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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Train Thomas and the Lion of Sodor Island Railway Friends

Out on the big screen at last Train Thomas and the Lion of Sodor Island railway friends is coming to the Marcus Theatre Ultra-screens. The children's new Thomas the train movie 2010 entertainment event, Thomas and the Lion of Sodor is going be release on the 2nd of October 2010 at 11:30.
This one of the Thomas and friends episodes will only be publicized in select theaters across the US.

On the same release day in the showcase UK cinemas will be the showing of the Thomas and friends misty island rescue diesel 10 Bash and Dash tank engine spectacular.

This fun kid's motion picture Coca Cola popcorn and candy floss occasion, train Thomas and friends film is starring Michael Angelis the most loved narrator of many Thomas and friends episodes, David Bedella, Jules Dejongh, Teresa Gallagher and Michael Brandon.
Train Thomas and the Lion of Sodor Island railway friends 2010 movie Marcus Theatre Ultra screens
The existed little steam train Thomas the tank engine was chose for a very important job with Cranky the crane at the Brendam docks.

He went to the home of train Salty the dockyard diesel engine, for the task for transporting a large wooden box, this big-box was containing a most out of the ordinary landmark named The Lion of Sodor.
Thomas the train the lion of Sodor DVD Sir Topham Hatt with the extremely famous lion statue figure
It was an old and extremely famous statue figure, coming from the earlier years of the isle of Sodor, but the original Lion of Sodor aged sculpture got wrecked and broken.

In Thomas the train engine's cargo shipping wood crate was the shinny new replacement bronze statue display piece.

Mistakenly Train Thomas the tank engine believes his load consignment the Lion of Sodor is a real life theme park zoo lion animal. So taking the wrong steps, Tom train makes his blunder in the decision to take additional care of his load.
2010 film Train Thomas and the Lion of Sodor with Cranky the crane load consignment at Brendam docks
Always trying to being a really useful engine so proud and thrilled to get on with sir Topham Hatt's work.

He didn't have time to listen to Brendam docks Cranky the crane advice, or his other Sodor Island railway friends, who are attempting to call him so they can correct train Thomas and the Lion of Sodor misunderstanding, that it's not a children's theme park animal, but just like a bronze lion statue figure.

After departing from the Brendam dock yard, he set-off for the new wooden deluxe Knapford station.
All along his railway journey Thomas the train was determined to make certain that this important crate with the Lion of Sodor was happy well fed and riding comfortably on his train travel voyage.
Thomas and friends the lion of Sodor 2010 movie for preschool kids engine driver of Thomas the tank
Thomas the tank engine and friends all lend a hand in helping to make train Thomas and the Lion of Sodor pass through the country villagers and town a contented journey going to Knapford.

Thomas tank and friends Henry the green engine with Thomas and the Lion of Sodor shipping containerOn the way gathering treats for the Lion of Sodor, some golden treacle stick syrup Thomas tank and friends Henry the green engine have the driver pour it into the crate, next is some fresh sea fish from steam train Edward the blue engine, and yellow farm straw from Toby the tram engine, each and every one of these delights for the Lion of Sodor are put inside the shipping container box.

As soon as Thomas the train reached the destination location at the Knapford railway station house with the Sodor Lion, the wooden cage boxing was unlocked for every person at the Knapford station view, furthermore there was a great-surprise for Thomas tank and his friends!

Everyone is astonish to witness that the Lion of Sodor was in a dreadful and horrible sticky mess!

Because at the Brendam seaside docks Tomas tank was in a great rush, with no time for listening to the good advice from his friends, Thomas was now feeling rather silly and then he reveals to everyone what he thought the railway freight goods were.

Then the railroad boss the Fat Controller and big green Henry the tank engine give him the explanation about the Lion of Sodor, telling him the old yarn of the extraordinary special statue that unfortunately was ruined by the stormy weather.
Thomas now was feeling a little bit ridiculous with what he had done and helped to arranged getting the charming statue sparkling clean and spotless once more.

After receiving a first-rate recommendation from tank engine Henry and Edward the blue engine Thomas the train gets the bronze sculpture hosed down and freshened up at the Island of Sodor wash-down center.

The next place on his repair list was the Sodor Steamworks a home of manager Victor the tank engine and Kevin the crane, there he had the Lion of Sodor buffed polished and shined.
Thomas and the Lion of Sodor Island railway Sir Topham Hatt town Mayor of Sodor at Knapford station
Now the statue had been fixed and was gleaming Thomas tank follows Toby the tram engine suggestion to a short-cut track passing through Toby's windmill so he would return homeward to Knapford station in good time.

At the Town Square Sir Topham Hatt and the town Mayor of Sodor were exceedingly pleased to take a glimpse at this lovely tourist landmark statue on it grand unveiling day also lord Mayor tuck the stand to provide, a truly magnificent opening speech regarding the matter of Thomas and the Lion of Sodor.

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