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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Rolling stock railway Thomas Oliver and S.C.Ruffey

Oliver tank engine had been to the railway repair work yard to be fixed and mended some troublesome trucks trick him and the great western engine fell deep down into the Tidmouth wooden roundhouse turntable well.

Now fleshly painted G.W.R Oliver train was as good as new but he was still a little bit worried about the rolling stock cars I'd rather not have to use them he puffed to him self. But the rolling stock cargo cars sang songs rude and loud S.C.Ruffey there leader lead the course.
Toad the brake van and Oliver the tank engine friends in the railway shed chatting about scruffey
The Island of Sodor Great Western Railway Thomas tank Duck and Percy engine friendsOlive no use at all thinks his very clever and says he can manage us that the best job ever when he orders us about with the greatest folly we just push him down the well pop goes oily.

Number one on the railway Thomas tank Duck and Percy engine friends were all shock at this. Be quiet they ordered but they could not be every where at once on the magic railroad and every where they weren't the troublesome trucks leader S.C.Ruffey and the box cars begin again there loud course of singing.

Olive no use at all thinks his very clever and says he can manage us that the best joke ever.

At last the Sodor engine friends gave up we are so sorry Oliver, it's really my fault said Oliver sadly I shouldn't have fallen in the turntable well Toad the brake van felt very sorry for Oliver the train.

Oliver started to move to worst rolling stock railway cars with Douglas tank engine friendsNext morning he spoke to Douglas tank engine I'm worried Mr. Douglas tank engine this disrespect for engines where is it going to end on this railway, Thomas tank and friends won't like it at all.

Who knows said Douglas from Scotland I have got a clever plane Mr. Douglas may I stay here in the yard today and help Mr. Oliver the train with his work were both Great Western Railway and must stand together certainly Toad replied Douglas engine and puff away.

Soon Thomas the tank engine Toad the brake van was explaining his plane to the train Duck the great western engine goodness Grayshus Toad reply Duck I don't think you should suggest such a thing to Oliver.
Thomas the tank engine toad the brakevan explaining his plane to train Duck the great western engine But Oliver the tank engine soon interrupted, no Duck! Toads write it's really my fault I must put this trouble write! Any way the Driver says the same and he's arranged it with the station master.

Very well Oliver conceded Duck the great western engine but I must hurry my little children passenger will be waiting, blowing his steam trumpet and puffed away trundling down the tracks, so long said Oliver bravely but felt dreadfully and nervures inside but wanted to be fearless.

Reverend W Awdry Thomas the tank engine friends Oliver the Great Western engine and S C RuffeyOliver the Great Western engine started to move to worst rolling stock railway cars two by two, that's the way Mr. Oliver wisped brake-van Toad if you leave that scruffey till last then you'll have him behind you and you can bump him if he starts his silly nonsense games.

Duck arrived at the station house just as Oliver opposite him was picking up scruffey and the troublesome trucks. S.C.Ruffey said pull back pull back he whispering and you pass along to the word to all the others.

The silly cars giggled but little green Oliver the Great Western train knew what to do there was plenty on sand on the railway rails and his iron wheels gripped splendidly.

He shot off forward giving a huge heave owe owe shouted scruffey I don't like this. Duck at the station cheered him on well done boy he called across the lines. Owe wailed out scruffey I am coming a part, there was big bang sound and scruffey snapped in two with all his rock ballast cargo going all over the tracks.

Sir Topham Hatt and rolling stock railway car S.C.Ruffey the leader of troublesome trucksThen there was big trouble the fat controller arrived to see the picture of mess well Oliver you don't know your own strength is that it, no sir he said nervously.

Sir Topham Hatt inspected old scruffey to find rotten wood and rust frame work, perhaps if was have you rebuild you'll make your self a better name.
Now days Thomas and friends Oliver the train only takes the boxcars when the other engines are busy but the tucks are always quick to warn each other take care with Mr. Oliver the tank engine if you play tricks on him you'll never be the same car again. After all this S.C.Ruffey has learned his lesson and says nothing at all.

Watch the Reverend W. Awdry Thomas the tank engine friends Youtube Toad Stands By Rolling stock railway Thomas Oliver and S.C.Ruffey video.

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