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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gallant Old Engine Rheneas Train

The narrow gauge Duncan the tank engine would not stop grumbling, he grumbled that he was not beautiful polished, he grumbled that he was over worked and most of all he grumbled he about the passengers. I am ashamed of you Duncan train said Skarloey I am glad the courageous gallant old engine Rheneas train is returning back soon, possibly the kind and thoughtful Rheneas will lecture you with some overdue scents before it's too late. What has Rheneas to-do with me said Duncan the tank engine, Rheneas rescued the railroad replied Skarloey to Granpuff and Duncan.Sodor railway narrow gauge train Duncan the tank engine grumbled that he was not beautiful polishedPlease tell us about it said Peter Sam, well began Skarloey it was before you came here thing were bad, courteous Rheneas the tank engine and I had to keep the transport working or the narrow gauge railway track would have to shutdown. How terrible told Peter Sam, I tried hard said Thomas and friends Skarloey train but the old steel railway wheels ached, Rheneas did understand now for my go he called. He was frequently short of steam but he always struggled to the train station and then he rested there. I should not stop away from the Thomas the tank engine station platforms these traveler would not enjoy it. Long funnel Duncan train did huffy and puff at this, he once did come to a standstill on the longest viaduct bridge and was not bothered in the slightest.
Splendid gallant old engine Rheneas train kept the transport working or the railway would shutdownPassenger continued Skarloey get annoyed if you half your journey in the incorrect placers, the elderly courteous Rheneas train stopped in the wrong place once and this is what happened. One wet misty day when the tracks where damp Rheneas was going across haunted castle loch side home with a jam-packed train there was traveling passenger all over the caboose and in every place on the brake van. It was not a pleasant ride at all, Rheneas train wheels were sliding and it was going to be a very steep hill side climb up the mountain Skarloey railway tracks. At last his locomotive wheel griped the rails once more the most terrible part of the travel is over he thought, now we are going but they was not. Och he called I have got a pain he grunted and Rheneas tank engine discontinued his voyage coming to a halt on the bleakest section on the train lines. His engine driver inspected hi for damaged parts your engine steam valve is stuck, we much reach the next hill station house do you think you can make it, I will try replayed red and orange Rheneas to his cabin driver. They did restart there railroad voyage courteous Rheneas engine tried his best.
Thomas and friends courageous gallant old engine Rheneas train climb up the Skarloey railway tracksIf I fail the passengers will be angry and the railway will close, the foggy misty island weather had it difficult for him to see well he was so sleepy and worn-out but he carried on. At long last this small brave and gallant old engine steamed into the train station destination triumphantly. Thank you for getting us home called the happy passengers we will spread the word how splendid the island of Sodor Narrow gauge railway is. Rheneas train driver was thrilled you’re a splendid gallant old engine when your have had a rest we will fix the parts so you will be ready for the next day. Skarloey the tank engine grinned telling them that Rheneas was always ready for tomorrow. Thanks for telling us about him wisped Duncan the tank engine, I was wrong passengers are important after all.Fearless Freddie Granpuff and Sir Handel narrow gauge engines with noble old engine Rheneas trainThe following morning Rheneas returned back home to the wooden engine shed every one was there to great him Edward the blue engine pushed this gallant old engine in to the railway sidings were he was lifted on to the tracks. This was the signal of a musical chorus of steam whistles from Thomas and his friends all the other engines large and small Peter Sam train.Thomas and friends Skarloey train with noble old Rheneas the tank engine in the railway sidingsEvery one Fearless Freddie, Granpuff and Sir Handel all the narrow gauge engines was happy withnoble old engine Rheneasbeing the happiest of all. You know he wisped to Skarloey this helps a little tank engine to think at last he has really come home.
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