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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Thomas and friends Tram Toby's Windmill

Tram Toby the tank engine at Lord Callans hillside castle lock going to the wooden windmill towerThere are many beautiful placers for a day out with Thomas and friends on the island of Sodor map landscape, the train tank engine friends love the pretty fishing pond water mill, Bulstrode the barge boating peaceful canals and Lord Callan's hillside castle on the lock. Coach Henrietta and Toby's favorite place is the old windmill tower. Tank engine Toby's windmill farm yard is warn, it can't really do that much processing of flour grinding now, Thomas and freinds Toby tram engine loves to watch the big sails blades go round and the bread flour miller is his best Sodor friend, good morning Toby tank engine the miller called to him.

Thomas and friends Tram engine Toby and the Windmill collecting flour trucks for the town marketOne day Tram Toby was collecting a load of flour trucks to take along the Sodor Island railway line for the bustling town market place, but he was so busy watching the windmill sails spinning that he forgot to look where he was going crashing into the train trucks.

All the mill's flour production was damaged and the miller was upset. If I can't sell all my wheat flour sacks to the
birthday cake bakery shop, I will have to shutdown the windmill said the miller sorrowfully. I'm sorry sighed Toby the tram engine.

Steam train Harvey the crane engine arrived to fix the Sodor railway trucks at the windmill towerThomas and tobys windmill he is carefully chuffed along a country branchline track to see the millerSteam train Harvey the crane engine arrived to put the Sodor railway trucks back on the rail tracks. Tram Toby was sad asking his drive, what will the miller do if his mill shuts down, it's a shame Toby train said his locomotive driver but we must hurry home, these is a dark stormy sky on the way.

Toby the tank engine couldn't sleep that night, it wasn't the crashing sound of thunder and lighting that was keeping him awake, it was the thought of the pore miller. That terrible stormy night the old wind mill house was struck by a gigantic flash of lighting knocking off the sail blades and burning the tower.

Thomas the tank engine Tobys windmill struck by a flash of lighting knocking off the big sail bladesThe next morning Tram Toby the tank engine carefully chuffed along his country branchline track, the rain storm had shredded trees from the ground and farm building had been damaged, then Toby saw the most shocking sight of all, the old windmill tower is broken he cried.

This means the end of my whole grain flour bag business said the corn miller sadly, I can't afford the raw material wooden timber to make repairs, Toby tram engine really wanted to help him, there must be away. Further down the railway track is driver saw a fallen tree ahead, Harvey the crane engine working with Terence tractor were clearing the track.
 Adventures on Sodor Island with Steam train Thomas the tank engine Toby and the windmill house

The stationmaster fat controller Thomas the tank's manager was very cross this summer nights storm has caused confusion and delay remove this tree immediately, but this really useful train tram engine had an idea, please Sir Topham the windmill has been broken the excellent wooden timber logs from this fallen oak tree can mend it and make it work again, a splendid idea agreed the fat controller.
Toby tram proudly tuck the large forest tree to the millers farm yard, the miller was delighted saying now we can fix and build the windmill backup again, it will be as good as new.

Tram engine Toby and the Windmill he watch as the windmill construction rebuilding wood work beganHe watch as the rebuilding wood work began it tuck a long time to finish, but at last the new Toby's windmill construction was all completed and looking grand.

Thomas and friends Toby the tram engine train Thomas Toby and the windmill station in Sodor villageThe fat controller was most imprested at fine carpenter workmanship; the corn miller was grateful also, thank you Thomas and friends Toby tank engine your idea saved my windmill, Toby engine beamed happily.

Nowadays the new windmill producers more whole wheat flour than ever before, Tram engine Toby and the Windmill are chock-a-block doing activities now, make twice as many trips to the Sodor market shops, he's never tires of watching the blowing wind energy sails go round. He is very proud that the miller now calls it Tram Toby’s windmill view.

Watch the railway train Thomas and friends Tram engine Toby and the Windmill Youtube video clip.

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