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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Steam train Thomas and friends duck the great western engine

British steam railway duck the great western engineStean train Duck engine is a great western railways 0-6-0 pannier one of the smaller GWR locomotives with his six wheels. Before he was transferred to the sunny island of Sodor he originally used to live in central London England working at the city of London Paddington station line. There he would chat all day to the underground trains in the tunnels telling the tube trains stories about the great westen trains and the tree covered mountain climbs of the gwr railway tracks winding through the hills and valleys. Train duck the tank engine is a great westen trains GWR Duck the tank engine has had his name changed by Sir Topham Hatt the Fat Controller, perversely train Duck GWR was called by the name Montague with the plate number of 5741 and that’s his real name. Railway Duck tank engine is just his nickname. The Fat Controller had him relocated in 1955 to work on the Sodor Arlesburgh branch line. British steam railway Duck the great western engine was the 8th steam locomotive to arrive on Sodor Island so he was presented with the lucky number eight. When first arriving at the Arlsburgh branch line, this Welsh dragon green painted Duck the great western engine help Thomas and friends Oliver engine who is another loco GWR tank engine they both finding the motivation to work hard always together moving boxers of the old railway goods wagons and shunting the giggling troublesome trucks about in a siding shed. After some time had passed locomotive duck the tank engine was sent with Tank Percy engine to assist with the building and construction work of the seaside Harbour town of Knapford. A really railway GWR steam train with a Duck the Tank engine face
There they would just love to look at the sailing ships and sea fishermen with fishing boats in the harbour area. The tank engine duck train service is the best one on the island of Sodor, well that’s what he thinks. Train Duck and Percy tank are really good worker but not all the other big steam engines would not agree with this and made funny jokes of them. So one day they decided to get there own back by changing the track points over so the lager engines were stuck outside the railway shed shivering in the cold air for the whole night under the stars twinkling in the sky. After this they were pestered no more and left to do as they pleased. One day the number 10 Diesel engine come forth to help run the line he would always say kind and complimentary words to please the other engines. Duck the great western engine felt there was something suspicious and gave the number 10 Diesel a wide berth. GWR locomotives Steam train Thomas and friends duck the great western engine
Green Duck the great western railway engine didn’t warn the Diesel 10 engine about how dangerous the troublesome rusty trucks could be as they giggled and sing rude songs going down the tracks. The consequence of this cursed a terrible calamity with Fearless chieftain grey and rusty S.C.Ruffey the leader of the Troublesome Trucks. The Diesel engine wanted to get even so he told the others that the Duck engine has been calling them disagreeable and silly stage names. Eventually every one came to realize that it was not the tank engine Duck train service doing wrong at all and was his friend once more.

The You-Tube video is tribute to Steam train Thomas and friends Duck the tank engine, the twins Donald, and Douglas with the sing a long song of There Once was an Engine Who Ran Away.

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