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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Steam Train Edward Blue Engine

The steam train Edward blue engine is a 4-4-0 tender engine painted bright royal-blue with a number two on the side of his steam tender and line stripes down his sides in a red colour.

Thomas and friends train Edward blue engine with his steam train driver
The blue train Edward the very useful engine on Sodor railwayFriend of Thomas the tank engine Edward the very useful engine is more or less a look-alike copy as tank James the splendid red engine and has a likewise cargo freight pulling capacity.

Steam train Edward the tank engine can undertake many types of work roles, he can comfortably haul cargo boxers along or pullman railway carriages.

But always Edward the really useful engine will nominate the Island of Sodor mail parcel-box cargo as the best load to pull along the line.

The steam train Edward railway signal
Steam tank engine Edwards the blue engine is acknowledge as one of the leading and first railroad characters, on the north line railway tracks of the Sodor adventure Island.

Thomas and friends Edward the tank engine heart is in right place, forever enthusiastic in assisting tom the tank engine and friends out with there work of hauling coal and wagons.Thomas and friends Edward the tank engine heart is in right place forever enthusiastic to helpMost of the junior engines in Sodor Island have faith in him to deliver loads of first-rate instructions and good friendly advices to help them out.
Sir Hatt Thomas the train and friends Edward the really useful engine Island of Sodor steam trains
This Thomas and friends Edward very useful engine knuckles down each day at the train freight yard with red James and Percy the tank engine, he is relentless in achieving that his nine-to-five work was all finished off by the end of the day.

The steam train Edward undertakes many types of railway work rolesThe two big boys Spencer and Gordon railway express train thinks that he's from the old school and a little bit leisurely in this steam railway work.

It is no lie that this trustworthy senior steam loco is the longest serving on the Sir Topham Hatt railway service.

Most days big blue train Edward exploits the best practices, he has demonstrated to everybody over and over repeatedly, in defiance of his seniority he's utterly able to perform also having the goods to give the same high standard of performance as any of the other new steam train rail locomotives.

Steam Train Edward the blue engine was commissioned at Wellsworth station, soon after jumping over to Vicarstown station for a short time and then the Fat Controller returned him once more to Wellsworth with the roll of commanding over the small branch line railway tracks running from the town of Wellsworth to Brendam dockyard.
Thomas and friends Edward the blue engine a really useful Sodor railway steam train locomotive
In the beginning of his on the Island days Steam tank Edward the blue engine laboured aways on the Brendam country branch line along with the great assistants from the other various Thomas the train and friends steam rail locomotives working the tracks with him.

Watch this great childrens video Youtube Thomas the tank engine and friends Edward the blue engine theme song music.

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