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Friday, August 27, 2010

Thomas and friends Toby and the stout gentleman tram railway

Thomas and friends Toby and the stout gentleman tram railway line runs along hill side farmer fieldsThomas and friends Toby is a tram engine
he is well-built short and sturdy he has railway cowcatcher with metal side bar platting and doesn't appear much like a steam tram engine by any means.

Toby's tram engine line runs along hill side road and though corn farmer’s fields next to small country villagers with beautiful country cottages, he moves the rolling stock wagons from the fruit farm orchards also the windmill flour factory to the central train line and he always blow the new whistle or rings his copper cow bell cheerfully passing every person he meets.

Thomas and friends Toby the tram engine has an old railway coach called Henrietta road car who has seen better days.
Toby the tram engine is attached to Henrietta the faithful coach and always takes her with, him she possibly will be helpful someday he says.

Sodor old railway coach Henrietta Thomas and friends Toby the tank engine and the stout gentlemanHenrietta used to have nine troublesome trucks rattling along behind her but now there are only three or four, because the toy factors send there goods mostly by lorry.

Thomas the tank engine Bertie and Bulgy the double-decker buses regularly have road accidents, Toby tank engine is always careful he hasn't had a mishap for years, but Bulgy the bus company on Sodor Island is always crowded and Henrietta is empty.

I can't understand it says Thomas and friends Toby the tank engine sadly people can see Toby train but they constantly chuckle and stare isn’t he quaint and charmingly old fashioned they say the silly annoying people make Toby the train tram so cross.
The stout gentleman with a little girl and boy standing on the railway platform close to Toby tramOne shiny hot summers day a lady and stout gentleman with a little girl and boy was standing on the railway platform close to Toby and the stout gentleman look important but nice.

Thomas and friends Toby the tram engine and the stout gentleman Sir Topham Hatt at the train stationIt was of course the Fat Controller but this steam tram didn't know this yet.

Come on grandfather whispered the children; do look at this traditional railway engine. That a tram engine Steven said the stout gentleman is it an electric train asked Bridget.

Smoke clouds hissed from Toby the tram engine crossly, shush said her brother you have offended him, but trams are electric aren't they asked Bridget the young granddaughter.

They are generally for transport electric tram railway said the stout gentleman, but this is an old Great Eastern Railway steam tram used for light work.
Toby the tank engine southern railway guard blows his train whistle for the stout gentleman fun rideCould we take a fun ride on the rails grandfather granddaughter Bridget inquired? The southern railway train guard had begun to blow his train whistle; stop shouted the stout gentleman.

He raised his arm and they all scrambled into Henrietta carriage seats, hip-hip-array chanted faithful coach Henrietta happily at she slowly rattled along the tram-rails behind him.

But Toby the train didn't joyfully sing a song electric tram train indeed he grunted Thomas and friends Toby the tank engine was dreadfully upset and hurt.
Rail friends Thomas the tank engine Toby the train tram steam engine Toby and the stout gentleman
The stout gentleman and his family climbed out at the next village railway station platform what's your name he asked? Toby tram Sir said the small Sodor tram engine.

Thank you Toby the tank engine for a very nice amusement ride said the stout gentleman, Thank you sir said tank engine Toby train politely, and now he felt a great deal better this chubby gentleman is a plump gentleman and scholar who recognizes the correct way to speak to all the Thomas and friends railway engines.

Family holiday travel along a branch line for a fortnight with Thomas and friends Toby and Henrietta The holiday children came everyday for family vacation adventure travel along the branch line that fortnight to see Thomas and friends Toby and Henrietta from time to time they rode with the train guard and sometimes they road in the empty GWR rail trucks.
On the very last day of there family holiday the Sodor Inland railway driver invited them into his cab.

Everyone was very sorry when the stout gentleman and the best friendly family on the island had to travel back home, goodbye said Bridget and Steven thanking him also the driver.

There was the ringing of the bell and Toby's new whistle did blow calling return again soon, we will say the happy smiling children as they waved there hands until he was out of sight.

Thomas and friends Toby tram had fewer railway troublesome trucks and fewer first class passengersThe long months passed, Thomas and friends Toby had fewer railway truck and ever fewer first class passengers to travel on his sightseeing tramline.

This our last day for thisThomas the tank engine Toby the train line said his steam engine driver miserably, one gloomy morning the railroad manager did declare that we are required to shut down this trainline, that ending day every one visiting the railway attraction wished for the chance of a last train journey ride on tank engine Toby and Henrietta.

Henrietta had more vacation travel passengers that she could manage they rode in the box trucks and crowded into the old troublesome brakevan car, the southern railway guard didn't have enough family train tickets to go round for everybody.
Thomas and friends Toby Thomas the tank engine southern railway guard family steam train tickets
As the tourist commuters traveled along the passengers joked and sang, good bye Toby the tank engine said the passengers afterwards, were very sorry that your cargo freight line is closing down, so am I he said sadly.

The last customer left the Thomas train station platform and Toby tram puffed slowly to his wooden engine shed house, nobody wants me! He thought and he fell unhappily to sleep.

The following bright and breezy morning the small wooden shed timber doors were flung open and he woke with a start this driver was waving a piece of paper, wakeup Toby the tank engine he shouted, and listen to this it's a special letter from the stout gentleman and Toby train listen to the next story adventure.
Youtube Thomas and friends Toby and the stout gentleman tram railway video.

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