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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Steam Tram Toby's Windmill Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway Sets

With this toy Learning Curve Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway Toby's Windmill set your tiny children and toddler railroad-engineers, are going to have numerous fun finding steam train Thomas wooden railway adventures on the Island of Sodor tracks, in the fine company of this gentle old tram engines favorite Toby's Windmill location.
Childrens toy model steam tram Toby's Windmill Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway Set mill location
The Thomas & Friends steam railway tram Toby the tank engine wooden windmill toy set, will remind your kids of the 2006 Michael Brandon story of Toby's Windmill, that is featured in the TV Thomas and the Really Brave Engines video.

In the Thomas the train and friends Toby & the Windmill story, not looking where he was going Toby tram crashed into the open flour trucks, all the baking-flour was spoiled making Toby the tram engine friend the miller heartbroken.
Michael Brandon Toby the tank engine Windmill 2006 TV Thomas and the Really Brave Engines videoThat night, a strong thunder stormy came blowing across the Island of Sodor, a big bolt of lightning destroyed Toby's windmill, making the corn-miller believe he's was out of business, however clever Thomas and Friends Toby the tank engine had a breakthrough plan to have the old mill repaired with new wood timber, which saves the day on Sodor.

Playing with educational learning Thomas the tank engine wooden railway toys, help your youngsters to experience again and recreate their favorite model railway landscapes, from the Toby's Windmill Thomas and the Really Brave Engines story collection.
Tiny children and toddler toy Learning Curve Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway Toby's Windmill set
This Thomas and his Friends Wooden Railway- Toby's Windmill model house provides, a genuine action four rotating windmill blades which are able to spin around by way of a press of a lever.

The Thomas the train wooden railway set includes a rolling-stock train wagon that can travel straight underneath the windmill model house, for loading up and drop off its mill cargo, also there are wooden-barrels of flour, for performing realistic wood barrel packing-and-stacking tasks.
Educational learning Thomas the tank engine wooden railway toys youngsters favorite model landscapes
You will be thrilled this childrens learning toy Toby the tank engine Windmill location, it is a superb addition to invigorate into your Thomas & Friends wooden model railway track layout, this mill replica really enhances the excitement of your favorite train landscape scenery!

Steam tram engine Toby's Windmill Thomas wooden railway model product features.

Spin windmill house blades at press of a lever.

Thomas & Friends Train car can travel beneath this Toby windmill.

Load and drop off wood barrel cargo.

Includes wood barrel wagon and two flour barrels.

Size model scale: 4.8 inches x 4.8 inches x 10 inches ; 1.2 pounds.

Suitable Educational learning toy for children age: 3 to 7 years.

The toy model Thomas Wooden Railway sets is not compatible with the smaller Learning Curve Take Along Thomas vehicles and destinations.

PLEASE READ, WARNING...! Choking hazard! This Learning Curve Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway Toby's Windmill model house contains miniature components. Not suitable for children under age 3.

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