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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Express Gordon Takes a Shortcut

Express engine Gordon Takes a Shortcut road, big blue Gordon the tank engine is an extremely high-speed proud railway worker, he is most fond of doing the important jobs, Steam express Gordon the big engine considers he’s capable to recognize each branch line of the Sodor railway better than anyone. Big blue express Gordon the tank engine takes a Shortcut from the deluxe Knapford station platformExpress train Gordon was positioned outside new deluxe Knapford station platform waiting for silver Stanley the tank engine.

Slow train Stanley was running behind flight schedule to land in the terminal station in Knapford.
Tank engine Gordon the big express locomotive had to take Stanley's first class coach passengers to the sea ship tanker port at Brendam docks.

At long last the small steam train Stanly tank engine puffed into the railway platform, o I am sorry I'm late "I tuck a shortcut but I got lost".

I never get misplaced boasted express train Gordon I know the railroad better than every other one of the chatting engines.

The fat controller standing on the luxury Knapford platform told them, that there are some very important passengers and a group of railway-workman waiting in the old town of Great Waterton at station, the first engine to arrive will pickup the very important traveling passengers, the seconded will pickup the line workman.

The two great locomotives Spencer and Gordon Thomas the tank engine's friends didn't want to pickup the workman they wanted to pickup the very important passengers only. Big Gordon the train and Stanley the tank engine at the old town of Great Waterton station platform "I've got to get coal and water I will see you in Great Waterton" said Stanley the tank engine as he happily steamed away down the train tracks.

The big blue giant Gordon the tank engine was determined to reach his destination at Great Waterton first, so he jetted away to the sunny coastal seaside Brendam docks as swiftly as he could.

Almost immediately he delivered the rail passengers of Stanley the tank engine and speedy did fly away to Great Waterton town as fast as his blue engine boiler would bubble the steam to take him along.Express engine Gordon takes a shortcut to Great Waterton station but first the seaport Brendam docks Express train Gordon engine arrived at some train track junction points he could see silver Stanley tank to the front of him he was worried he would be second to land.

Then he had a gigantic idea, if I take a shortcut he thought to him self I will arrive at Great Waterton, before tank engine Stanley and I won't get lost on the way.

So Gordon Takes a Shortcut on the other train tracks turning of his main line.

He steams contentedly along, as Gordon takes a shortcut route down a peace and quiet small branch line, soon arriving at the train signal stop.

There he found Duck the great western engine who was having an engine wash down; green Duck the tank engine was surprised to witness big Gordon the train a long distant from the main express track, have you misplaced your way, "would you like some assistances" said Duck the Great Western Engine.

No thank you I'm not lost and he chuffed away. Big express train Gordon steamed further along his country side branchline short cut.

I should be at Great Waterton station house by now he thought. Gordon the train was steaming around the bend ahead there was a wooden train bridge flyover, hip-hip-hooray that should be the Great Waterton wooden Bridge. Oliver the Great Western Engine and Toad the brakevan in a wheel oil steamworks engine repair yardBut beneath the railway bridge it wasn't Great Waterton, it was a small steamworks engine repair yard.

Gordon the train glimpses of his friends Oliver the Great Western Engine and Toad the brakevan they were having there hot box iron wheels oiled, Tank engine Oliver and Toad brakevan were astonished to witness Gordon the big blue engine so far away from the high-speed train tracks.

"Have you gone astray" said GWR Oliver engine "would you like some help" said toad box van!

No thank you I'm not lost and he rapidly chuffed away down the line. Gordon the tank engine steamed along now he was more worried taking a shortcut was taking extended time also much longer.

Then he approached another railway bridge, hip-hip-hooray here's the Great Waterton Town overpass, however under this old town bridge it wasn't Great Waterton it was the truck shunting yard sidings of a pine tree logging station plant.

Express Gordon the tank engine had never been there before in this new part of the Island.

Not so far in the distance Gordon the big engine heard steam train Stanley's loud sounding blowing whistle coming from the lower hill rail tracks below, Stanley the tank engine was catching up he huffed to him self I must jet ahead at jumbo speed.

This Sodor train Gordon the big engine pumped his pistons, then there was big trouble on the line, Ben tank engine was shunting a flatbed load of wood logs, Big Gordon thumped strait into them. The logs started to roll down the high hill side embankment.Gordon Takes a Shortcut and spots Train Ben the tank engine from the Brendam dockyard sea ship port Bust my buffer those logs will block the lower railway tracks, I must stop Train Stanley, but express Gordon the tank engine didn't know which railway lines to take.
He was really lost Brendam Bay Ben tank engine said "what have you done Gordon train".

Gordon Takes a Shortcut and it had gone wrong for him, now he kneaded to ask for help quietly he asked "can you help me Ben I have to get to the lower track as soon as possible" Train Ben replied "of course" Ben the tank engine was in high spirits in lending him a hand.

Soon the track was clear and Gordon steamed away, he had to warn Stanley, then Gordon the tank engine arrived at a crossover line junction fork in the tracks but he didn't have a clue to which approach to use or the way to go next. Thomas and friends Oliver the Great Western Engine at a Sodor steamworks engine house repair yardThen he saw Oliver and Toad the brakevan puffing towards him, "please stop I am lost I knead the direction of the lower tracks as promptly as possible" called Gordon.
Oliver the western engine was happy to help and tolled him to "take the left hand track" and express Gordon raced on.

Then he came to a new railway track junction he didn't know which way to travel, then he was Duck chuffing over a bridge, Gordon the train called out aloud to Duck tank engine "please shop I am lost and in a hurry".

Duck the western railway engine was glad to help "you must take the track on the right hand track curve" and Gordon locomotive steamed off saying "thank you he shouted".

At last Gordon the train puffed onto the lower track he could get a better view and spot the all different shaped large wooden logs had fallen onto Staley's narrow line; then he spotted Stanley the tank engine coming round the long curve tracking bend.

Thomas and friends Gordon the tank engine blew his steam whistle sound long and loud "STOP STANLEY STOP" he called.

Stanley applied his anchor brakes sliding and screeching to a halt immediately in front of the scatted logs at the bottom of the hill side. Best friend of Cranky Rocky crane the strongest iron man lifter of Sodor Island pine tree wood logsSoon the best friend of Cranky, Rocky the crane appeared the Sodor Islands strongest iron man lifter of cargo and pine wood logs, Rocky crane removed the wooden logs in a second from the blocked rails.

He humbly said "I am sorry Stanley this is all my responsibility, I wished to take a short cut, I wished to fetch the extremely important passengers, but now I wish for you to collect then".

Tiny train Stanley was delighted at this news, later that day, the very important passengers were all aboard Stanley’s carriages and Stanley felt extremely proud.

Gordon drove into Great Waterton station to collect the Rail yard work men; he spoke to Stanley saying "I won't take a shortcut this time" Stanley chuckle and Gordon smiled at his latest friend.Express Gordon takes a shortcut but the Train Stanley the tank engine was delighted at this news See Train Thomas and friends Youtube movie of express Gordon Takes a Shortcut.

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