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Monday, March 8, 2010

Crane Harvey train

Thomas and Friends engines on the fat controllers railway love the sunny seaside Brendam docks in Sodor bridge bay there is always lots of work to keep them busy and they enjoy seeing new arrives onto the island of Sodor an exiting new arrive was a new engine cranky the crane was uploading it was heavy, this makes my chain ache groaned cranky. The sunny seaside Brendam docks in Sodor bridge bay with talking Percy train and Crane Harvey train
It was a special day on Sodor railways this is Harvey the crane engine the fat controller said proudly the other engines thought that Crane Harvey train look strange. Harvey was happy to be on the ground he didn’t like dangling from cranks arm at all. These gentlemen are the railway board the fat controller said tomorrow Crane Harvey train will give demonstration if it goes well he will join the Thomas & Friends railway. Percy the train said what a demo station Thomas replied a demonstration its when you showoff what you can do. Just like when Thomas and I have a great Sodor race side Bertie the red school bus saying vroom.
Thomas & Friends have a special day on Sodor railways a new arrive burgundy color Crane Harvey trainThat evening Thomas had just returned from a hard days work he saw new train crane parked near the Sodor roundhouse sheds in Knapford. Crane Harvey train could hear the there Sodor engines talking about him this negative attention made him very sad. Crane Harvey train is different said Henry tank engine, he doesn’t even look like an engine said the train Edward, surely the fat controller wont let him pull coachers sniffed Gordon the express, he’s just Cranky the Crane on wheels said talking James train, he’s not taking my mail said talking Percy train. Little Thomas felt sorry for Harvey he told him don’t worry some times it tack time to make new friends, but Crane Harvey train wasn’t shore he wanted to stay were no one wanted him. The next morning the fat controller sent the engines off to a useful days work. Maybe my coming here wasn’t such a good idea sir Harvey chuffed sadly, nonsense said the fat controller Harvey the crane engine relied but the other engines don’t like me I am to different. Different is what’s making you special said sir Topham Hatt and that made Harvey Crane felt better.

Gentlemen of the isle of Sodor railway board by the fat controllers car seeing Crane Harvey trainOut on the branch line Percy was having trouble with the silly giggling troublesome trucks, faster we go faster we go pull them along don’t let them slow. Help cried Percy tank engine his driver applied the brakes, but it was too late he went of the rails at Bulges Bridge. Luckily no one got hurt red Bertie bus arrived and was pleased that green Percy engine was alright, but he was also very cross you’ve block the road Bertie the bus snapped pippin his hooter, he was worried that her wouldn’t get the gentlemen of the railway board to the demonstration on time. When the fat controller heard the news he went strait to Harvey the train driving there in the fat controllers car, I need you to rescue one of my engines! Ill do my best sir Crane Harvey said bravely and he set-off immediately! Crane Harvey train soon arrived at the bridge and went to work in no time Percy the tank engine was back on the tracks the gentlemen of the railway board were very imprested. That was the best demonstration of all gentlemen of the railway board have decided you should join the new Sodor railway repair team. O thank your sir said Harvey the crane engine proudly.Harvey the crane engine parked outside Sodor roundhouse sheds with Tank Thomas and Friends enginesThat night Harvey crane heard the isle of Sodor engines talking again, this time it was different, well-done said Gordon the big express engine, very useful said James, you can take my mail said talking Percy train, you see said Thomas different can be good. Thomas and Friends the Train Engine drivers all agreed welcome to the Sodor railway they called! Crane Harvey train smiled happily. He now lives with Thomas tank Salty and Murdoch at Sodor roundhouse sheds and is involved with the line repair work helping Rocky the crane do rail recovery tasks for the track breakdown crew. Crane Harvey is the color burgundy having shiny gold line with wooden buffers.
Thomas and Friends Youtube video Harvey to the rescue

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