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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Misty Island Rescue Thomas Tank Adventure Wooden Railway Train Set

The Learning Curve Misty island rescue Thomas tank adventure wooden railway train set presents multiple fun interactive educational play environments for your little Thomas and friends train enthusiasts to enjoy.
Learning Curve Misty island rescue Thomas tank adventure wooden railway train set educational playYou can give the little toy Thomas the tank engine wooden trains an exiting miniature theme park ride across the new design exclusive log bridge trussing, just by cranking round the handle.

The learning curve realistic detail original design motivation came from the newly released
2010 Thomas train video misty island rescue DVD movie. It is gorgeously handcrafted in a white wood finishing for the tracking interlocking parts also the Thomas and Friends wooden railway set is including a quantity of plastic molded pieces.

This fun toy Thomas the train and friends adventure wooden railway train set layout's best characteristics, are the exclusive up-to-the-minute rope pulley sliding bridge crossing system, which can take the Misty Island Rescue twin logging locomotives Bash and Dash and Thomas tank engine number one engine to the opposite side of the railway wooden train track line.
There is a roller crane elevating lift which can load up freight, and a log wood old steam train tunnel that plays mystifying music noises as the Thomas and friends engines travel along overhead.

This exciting activity interactive Bash and Dash tank engine wooden railway wonderland adventure set, will oil the cogs and wheels of your kid's imagination truly getting them rapidity spinning around at full speed, traveling around the railway track layouts electrifying adventure destination.

The toy Misty Island rescue Thomas tank adventure wooden railway train set is recommended for children ages 3 and up. Please read the
Learning Curve toy manufactures details and specifications regarding the dangers of choking hazards for small children.

Misty Island Rescue Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway Set Ferdinand.
Say hello to the big blue gentle giant logging loco Ferdinand the train character he has a great but curiosity lovely personality.
Misty Island Rescue Thomas and Friends wooden railway adventure Ferdinand gentle giant logging loco
Ferdinand engine is much larger but a little slower than tricky duo Bash and Dash tank engines who are two of a kind always having adventures and fun games on the lost foggy isle.

Steam-train Ferdinand is one of the latest railway members of the Thomas and his Friends collection and is a hand-crafted wood powered engine with tender; also he includes magnets to attach the troublesome trucks or Sodor wagons.

Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway – Captain the boat.

Meet the brave ocean going Thomas tank and friends Captain Life boat who lives at the new Sodor search-and-rescue center.
Fun play Misty Island Rescue Thomas the tank engine Captain Life boat wooden railway toy train set
Sea boat Captain Ship is always confident and at all times under control in every stormy emergency rescue situation, to the lost at sea foggy-Island.

Thomas the engine and Friends Captain Life boat is one of the newest members of the Island of Sodor Fat Controllers collection of trains and vehicles, in addition to this he first featured in the popular childrens DVD movie Misty Island Rescue here we go.

Product Description.
The toy Thomas the train wooden railway Captain Boat toy has the ability to voyage across land and water, with his special roller wheels that make him very useful, also really fun childrens toy to play with.

Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway – Whiff the train.

Thomas the tank engine Whiff the train is a cheery, little green tank-engine with an extremely unusual but important job: he collects Sodor rubbish! He has an appearance with a smell all of his own!
Toy Misty Island Rescue Thomas Tank Adventure Wooden Railway Train Set little green Whiff the train
This Thomas tank and friends Whiff train doesn't really care too much about the way he looks. He's a messy splodge green and brown color: the result of being patched-up and painted-over without attention-to-detail or paint colour charts.

He regularly puffs round the Island on high speed adventures, ornamented with a coat of bits of old junk that get stuck on his engine, as he biffs and bashes the trucks.

The only thing that dose matter to Whiff the tank engine, is getting the work done and getting it done well.

Whiff the train loves collecting the Misty Island and Sodor Island garbage, but doesn't see Gordon and James turned up noses he passes along the way.

You can't help but like this Thomas and friends Whiff. He is a little engine with a big heart. And really, really useful!

Product Description.
The wooden railway Thomas the tank engine Misty Island rescue whiff toy vehicle includes a character card explaining the unique personality and job on Sodor. He measures 1.5 inch L x 5.5 inch W x 5 inch H.

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