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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Thomas and friends Percy the tank engine

Thomas and friends Percy the tank engineThomas and friends Percy the tank engine was one of the younger railway engines living on the happy Island of Sodor.

Percy the Post Train was a cheerful little chappy with a important job of transporting the mail most nights of that week.

Thomas the tank engine Percy the train like to work in the day time and when he had to do nights he would say "O Bother.....!" This small tiny green steam engine is normally very pleased too be just shunting sorting out the rolling stock round the rail yard in and you of the old wooden roundhouse sheds.
Thomas and friends Percy the tank engine at Maron railway station with this post train wagons
Thomas and friends Percy the tank engine will really oblige and give supportive help to his best friends Thomas the tank engine and the other Sodor tank engines, which thay take full advantage of junior Percy the train. Thomas the tank engine Percy the train picture

When the Island of Sodor railway voyages and adventures all go wrong because of the bigger engines being silly and boasting, little Percy the train blows his steam whistle lets out a big puff of steam and shout's "But that wasn't my fault.....!"

The thing Percy train likes to do the best is to chat all day long to James Henry tank engine and big blue Gordon the express locomotive.

Percy the tank engine looks very very small next to the twin express engines, he is only a tiny green 0-4-0 saddle tank engine with only four wheels.
It was the year of 1949 when Percy first came to Island of Sodor and has live there ever since..!
Picture of Thomas the tank engine and Percy the green engine runs away with the grey slate
Picture of Thomas the tank engine Percy the green engine with the grey slate trucks, taken from the Thomas the train episode Percy the tank engine runs away, but he save a bad train crash with Gordon the express engine.

YouTube Thomas and friends Percy & The Post Train video.

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