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Monday, December 28, 2009

Train Freddie engine and Fearless Freddie Engine friends.

Train Freddie engine and Fearless Freddie Engine friendsTrain Freddie engine is never fearful of any thing and ready to compete with the others, Fearless Freddie the warhorse engine first came to these tiny Island of Sodor Skarloey railways Narrow Gauge line trying to find some rivals to race with the other rail steam trains up and down the mountain side hills. This handsome daredevil fearless Freddie engine wearing the plate number 7 can easily be found or spotted with his large glistening brass dome cap along with a clay grey and red color painting finish.
Fearless Freddie the tank Engine decided to insist upon a challenge to a railway marathon race match with Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends, but this cheating showoff daredevil train will not enter the competition even-handedly. The rail route he picked was a lost hidden mountain shortcut that only he knows about, because after Fearless Freddie got the picture he wasn't a quick hardy strong mountain engine as he was away back in the olden days he knew he had to trick them to win and secure victories of the great race down the hillside

Fearless Freddie the tank Engine is going down the mountain railroad tracks

Train Freddie engine on the Island of Sodor Skarloey railways lineThis knowledgeable old steam tank engine has worked up and over the old tracks more than a few times in his life time. Train Freddie engine only came to understand the true use for a shortcut when he hade to use his Island of Sodor map skills to briskly head along for the brave rescue of steam train Rheneas tank engine who had fallen of his iron rails.
Fearless Freddie engine friends on the Skarloey Railway now know he won’t cheat at contests any more but they still like to have a fun race with him. Even though he has uncomplimentary old engine rattles and loud sound creaks, long-established Train Freddie’s strong everlasting determination gives train James, Percy the tank, Thomas and his engine friends a good days run for their coal money on race challenge days!
On the day that Mr. Percival post bike arrived at Sodor Wharf it was missing its warning bell, train Freddie engine decided to try and locate a new a ringing bell, even though he had no idea at all, what place where he could come across a bell, until latter finding Thomas one of his engine friends moving a trusty rusty old ships foghorn and decided that will be most useful for Mr.Percival bike.

Freddie engine and Fearless Freddie Engine friends youtube dvd.

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