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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Thomas Haynes Manual

The Thomas the Tank Engine titles now have become a member of the world famous Haynes-owners workshop manuals. Haynes-books on the 5th October published Thomas the Tank Engine Owners Workshop Manual written by Chris Oxlade.

The book comes in a 270 x 210mm hardback format with 40 pages, 100 colour illustrations and priced tag of £9.99.
Thomas tank workshop Haynes Manual book in hardback format
This pictured childrens book is in the same format as all the other Haynes manuals but made for the 3 - 8 age group.
This lovely innovative booklet applies the 50 years Haynes brochure quality color line drawings into Thomas and his friends who are one of the most popular kids characters.

The Publishing managing director of the workshop Haynes manuals Mr John Haynes said: "When I was a child I was fascinated by Thomas The Tank Engine and his friends and always wanted to know how they worked.
It's a bit late for me, but as a parent myself I'm sure this new train manual will delight today's young children and parents alike. It is a sign of the everlasting appeal of Thomas the train."

This handbook clearly explains how Thomas operates also the engine driver operating Thomas controls and how the steam railway engineers working on the Sodor railway keep them all in tip-top operating condition.Thomas the Tank Engine titles is now a member of the world famous Haynes owner workshop manualsAlso featured in this hardback are some of Tank Engine Thomas's friends showing the tank steam engine Henry's overhaul, giving the opportunity for a younger reader who are learning the identification of steam engine parts are dismantled and refitted.

The Thomas the train books wonderfully bright and colorful layout design is going to defiantly bring enchantment to the children and all in the household likewise.Haynes Manual How railways work including rail tracks Toby the tram tramways points and signal box
The publications content covers one fabulous cutaway section drawings of Thomas and friends pictures.

The illustrated 1945 onwards all aboard guides including revealing how a steam driven engine works and the demonstrating of how to drive Thomas the train.

There are countless fascinating facts covering the topic of the different sorts of steam locomotive engines, trucks and railway carriages of Sodor Island.

How railways work, including Rail tracks, Thomas & friends Toby the tram tramways points and signal box diagram. Some overhaul elements show in this hardback are Train Thomas n friend Harold helicopter diagram cutaways.Overhaul elements show in this hardback are Train Thomas n friend Harold helicopter diagram cutaways Old and new engines, the transport heritage and history of railway engines starting from the development of first steam to the rapidity moving electric powered modern express trains. Thomas's Really Useful Words as a portrayed glossary of train words.

Thomas and train James the red engine Haynes workshop instruction booklet index table of content and layout, with tank engine Salty the dockyard diesel red and white striped lighthouse in the Brendam bay background.
Train James the red engine Haynes work shop instruction booklet index table of content and layout
This Thomas the tank engine and friends picture book is really a great educational volume for children to read, it clearly demonstrates how a train engine works with lovely comprehensible imagers that are simple to interpret.

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