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Monday, July 5, 2010

Thomas the tank engine Percy's seaside trip song

Thomas and Percy seaside trip holidays at the trainline Sodor Island beach resort accommodationThomas and Percy's seaside trip holidays, at the Sodor Island beach resort accommodation cottager's is their favorite summer vacation time, trainline journey work on the coastal railways.

Sing along with the Youtube Thomas the tank engine songs, train Percy's seaside trip and some help with the song words from the printable music lyrics below the video.

The sun is shining, it's a lovely day.
It won't be long before we're on our way.
The guard is waiting, flag in hand.
He blows his whistle we're off to sea and sand.
The sky is blue, there's not a cloud in sight,
So much excitement, didn't sleep all night.
Now Percy's rushing trough the countryside,
With people waving as we peep peep whistle bye.

Seaside, we're off to the seaside.
Icecream in cones,
Candy floss on your nose.
Seaside, we're off to the seaside,
We're going to have a lovely day.

Just one more hill to climb and we'll be there.
Sounds of the seaside start to fill the air.
Then someone shouts out excitedly
Look over there, everybody, I can see the sea!

Seaside, we're off to the seaside,
Buckets and spades, all the fairground arcades.
Seaside, we're off to the seaside,
We're going to have a lovely day.

And when it's cold in wintertime,
Still you can be there any time.
Just close your eyes, count one two three,
Dream your dream and once again be by the sea.

Sir Topham Hatt arrives to greet the train.
He is so pleased that Percy's right on time.
So much excitement and so much glee!
We're all together with Percy by the sea.

Seaside, we're all at the seaside,
Building sandcastles with buckets and spades.
Seaside, we're all at the seaside.
Oh, what a lovely, lovely, day.

Seaside, we're all at the seaside,
Picnics and paddling, swimming all day.
Seaside, we're all at the seaside,
Oh, what a lovely, lovely day.

Thank you, Percy, for such a lovely day.

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