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Friday, August 6, 2010

Tank Engine Thomas The Train Percy James And The Fruitful Day Out

It was a beautiful and splendid bright sunny morning on the island of Sodor for Thomas and friends Gordon the big express engine, James the tank engine was feeling extremely pleased with him self is red paint gleamed in the dawn sunshine as he rapidity traveled along the railway main line tracks.
He reach the outer city level crossing junction just as little green train Percy tank puffed in with some box cars, James the red engine was surprised too see him.
What are you doing here Percy the tank engine you should be that the Knapford station house by now, I know side Percy these railroad box-cars have been troublesome trucks all morning that's no good explanation Percy, Sir Topham Hatt depends on the GWR railway locomotive steam engines to be always on time and ready to go, now if you excuse me I will be on my way and train James puffed importantly away down the line. Bossy buffer murmured great western Percy the train to him self.
Train Percy James and the fruitful day out with James the tank engine at the productive Brendam yard.Big red James train arrive at the active ocean front seaside Sodor docks harbor it was wells market day, the highly productive Brendam harbor yard was full of sweet smelling fruit and tropical vegetables from away lands.

The colorful fresh tropical fruit produce are delivered in big ships cargo container, James the red engine watched as red juicy garden strawberries, oranges, pomegranate, yellow watermelon and banana fruit were carefully loaded on to his wooden railway wagons.

Thomas the Train Percy James and the Fruitful Day Out at the seaside Sodor Brendam docks harbor yardThen after he was loaded it was time to depart for the three bridges station on the mainline to deliver the fruity produces to red Bulgy bus for his Sodor mobile vegetable and fruit stand, on the way he met Thomas the train.
Really reliable and useful that's me called James engine it's a shame the same can't be said for tiny Percy the train engine! Goodbye Thomas and James the red engine restated his travel journey.

Train Percy James and the fruitful day with Thomas the train passenger coaches Annie and Clarabel

What was all that about wounded the wooden passenger coaches Annie and Clarabel that was trouble answered Thomas tank, trouble for James the tank engine lets wait and see what happens. Percy the tank engine was back in the siding railway yard and busy shunting he had the rolling stock cars in good order and was making up for lost time, but the stationmaster had bad news to tell them. What has happened asked the driver of Percy the train! James the red engine brakes have jammed we need Percy's help strait away.

Soon Great western railway Percy quickly set of to the rescue, James train was stuck on the trainline looking glum and gloomy, Percy couldn't help giggling at him got your self in a bit of a jam? That is a James train a sticky situation! Be silent called James the train it is not funny having jammed brakes and not very reliable also answered Percy the green engine to him, I am surprised you let it happen James the tank engine nothing should shop use engines.

That plenty said the driver can you move forward these coal wagons? Defiantly I can, there is no time to spare red James tank engine has made us late already. James the red engine angrily hissed steam from is tunnel top as little green Percy the tank engine coupled the railway wagons together, off we go said Percy I will have to go swiftly to get there in good time, those big old locomotives are so unreliable.
Be careful called his driver but train Percy was in a hurry, he didn't see that the railway line signal box switch had failed and he was heading towards a track siding end stop. Look out Percy shouted his driver and put-on the brakes but not in time the rail cars went crashing into the buffer stops. The fireman and drivers had to jump clear but the squashed fruit went all over green Percy the tank engine.

Sir Topham Hatt arrived to and inspected the fruitful day out damage of crushed grapefruit and fruit delivery produce everywhere, Percy you’re not to blame for the signal box switch malfunction but I do not run a strawberry jam factory and Percy squashed sadly away.

Thomas the train Percy James and the fruitful day in silence at the wooden Tidmouth roundhouse shed
That night the grand wooden roundhouse shed building was silent tank James and Percy the train engine felt very sorry of then self's at last, Thomas spoke you know he said to every one, you have discovered there is more than one way to get out of a sticky jammed situation, we all gain the knowledge of that today. Still there was total silence in the wooden Tidmouth roundhouse shed, also we found out that if steam railroad locomotives help each other out of a jam thing can still go wrong. So said a voice that means we learned a lot today and therefore were are really useful engines after all.

Watch the Youtube Tank Engine Thomas the Train Percy James and the Fruitful Day Out movie twenty-fifth episode. Writer Rev. W. Awdry and film director David Mitton original air date 28 October 1992 Season 3.

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