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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Thomas and friends island of Sodor map railway trainline layout

Thomas and friends Sodor island is 62 miles (100 km) wide from the east side going to west sea coast and from the north to south 51 miles (82 km) its long. The Sodor layout trainline railway tracks that tank James the red engine and express Spencer travel there journeys along cover most parts for the diamond shaped island of Sodor map, that was first discovered in 1949. Take look at the animated island of Sodor map to see the different train travel routes also the little town villages and train stations along the trainline map. Here are the names of the trainelines Thomas and friends Sodor main line, ballahoo line, Brenham bay line, Kirk Ronan line, Peel Godred line, Arlesburgh line, Arlesdale railway, Thomas Skarloey railway and the Culdee fell mountain railway.
The railway trainline map layout diamond shaped island of Sodor map first discovered in 1949

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