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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Train Mega Bloks Thomas and friends Toy Railway Sets

About the Mega Bloks company.
Train Mega Bloks Thomas and friends Toy Railway Sets help to bring out the nurture building creativity in each child and every family.
Mega Brands Thomas Play'n Store Platform
The Toy Mega Bloks company manly focus on construction educational toys also the range of excitement activity play sets is very well-liked with the preschool kids and boys 5 to12 years old.

Mega Bloks present an extensive assortment of fun imaginative childrens craft and colorful artwork-activity products; the rose art (Woodtopia, Color Blanks, Rose-Art Fun Dough, Tattoo Writer, smART easel and Fuzzy poster coloring) range is mostly targeted at girls of all ages.

Mega Bloks kids-games and Mega-puzzles amuse the entire family plus there wide presentation of childrens drawing stationery, pens, color-pencils, markers and crayons addresses all requirements, whether its for Pre-K school lessons, work or fun play-activities.

The Mega Bloks of childrens toy bricks range covers these themes.

Battle Strikers, Blok Squad, BlokTown bricks 4 Kidz, Caterpillar trucks, Dora the Explorer, Dragons Universe, Girls, Halo, Hello Kitty, In The Night Garden, Iron-Man 2, MagNext, Marvel, Maxi, Metalons, Mini Micro, Play n Go, Probuilder, blue Smurfs, Thomas and Friends railway steam tank engines, Tiny n Tuff and Yo Gabba Gabba.

Mega Bloks are really quite new to the toy building brick market, when you compare then against the famous granddad of childrens brick Duplo Lego toy playsets.
They are now a large-scale worldwide toy manufacturing organization, which are based in North America, having distribution coverage of over 100 countries.
Mega Blok parts are interchangeable with the high quality Thomas Lego Duplo brand and Loongon toy bricks.

Mega Bloks Thomas Adventure on Misty Island.
Young enthusiasts of Red train James and Thomas the Tank Engine friends will have great fun and games in constructing a Sodor railway land of exploration with the Mega Bloks Thomas Adventures on Misty Island set. Themed on the DVD Thomas and Friends Misty Island Rescue movie , this set comes with 101 pieces, including steam tank Thomas and his red engine friend James the train.
Toy railway Mega Bloks Thomas Adventures on Misty Island set Themed on DVD Misty Island Rescue movie
Recommended for kids aged 4 and up, this Thomas the tank engine train set lets youngsters construct their own adaptation of the logging locos Bash and bash Misty Island railroad in addition to this its a grand opening to the excitement world for imaginative play-roll action.

Thomas and James the train will journey all the way from beginning to end of the dark mysterious Misty Island Mountain railway tunnel to transfer much needed construction wood logs for making the new Sodor Search and Rescue center.
Sodor steam tank Thomas and his red engine friend James the train Toy Railway Mega Bloks brick set

All Aboard for Fun
The Mega Bloks Thomas Adventures on Misty Island set has a four part Thomas and friend James the red engine, a coal truck, along with a flat car, all of which are attachable to the Thomas and James train engines that can happily roll on the Sodor-railway tracks being really useful engine.

The Toy Railway Mega Bloks train set also incorporates traditional basic bricks square and rectangular sections, interconnecting Magic Mountain, decorative trees, and railroad rail pieces, and a translucent blue fishing lake piece.

Pass the Time Away
Generate numerous imaginative configurations Mega Bloks Thomas and friends Misty Island Rescue toy Because of the Thomas and friends railway set's interchangeable Mega Bloks, your offspring will have the capability to generate numerous imaginative configurations of this Mega Bloks Thomas & friends Misty Island Rescue toy.

They could assemble a hillside inclining rail-track into the mountain face or the length of the boating lake, then after they have finished with that layout, they can pull it down to generate something fresh and amazing.

Younger children will gain ample enjoyment building their own railway-track arrangements, learning how to make things and interconnect the plastic brick blocks together, furthermore playing at railroad drivers with the individual Thomas & friends locomotives.

This Mega Bloks Toy Railway setprovides a fantastic opportunity for a childrens development and wisdom, as it allows young boys to experiment with a variety of shape structures also construction providing a sufficient amount of versatility to expand with their advancing development skills.

Working on the Railroad.
This Mega Bloks railway-set provides a full-color, simple-to-follow Thomas and friends Mega Bloks instruction book with suggested train-track layout designs. While Thomas the tank engine Mega Bloks are pretty straightforward, young-kids may perhaps possibly require an adult's assists with construction of the railway-line, at least for the first couple of track assemblies.

What's in the Box
Includes Mega Bloks pieces 101 total and instructions Thomas and James the tank engine.

Have your miniature engineer join Thomas and James on a fun-filled voyage to Misty Island with the Adventure on Misty Island playset!

Assemble and rebuild your rail travel route layout as Thomas and James the train chase down unfamiliar twisty curve-railway track lines from sea level to the high flying mountains and into old ghostly tunnels to arrive at their destination stop.
With a good number of cool Thomas-accessories to add exciting challenges to your Misty Island route like a lake, break-through barricades and bolder rock slides, Adventure on Misty Island Thomas-playset will enchant any Thomas the tank engine fan for a many hours of playtime!
The Mega Bloks Thomas & Friends Misty Island Adventures features.
Build and rebuild Misty Island the way you see it!

