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Friday, July 22, 2011

Thomas The Train And Friends 42 inch Ceiling Fan Room Light Decor

Its time to keep those Island of Sodor Thomas 7 friends James and Percy the green train engines rolling along, add a fun creative interior decoration touch to your kid's toy railway theme bedroom, with some help for this beautiful Thomas the Train and friends 42 inch ceiling fan room light decor unit, a truly great child's playroom furnishings.
Kids theme railway James and Percy Thomas the Train and friends 42 inch ceiling fan room light decor
These Thomas the train bedroom furniture ceiling cooling-fan four blade arms are featuring: Thomas the Train and his friends Percy and James the red engine pictures, with gorgeous bright colored images of the number one Thomas the blue engine, splendid red James the train, along with little Percy the green train.

Cheer up any room with this lovely hand crafted Thomas the Tank Engine 42 inch childrens room furnishing ceiling fan in the company of an old fashioned schoolhouse light, is a wonderful adornment idea as an addition for any Thomas the train themed bedroom or kids playroom decoration.
Childrens room ventilation Thomas the tank engine 42 inch ceiling fan 120V playroom light furnishing
This Thomas and friends childrens themed playroom decoration provides a convenient 3 speed switch setting to compensate for the changing seasonal variants and all year round ambient room temperature comfort.

For the scorching hot Summer time there is a fast forward air mode setting, this creates a nice cooling breeze to refresh the children, furthermore for the chilly winter season it provides a reverse air stream downward recirculation, of the rising warm room air.

The charming individual alabaster style glass pale white lighting decoration requires a 60W candelabra bulb fixture. The Thomas the tank engine light and ceiling fan comes with a generous 15 year manufacturer's warranty; this will certainly long outlive the childrens train bedrooms theme lifespan requirements.

This Thomas and his friends light and cooling fan decoration is for dry interior room fixture applications only.

This elegant Thomas the train 42 inch ceiling fan room with light fixture measures only 12.5 inches from roof-top to the bottom of its spinning fan arms, ideal for low ceiling applications.

It runs on a 120 volt, 3-speed reversible motor, but a good skilled electrician can easily obtain and wire-up a 220v or 240v step-down transformer of the approved KAV capacity, to make the unit work correctly and safely. This task should only take the electrician an extra 5-15 minutes of time to finish off the wiring in job.

This Thomas the tank engine fan unit has a twin capacitor motor-control rotation speed system also double closed housing bearings for silence running and smooth operation.

The Thomas the train ceiling fan uses self aligning room ventilation propeller blade wings, eliminating the humming resonant gyroscopic motion wobble sounds.

It can provide a sizzling hot whether fast-forward mode as well as a backward direction operational working switch mode for the cooler times of year.

It utilizes one 60 watt or less candelabra bulb, that is not included in the Thomas and friends fan kit, but they don't break the bank to buy.
Scorching hot Summer time Thomas and friends 42 inch ceiling fan bedroom light propeller blade arms
This is a fantastic add-on for any boy's railroad theme room, matching up well with all the Little Tikes Thomas bed table and chair furniture sets or any other themed Thomas & friends merchandize.

Thomas the tank engine light and fan unit product features.
  • Flush mounted interior design for small ceiling roofs; Measures 12.5 inch from top to bottom of Thomas fan.
  • 120 volt operating power, 3-speed reversible fan motor control.
  • Two times seal rotational shaft bearings for a calm silky sounding operation.
  • Self aligning wind propeller blade fan arms which eliminating any trembling.
  • An enormous 15 year manufacturer's warranty, that's just outstanding 5475 days warranty!

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