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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Thomas and the Jet Engine.

The day had come for Thomas and the Jet Engine with hidden surprises now coming for most important and proud Gordon the big express engine.

The fastest steam train Thomas and The Jet EngineThomas and friends Gordon the train loves reminding one and all that he's the fastest steam engine on the island of Sodor; he loves to race along the railway track with the strong wind blowing over the brass tunnel.

Arriving in the main station Gordon's driver told him you have broken the time record again.

I am the fastest train boosted he to the others but not all the others were imprested at this speed isn't everything said red tank engine James smuggle, but being really reliable and useful is said Thomas tank.

Spencer the tank engine and Gordon thought that the smaller slower engines would never understand because would never go as fast as him.

Sir top hat had arrived will some news of a special delivery job for Thomas to do.
The Fat Controller said to Thomas that he was to go to the seaside docks, then pickup a new jet engine and take it to the Sodor airfield.
Train Percy the small engine wanted to now, what a jet engine was, the Fat Controller tolled a turbine jet engine movers forward by pushing hot air out the back of it.
Fat Controller said Thomas go to the seaside docks pickup a new jet engine for the Sodor airfield
Thomas the train said it was just like a kids party red balloon full of air and let it fly away its really fast.

Brendam dock cranky the crane with Thomas and the jet engineThomas the tank loves to make the special delivery job for Sir Topper Hat it make him feel special and important but he still wished to win a race with Gordon just once.

He soon arrivers the sea land docks happy to view the shinny new wagon and the jet engine it was all modem and new looking.

Thomas the train could hardly wait to setoff on the return journey but Cranky the crane was working slowly and taking his time that day in Brendam dock.

Hurry up puffed little Thomas tank engine this is a special load this made Cranky crane cranky and very made so cranky that he was careless with his hook and accidentally swung the grab hook hitting the on starter switch of the Jet engine.

The Jet engine started to make a winding noise from the back of it getting louder and louder soon Thomas and the jet engine was flying down the line cranky the crane said "o no".
The station master called a head to empty the line so Thomas had a clear run down the tracksThomas and the jet engine were rocketing up the rail track his train driver tried to put on the steam backs but this did no good and Thomas couldn't stop they shot past the railroad station no one had ever seen a steam train go so fast on the Sodor railway tracks.

Thomas was exited to de a runaway train. The station master called a head to empty the line so Thomas had a clear run down the tracks the warning signal were changed and crossing points were opened.
Thomas and the jet engine did fly by red James tank and rocked past tank green Henry engine and ran by train Percy tank, that were all amazed to see a locomotive train go so fast.

Standing at the level crossing was Bertie the red busStanding at the level crossing was Bertie the red bus he was happy to see Thomas whizzing along the line.

Do you want a great race beeped red Bertie bus? Thomas had gone passed before he could answer bus Bertie. Bertie was amazed and had not seen a tank engine go so fast.

Gordon was in for the hidden surprises he had no idea that that Thomas was racing down the main line behind him.

I am the fastest and most important engine said Gordon the big express engine to him self proudly. hidden surprises for Gordon he didn't have time to wave hello to Thomas
Thomas and the jet engine soon got a better view for Gordon as they came along side him.

It was a real time for the hidden surprises for Gordon he didn't have time to wave hello to Thomas as he jetted by.
Gordon the steam train could not believe is own eyes to see Thomas flying of into the distance.

Soon Thomas and the jet engine were slowing down the jet turbine was running out of gas and Thomas was running under his own steam He steamed slowly back home in to Watford train station blowing his steam trumpet he teased Gordon by saying sorry for passing on the lane back there but Gordon pretend not to have ever seen him go by.

Tank Henry said you didn't see the fastest engine on the Island of Sodor go by you, I am the quickest puff little Thomas.
Percy the small engine felt a bit sorry for big Gordon the train saying here don't have to go as fast as a jet rocket, because he is a steam train.

James said he's still full of hot gas and air as he whistled with a smile. Big blue express Gordon train pulled out of the main station yard and went off down his rails.
Youtube Thomas and the Jet Engine

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