Literally take your builds and rebuilds high up into Misty Island Mountains for a truly dynamic adventure!
Includes Mega Bloks Thomas and James train characters with pull-along carts that you can push up or roll down the tracks
Includes many different accessories like tunnels, break-through barricades and race through the canyon while watching for falling rocks! Have a different Misty Island Adventure every time!
Fun on its own or combine with other Thomas characters and playsets to further build and collect your World of Thomas & Friends by Mega Bloks!

Mega Bloks Thomas Adventure on Misty Island

Thomas and friends Mega Bloks Busy Day at the Quarry.
Toy Railway Thomas and friends Mega Bloks Busy Day at the Quarry train Mavis the diesel engine Set Enter the Fantasy Island of Sodor land of Thomas the tank engine and Friends with this magnificent toy building brick playset from Mega Bloks.

Lend a helping hand to Thomas and friends Mavis the diesel engine transport stones and rocks from the mine-quarry to the busy Brendam docks the home of Thomas and friends Cranky the crane and Salty the dockyard diesel engine.
Use a haul up real-working big crane lift.

Build and remake the Sodor-quarry to make every digging adventure-time a special-day at the Mega Bloks busy day at the quarry excavation with tank engine Mavis and Thomas the train.
Product Features.
Includes Thomas and Mavis the quarry diesel, crane, coal, coal chute, building blocks and ramps
Use the storage bucket to climb and race Thomas and Mavis the train down the ramps
Real-working crane haul up
Builds up to 4 feet long
Combine other Thomas playsets to further build your Mega Bloks Thomas universe. up to 4 feet long

Mega Bloks Busy Day at the Quarry

Mega Bloks Thomas at the Sodor Fair.
Magical world of Thomas the train Mega Bloks Thomas at the Sodor Fair amusement park Ferriswheel Transform your self to the magical world of Thomas the train and Friends with this top Thomas-railway playset toy from Mega Bloks!

Race the little blue engine down the train-ramps and take him climbing up to new heights with a life like model spinning Sodor carnival fairground Ferris wheel!

Building with the toy bricks and rebuild the Mega Bloks Thomas train Sodor Fair ride again to make each railroad a visit unique fun escapade!

This Mega Bloks Thomas at the Sodor Fair set toy is so cute and is ideal for children ages 3 and up.

Product Features
Includes decorated Train Mega Bloks Thomas brick blocks, fair big-top tent and train ramps
Build and rebuild for hours of endless interactive play fun
amusement park ride on Ferris-wheel
Combine this Sodor Fair set with other Thomas the train playsets to further build your Mega Bloks Thomas world.

Mega Bloks Thomas at the Sodor Fair

Thomas and Friends Mega Bloks Sodor Airport 75 Piece Playset.
Toy train childrens Mega Bloks Thomas and Friends Sodor Airport set incorporates 75 building brick Product Description
The childrens Mega Bloks Thomas & Friends Sodor Airport set incorporates 75 building brick pieces also a constructible steam train Thomas & Harold the helicopter!

This toy railway-train set actively encourages the development of skilled building design creative skills, with vivid colors and the dexterity of different shape recognition. This is a Mega value set targeted at the ages 3 plus range of boys.

You'll little ones will have countless inventive journeys of imaginative fun, making and backing the Mega Bloks Sodor Airport set, Thomas the tank engine and Harold the helicopter can learn to play new games or have a spanking new exploration voyagers rattling on the rails each time you play!

You could merge together this fantastic cool Sodor-airport play set with other Thomas the train Mega Bloks play sets for even more excitement! Having 74 plastic multi-coloured model construction brick pieces to build and with the inoculation of Thomas and Harold helicopter the playtime will struggle to end.

Thomas and Friends Mega Bloks Sodor Airport 75 Piece Playset 10538

Mega Bloks Thomas Sodor Search and Rescue center.

Thomas the tank engine Mega Bloks Thomas Sodor Search and Rescue center Harold the helicopter toyIts time to cross the threshold into the Toyland kingdom of Thomas tank and Friends with this vast buildable Mega Bloks toy-railway set.

When problems occur on the sunny Island of Sodor railway lines, The Sodor Search and Rescue team are called out in to assist with the salvage work. Having some help from the Thomas and friends Harold helicopter watchful eye in the sky, stretching across the landscape from Valentine-Vicarstown to Knapford-station and everywhere in between, helping to keep the really important jobs running on The Island of Sodor and the misty Island.

You could assemble the toy Mega Bloks Sodor Search and Rescue playset in whichever manner you desire making new setups for the two Thomas and Harold characters.

You can bring into play the hardworking crane loader to fill the cargo, or the landing helicopter Harold on the Helipad to grant him a rest between his Search and Rescue patrols and turn railroad-trains on the track switcher to get them going towards the latest Thomas-train adventures.

Product Features
Build and rebuild Sodor Search and Rescue the way you see it
Literally take your builds and rebuilds high up into the Island of Sodor for a truly dynamic adventure
Includes Thomas and Harold the helicopter characters
Included container doubles as a building platform for dynamic building possibilities and ensures pieces remain safe and secure when stored away

Mega Bloks Thomas Sodor Search and Rescue

Available Toy Railway tank engines in the brick Mega Bloks range are.
Thomas and friends Edward the blue engine
Thomas and friends Mavis the diesel-engine
Thomas the tank engine James the train
Thomas and friends Toby the tram engine
Thomas and friends Gordon the tank engine
Express train Spencer the silver engine
Thomas the train Salty the dockyard diesel engine
Thomas the train Percy the tank engine
Thomas the train Emily the green engine
Thomas the tank engine Diesel 10 Misty Island Rescue train

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