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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bad day at castle loch

Bad day at castle loch Donald and Douglass tank engine with The Fat Controller at docks of Sodor BayIt was going to be a Bad day at castle loch for Donald and Douglass who are Scottish twins they enjoy working on the fat controllers railway but sometime they long for glens of Scotland highlands there old home. One day the fat controller called them to the Brent Sea fishing docks of Sodor Bay. Lord Callan Scottish castle is finally reopening there is to be a grand celebration to morrow I need you to take the party decorations bannered bunting flags and musical bagpipes to the luxury Scottish castle loch Harvey you must load the strait away yes sir chuffed Harvey. The two twins were exited going to lord Callan’s castle it would be like going home to Scotland again. Scottish twin engines enjoy working on the fat controllers railway but long for glens of Scotland
Soon Cranky crane, Harvey and the Sodor friends had finished loading the railway trunks. Where are you going asked Perce lord Callan castle tank engine Donald proudly announced by castle lock said crane Harvey I'm glad I'm not going to Castle Loch wished Percy nervously. Scared the castle loch monster might get you teased Douglas, He might said Donald the train. There's no monster! Said Douglas there is too replied tank Donald, the Scottish twins setoff on there travels leaving the Brent docks. A bad day at castle loch rocky shore side for Donald and Douglass train stuck on the railway lineLord Callan castle is in misty valley, Donald the tank engine and Douglass were determined to get the important goods to the castle loch on time they puffed proudly around the lochs rocky shore side to there destination, there it is cried Donald tank engine! We are almost there shouted Douglass the train! but there was trouble ahead the hill side pine trees had fallen across the railway line Donald and Douglass stopped just in time, then suddenly there was a loud crashing sound the break van had be hit by a mud landslide and come of the rails they were stuck it was a Bad day at castle loch.
We could take the causeway said Donald train driver Douglass train driver know the causeway was old tracks and rickety it’s too dangerous to cross over he said, the twins were worried we will never get to the luxury castle now chuffed Donald sadly. Ill call for help said tank engine Douglass driver so he went to phone.
The fat controller was trying on his new present from lord Callan when he heard the news about the Bad day at castle loch Donald and Douglass tank engine trapped by the loch he said I will send help as soon as I can!
Back at the highland loch side the hours passed it grow dark and cold and still no help hade come suddenly the twins spotted something strange moving through the night’s foggy mist. What’s that called Donald, is it the loch monster cried Douglass the tank engine for shore it is he answered. It’s not its use it was Harvey and the drake down crane Douglass and Donald were relieved by the next morning the lines were clear, steam tank Donald and Douglass hurried of to the Scottish castle lord Callan worker were waiting to unload the trucks. The twin tank engine Donald and Douglass out side Lord Callan Scottish castle loch grand celebration
Soon the castle was decorated and the grand opening was a great successes, Lord Callan was very pleased Ah, they're a splendid pair of engines and Very Useful added The Fat Controller och aye the noo agreed the twins.

free online video of Bad day at castle loch and the Sodor friends.


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