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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Train Peter Sam and the refreshment lady

The classic story of Thomas and friends Peter Sam and the refreshment lady.
The station platform narrow gauge Skarloey railway Sir Handel tank engine and Sodor Train Peter SamThe mountain narrow gauge Skarloey railway line's Sir Handel tank engine hade been badly behaved so the fat controller made him stay in the wooden shed house for a long time.

Train Peter Sam was now wound up in work, more then ever he had to accomplish doing Sir Handel tank engine jobs as well as his own tasks. Peter Sam the tank engine was really excited and the fire box fireman found him difficult to control.

Any one would think he wanted to work said Sir Handel who was lonely and board, all respectable rail engine do replied Skarloey, carry on staying calm Peter Sam and you'll do fine.Peter Sam the tank engine and mountain narrow gauge Skarloey in the steam railway wooden shed house But the railway of Sodor train Peter Sam was in such a state that he couldn't listen.
He collected some passenger coachers and went on his way, but somehow the faster he traveled the slower the voyage became.
Steam Train Peter Sam steamed by Lord Callan haunted old medieval Scottish castle on the hill sideWhen Train Peter Sam eventually arrived at the slow coach Knapford station big Henry the green engine was already there waiting for him, this won't do youngster whispered big green Henry the tank engine.

I must not be kept waiting, if your old steam train carriages are late this night, I will go away and leave your rail coach passenger behind.
Par said little tank engine Peter Sam, but nevertheless secretly he was tiny bit troubled but not for every long.

The ticket railway guard blows his train whistle horn and waved the green flag for go, Train Peter Sam puffed joyfully down the Talyllyn railway narrow gauge tracks, singing a happy song.

Soon he steamed by Lord Callan old medieval Scottish castle on the hill side, full of ghostly myths and legends next to the great lake in haunted castle loch, the steam train carriages were having a fun time, they were really starting to like little Peter Sam the tank engine.
The classic story of Thomas and friends Peter Sam and the refreshment lady tea cake shop
Big green Locomotive Henry tank engine the railway of Sodor Train Peter Sam and the refreshment ladyEach sunny afternoon there have to hang around at the Sodor station for one hour next to the childrens fishing lake.

The country side tiny village central railway station has a small cake cafe shop selling hot drink refreshments and sugar candies.

The trains drive fireman and the box guard acquire their cup of tea and chocolate cakes from the refreshment lady.

Finally the time-consuming food refreshment services waiting ended and Train Peter Sam was bursting with hastiness choo-choo quickly please he shouted and blows his steam whistle loudly to the railway travelers, how terrible he was thinking if we neglect big Henry the green engine connection train timetable.

Train Peter Sam and the refreshment lady from the cake cafe shop on the Tomy Thomas railway tracksThe railway worker guard was prepared with his start green flag and warning whistle tunes, the refreshment lady was heading over to railroad line.
Then the big disaster happened.

The Island of Sodor train guard said the Peter Sam was into much of a hurry and train Peter Sam said he was certain he'd listened to the tin whistle blowing sound. Stop-stop go back said the passenger coaches you have forgot the refreshment lady, o bother said worried Peter Sam, we will not grab hold of tank engine Henry now.

The childrens cake shop refreshment lady climbed aboard and they proceeded for a second time. Steam engine Peter Sam was not singing his joyful song now, he when down the Tomy Thomas railway tracks as fast as the wheels could take him along. Skarloey little Peter Sam the tank engine and big green Henry the tank engine in Knapford stationThey arrived at the large station house just at the correct time loco Peter Sam was pleased, not bad big Henry the tank engine said to him. But the refreshment lady continued to be angry, why you leaved me at the station platform.

I am sorry Refreshment Lady replied Peter Sam, but big Henry locomotive said he would leave with out us and then the refreshment lady giggled.

You silly engine Henry tank was teasing you he can't go with no passenger, train Henry the tank engine is a certain linkup connection. Well I say, were has that Tank Henry gone now, but big green locomotive Henry tank engine had run away.

Friends and Thomas the tank engine Youtube with Train Peter Sam and the refreshment lady.

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