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Saturday, June 12, 2010

The tank engine Edward exploit day

Thomas and friends Bertie the bus was giving some holiday tourist visitors a travel around the railways of Sodor Island, it was there last afternoon and The tank engine Edward exploit day starting he was preparing to take then to meet the characters Bill and Ben trains he found it hard to start the heavy first class train rolling down the tracks.Thomas tank engine Gordon Edward the train James train Great western railway Duck and Boco dieselDid you take notice of him straining asked horrid Henry tank engine, really painful remarked red James train, just feeble groaned and grunted the big express Gordon the tank engine he should really surrender, just give up and be preserved in the railway history museum before its too late.

Shut up burst out Thomas and friends Duck the great western engine your are all envious of blue Edward the train is better than any of you, your correct tank Duck said Boco the diesel, Edward the blue engine is not getting any younger but he will surprise use all.Locomotive Edward train and the happy two railway engines Bill and Ben trains twin brake van special
I've don it we are off said locomotive Edward train as he finally puffed out of the Thomas station platform archway exploiting all his steam power.

The happy two railway engines Bill and Ben trains were delighted to see the tourist sightseer guests, they loved being photographed for childrens pictures, later they tuck the gathering to the old china clay factory works, make use of their twin brake van special.

Every one had a splendid time on their day out and the visitors were most imprested.The tank engine Edward exploit day with characters Bill and Ben trains at Thomas station platformThen Edward the train tuck the visitor holidaymakers home, on the way back the weather changed for the worst, strong stormy wind and rain bashed Edward the train, his rail grip sanding equipment failed and his fireman traveled in front dropping sand on the rails by hand utilizing his bucket. Suddenly the wheels of blue tank engine Edward slipped sharply with a clang and a loud bang something snapped.

The tank engine Edward exploit day and his fireman traveled in front dropping sand on the railsThe cabin crew inspected the damage repairs did take some time, one of your crank pins has broke Edward the blue engine said his tender driver, we've taken your side rods of now you're similar to an old fashioned engine.
Can you get these stranded people back home they must start back tonight I will try Sir promised Edward train.

Edward the blue engine did exploit greatest steam and puffed his best but his wheels were continuously slipping and he could not restart-Thomas the tanks three heavy train carriages.

The railroad coach trip passengers were now getting a little worried, the fireman locomotive driver and guard went along the parts of a steam train take advantage of adjustments between the luxury Pullman steam railway coaches.

We have loosened the couplings Edward exploit the gap and now you can pick up your British Pullman coaches one by one, just as you do with the troublesome trucks, that will be much more simpler to do did say Thomas and friends Edward the train.
Thomas the tank engine Edward the train exploit day with the Pullman coaches
Here we go he puffed and moved carefully forward, the first coach moving help to start the second and the second helped the last. I've done it puffed Edward, slowly cautioned his railroad driver as they traveled gently down the line. At last batted weary but unbeaten tank engine Edward steamed in, big Henry the green engine was waiting for the visitors with the special train.
Thomas and friends Edward the train and big Henry the green engine waiting for the railway visitors
A loud Peep-peep blow Edward the train steam whistle sounds his arrival after make the most of day, the fat controller crossly pointed at the large old station clock, but the exited passengers all cheered and thanked tank engine Edward, his driver and fireman. Great western railway Duck and Boco diesel saw to it that really useful Edward was left in peace Thomas tank engine Gordon and James the red engine remain respectfully silent.

Youtube Thomas the tank engine Edward exploit day with Ringo Starr narrator of the story.

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