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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Haunted Henry and the ghost train ride

It's been a star coved moonlight night and Henry the tank engine and was working in the rail yard with Thomas & friends Edward the train.
The big green engine is going to take a goods cargo trucks night train to the second railway station platform just before Knapford station next to the fishing boat lake duck pond.
A star coved scary night for haunted Henry the tank engine with Thomas and friends Edward the train When, ever that old country woodland barn owl hoots its ghostly sound, the misty Island white fog blanket rolls in murmured the steam locomotive Edward the blue engine, these a magic myth that when there is a cold foggy mist about, there are scary haunted ghost about also, take care ridding on the rickety rackety old eerie line this night Henry train.

Silly owl bird said He exclaimed, owls mist and flying phantom ghosts,
blue tank engine Edward train is going soft skeletons in his old boiler housing, there's no mist said train Henry tank engine.

But He was very mistaken, what's that he called out nervously, it is an amber old oil railway lamp mumbled his driver that means advance onward with care.
Haunted Henry the tank engine is spooked on a foggy ghost train ride rickety rackety old eerie line Who is it drivers echoed aloud, know body replayed to this deep distinctive booming voice cutting its way though the night air, Henry the green engine crept slowly onward.

He stop next to a spooky tree, there was a danger warning sign nailed on it, beware of the railway viaduct bridge his engine driver looked surprised, no one warned us about that he thought and look at the train track's red signal light and the railway crossing bar gates are closed, there is a fog mans coat hanging on the ghostly tree, but were is its owner?
Haunted Henry and the ghost train ride next to a viaduct bridge warning amber old oil railway lamp They could just spot glistening though the haze an unclear lantern light rocking about from the within the empty station building, scary haunted ghosts, spooky ghosts called Henry and Edward the tank engine was right after all.

Something most extraordinary and extremely strange is happening tonight said his drive nervously, I thing its best that we return home to the Thomas station, so do I agreed steam train Henry engine and he reversed as hurriedly as his wheels could take him backwards down the line.

Rail transport workman talk to train Henry the green engine about the unsafe stone viaduct crossingOn the next morning the inland mists hade burn off and the rail transport workman were talking about the unsafe stone viaduct crossing, fortunately you didn't cross it last night, yes but we don't know who warned use replied the cab drive.

Latter that day he spoke to haunted Henry the green engine, the railway bridge viaduct flyover has been fixed we can carrying the train trips and boxers along the old line tonight. Except Thomas and friends Henry the train didn't really want this haunted trip.

But when nightfall came his fire box was sizzling nicely with red coals. Suddenly an grey wood owl hooted and then the most fastest steam train Gordon the big express engine thunder past shacking the tracks, OOW called out this frightened train. Woodland barn owl hoots its ghostly sound misty island white fog blanket rolls in over Henry engine
Look said the troublesome trucks old haunted Henry the tank engine is spooked and they all started to giggle. Be quirt said big green Henry I am not frightened but really he was.

Slight latter that evening a foggy Island mist came down, as haunted Henry the train puffed along the dim shadowy line there was the amber lamp again.

Here we go said his railway drive, then an unbeknown knowledge for haunted Henry the level crossing swing gates mysteriously shut together all by then self and the caution stop signal turned to red.

Stop complained Thomas and friends Henry engine to the terrified truck running scared from the ghostThe railway shunting yard trucks have seen all and they are spook too, quicker faster they called there is a creepy ghost about.

Stop-stop complained Thomas and friends steam train Henry engine to the terrified trucks running scared from the ghost.

A mysteries shadow figure watched big green Henry the tank engine travel past. Coming up ahead there was a fallen muddy landslide blocking the train-line tracks, Henry train did braked hard, but the trucks thump into some of the rocky rubble and bumped down to there doom into the narrow valley gully.

Haunted Henry and the ghost train ride old Bailey the fog man with the engine driver and firemanNext the driver and his fireman saw a strange sight in the smog gradually advancing towards then, what is that weird looking appearing shadow asked the worried fireman apprehensively, the railway engine driver chuckle that's the ghost train its old Bailey the fog-man.

Old Bailey was dreadfully angry at them all; I tried warning you concerning that viaduct bridge, why didn't you pay attention? Were so sorry we ignored your warning marks said the fireman, is there something we could do to help you?

I would like to operate the old station if you would allow me, I promise I won't spook Henry and the ghost train ride he giggled.

In no time Old Baileys favorite wish was granted by Sir Topham Hatt. You and your reopened station house will be really reliable and useful said the fat controller happily, lets all of use hear a huge hearty thank-you for the most haunted but friendliest ghost on the Island, every one cheered especially Henry the green engine, who was the happiest engine of the lot with the ending to this ghost weekend events haunted stories.

Youtube footage Thomas ghost train stories with scary haunted Henry and the ghost train ride.

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