandpa wished to come along to accompany them, he replied,I never go there now. The two of them ride the white horse over pastures to the town station, there Lily bumped into junier-c so he pull out the extra supply of the golddust blowing the whisle, the sparkel came to light teleporting them both miles and miles down the bouncy track of the magic railroad to sodor railway buffers stops.On arival Lily sought to learn from junier c were she was.

movie online Thomas and the Magic Railroad Part. 7

See this Movie film Thomas tank episode 8.
Junier-c and Lliy climb up the embankmet edge on the green grass hill to the summit looking over the sodor land scape. Lily was totally amazed at the noise coming from all the railtrack trains that could talk and chat. After the pair had climbing down the hill verge, once more they met thomas who complained about the last occassion he met junier how stuffed party poppers down his fullen. Lily really couldn’t believe they were talking to each other as he introduce her to old thomas the tank engines line.Mr conductor on the bell flower phone to Sir Topham Hatt jpg. They got aboard the drivers cab to go to detect were was junies cousin now leaving the two old coaches Annie and Claribel behind for percy to come and collect later. They all headed in the direction of the windmill sales to meet the conductor. He was angry at junier because of being away for quite a lengthy duration. They wonderd if his sparkle was back, Mr C was shaking his head whilst replying no but I do now have a hot lead to knowing the clue mystery with a Chesire cat grin on his face. The bell flower phones rang ding ding a ling, it was the fat controller Sir Topham Hatt checking that everything was running smoother. Mr conductor told Sir Topham hat there’s nothing to worry over sir. Silly Junior jumps on the mill sails as they were spinning round, for a fanfare ride. They beckoned him to climb off because it was fare to windy day, spinning round at supersonic speed. Faster and faster on the double time, it spoon off c- Junior losing his grip was launch upwards into orbit docking flattened out on the Diesel 10 engines rooftop. He started to do surfing on the roofing hang on tight shouted number ten laughing to him self. Back in Shining-Time Batch approached Lily’s grandpa to explain, that she was missing from the station yard house when he returned there to fetch her to make a break for home. Grandpa told Batch that its ok we will track her down. Percy engine was so frightened travelling after nightfall unaccompanied in the dark heading towards the buffers to protect them. Thomas tank and Diesel 10 Engine.When he finally arrived at the end of the line he discovered that the troublemakers Dodge and Splatter had already beat him to it! Percy decided that he should hurry back and warn Thomas in respect of it. The good-natured conductor was engage in trying to keep Lily happy and cheerful doing card tricks, as they sat beside the burning log fire, because he knew very well she was worried over the schedule of getting in the cabin for sunset to grandpa’s mountain cottage lodge. He told Lily that her grandpa could probably guess where she was. I reckon he has been here before in a time long ago. Junior hade mentioned about a steaming engine that used to travel along the magic railway but it has disappeared if that could be located we could retrace the steps to Shining-Time once more. Lily said she has to tell you some thing there was a sounding noise of a train whistle coming from out of the mountain range. This made him have memories of the other part of the clue answers “stock up the magic in the mountain and the lady will smile”. But they needed more information, Lily let in on how grandpa named grandma lady. Percy reeled off to Thomas that we must return Lily back home before the leaves fall of the trees and Diesel destroys the railway tracks. But how could Lily depart us bankrupt golddust and the lost engine still missing. Mr c polity ask if Thomas would please take her to her living quarters nervously replying through the buffers and what if on they’re my wheels won’t work or it’s cold or dark and her wondered how he world circle back to them once more. You’ll be ok because you’re a really useful engine Thomas will uncover some way. He thought for a couple of minutes smiled looked at then saying ill try then.
Online movie show Thomas and the Magic Railroad Part. 8

Thomas tank in the magic railways long dark tunnelThe Movie Thomas tank episode 9.
Thomas bravely head off in the darkness through the moon light shadows of the night, promising Lily to succeed that she will be safely in her granddads homeland soon. Suddenly a prairie Tumbleweed blowing across the lands made them frightened and slightly nervous on its arrival, they were a little unwillingly cruising along Listening to scary sounds of the wood owls hooting in the bushes. They saw the buffer-shops he called “little engines can do big thing” as they passed into the buffer portal onto the cast away line. Some way in the under tunnel they found the missing sixth coal truck. Lily suddenly remembered a piece of the rules of clue mystery to the missing gold powder, after viewing the coal-truck “stock up the magic” Lily that’s what we do with the coal its stocked up in the fire box for making steam pressure. Thomas decided to be really reliable by backtracking his steps to retrieve the old truck to help out Mr conductor. They were starting to solve the mysteries and coming to the exit of the far-reaching dark deep tunnel. He shut his eyes , he "didn't like seeing. Thomas the tank on the top of Muffle MountainIn an instant they were in the daylight coming out on the outer ring of the muffle mountain cliff. It was very high up and Thomas was feeling a bit dizzy looking down at the valley below them. Lily had to locate grandpa Burnett leaving him on the windy cliff edge. A howling gust of wind Suddenly blows him over the ledge losing the coal truck behind, he went racing down the bumpy hillside into the other portal vanishing him. Lily ran fast on the pathway and joined up meeting her companion Batch riding on his white horse she mounts the horse and they gallop speedily homeward. Burnett was so releaved and glad too see a safe return home after her sodor adventure world. She spilled the beans on every thing that was happening there mentioning the talking train, Mr conductor being sick, junior in danger and I did leave blue Thomas behind. I require you’re to help me grandpa agreeing it’s all-important ness, but had insufficient ideas how to get lady engine to steam after trying all the special coals he could not distinguish the spot for more
special Island of Sodor coal that’s Lily’s requirement to run. Batch was sent to the crown of the cliff to the truck of special coal to retreave some.
Back in sodor junier was still on the canopy of Diesel 10 entering a goods yard shed the bracks were slamed on junier flow off landing on james cab roof. He used the blowing whistles but no gold. Diesel tormented his saying you have misplaced the sparkly twinkle toes as he’s rocketing towards them for the humongous smash-up. Junier c had to use the very last of the dust and he and james the locomotive teleported to Mr c.
Burnett stard shovelling the coal into ladys fire box and she stard to steam out the funnel,turning the wheels and put the lights on shining brightly. They were all soon on the way to the island on the lost tracks, the magic power from lady started functioning the rails of the world lines were like precious stones gems sparkling glitter silver star in multi colors flashing brightly the railroad was getting its energy back. Lily scooped up some of the colorfull shavings gathering them in a black hat. Finally they were out the other side and the tunnel came to life in beautiful array of colors as she was voyaging onwards. Looking to their rear they saw old Thomas the tank following them he called you have found her. The conductor and junior were jubilant to catch a glimpse of lady now she was home.
Family movie Thomas and the Magic Railroad Part. 9

Diesel 10 engine crossing over the train Viaduct Bridge in sodorFree DVD movie Thomas tank episode 10.
The rails started to shake, it was the evil number 10 shouting ha har there the blue puff ball, he had come to destroy Thomas and lady the two of them ran away from him. Mr conductor warned the train Viaduct Bridge is dangerous to cross. Shooting along at full steam they raced though bridge’s Pinchy was hungry to eat them. Burnett encourage lady to go quicker as they passed the watermill looking over the duck pond. The train Viaduct Bridge was falling apart on there approach Thomas chanted come on Lady the little engines can do bulky things. The two of then had just got over in the nick of time as the dangerous Bridge collapsed into the stream. Number 10 couldn’t stop in time and slid of the Viaducts broken tracks into the river landing on buster the barge. When they returned back they managed to worked out all the clues of the puzzle so Lily put the shaving in the wishing well water and throw it up high in the air, this made more gold dust and rain fall down for the conductor and C junior which they collected in there magic whistles. Before they all went there separate ways junior gave Lily a quantity of the magic powder and gave her big friendly hugged goodbye. C junior decided to stay and work on the railways and only go back to his favourite tropical beach for a summer holiday. The bellflower rang it was fat controller say he was back in Sodor and wanted to be picked up from the station. Happy they all went home.
Friends Thomas Magic Railroad Part. 10

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