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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Thomas Percy and the dragon

The story of Thomas Percy and the dragon both tank engines are good steam railway friends, but occasionally Percy the tank engine taunts Thomas the number one engine about being frightened and he doesn't like that at all. A story of train Thomas Percy and the dragon fire both tank engines are good steam railway friends
One evening he was dozing happily in his railway wooden Thomas engine shed roundhouse bay, but the GWR green Percy the small engine wanted too chat wakeup Thomas the tank engine!, are you having old haunted castle dungeon dreams with Ivor's welsh dragon fire eggs?

Remembering about the Toby the tram engine's ghostly trick time your thought you saw a phantom Halloween ghost train ride coming down the rocky canyon track, over the train James and Thomas suspension bridge?

Certainly not, anyway I was only pretending to be scared I knew it was you really. Percy the train went on teasing him; I hope the night guard railway porter leaves the flood light on for you tonight, why asked Thomas the train?

I quite like the dark! O really exclaimed Percy the post train I am surprised I always thought you was afraid of the dark, I wonder why? Thomas train and friends all decided to say nothing then they went back to sleep instead with no more chitchatting trouble in the shed.

Sir Topham Hatt car arrived the fat controller had come to see Thomas the tank engine about a dragonNext day the blue Sir Topham Hatt car arrived, the fat controller had come to see him; I would like Thomas doing an additional important job travel headed for the Brendam docks harbor tonight, you have to collect something rather unusual.

What sort of something asked train Thomas?
Wait and see replied Sir Topham Hatt.

GWR engine green Percy the train is shunting around pit coal wagons at Skarloey railway siding yard Meanwhile green Percy the train was hard at work moving and shunting around the pit coal freight car wagons into a Skarloey railway siding yard.

Big green Henry the train arrived with his jumbo goods train, the main city line junction signalman changed over the switchers and Percy the tank engine waited on the siding, until the cargo locomotive Henry the tank engine had steamed long-ago past them.

Trouble on the tracks the wooden track sleeper rail point switcher jammed for Percy Thomas the trainThen there was trouble on the tracks, the wooden track sleeper rail point switcher are jammed called the signalman.

I can't switch them back over again for Percy Thomas the train and the other engines too use; the workman will have to restore the broke line in the morning, it's to late now.

O said upset talking Percy train driver, I am sorry locomotive Percy's predicament was not good, you'll have to stay here for the night.
Were now are you going asked steam train Percy the tank engine? Home to meet the narrow gauge peter sam train driver for green tea in a porcelain cup at the refreshment lady chocolate moon sticky cake shop replied the fire-man, Percy and the signal jamming made him speechless.

He watched all his tank engine friends as they went home to Tidmouth sheds, night time came and he began to feel very lonely.

Percy the tank engine wishes Thomas and friends from the wooden shed roundhouse were here this nightO dear he murmured it very dark. Hoot-hoot o what's that, it was only an country woodland owl, but Percy and the squeak hooting sounds made him jump, he didn't know that noise was just a bird; I really wish Thomas and friends from the wooden shed roundhouse were here with me for company also he sadly sighed.

Thomas the tank engine waiting for his magical mysterious box loads to arrive at the shipping harbor Thomas the tank engine was waiting for his magical mysterious box loads to arrive at the shipping harbor suddenly there it was, cinders and ash's cried Thomas! It is a flying golden oriental dragon model.

Don't worry your self laughed his steam railway driver, this Chinese New Year dragon theme design is made of rice paper, it for the childrens carnival costume party calibration fireworks show tomorrow night.

Workman lifted the emperor royal dragon onto Thomas tanks loader and put protection colored lightsWorkman lifted the emperor's royal dragon on to the wooden Thomas railway low loader flatbed and put colored lights all round it for protection.

Loaded up at late, now it was time for homeward journey restart Thomas the tank engine setoff along the railroad tracks, going into a thick white vaporous misty night sky.
GWR locomotive Percy the tank engine was asleep and Thomas the train and the dragon is approaching
Back at the blue gorge valley railway yard, the little GWR locomotive Percy the tank engine was sound asleep on his coal truck siding and had no idea that Thomas the train was quickly approaching him; unexpectedly he woke up in a flash.

Help cried the shocked Thomas and friends Percy engine, I'm not going to open my eyes until morning when my fire box man and rail carriage driver appear.

Next morning the point control switchers were mended and Percy the tank engine puffed back to the railway junction.
High speed railway steam train Thomas and friends Gordon the big engine with Percy and the dragon High speed railway steam train Gordon the big engine was just about to leave, pulling the express and an old dining coach Pullman car with the famous visitor to the Sodor Island traveling on board; you'll never guess what I was last night the tiny green engine said to him?

Thomas and friends Gordon the blue engine was in no mood for mystery puzzle games I am a Buzzy engine, I don't have one moment for yours and Thomas the train games for free times, I don't have!

I have seen a huge Chinese fireball dragon flying past it was covered in bright lights. Flying rocket Gordon the big express engine snorted at this silliness you've been in the far off land of the rising sun shine to long your brass dome top has cracked.

Railway Thomas and friends Island of Sodor engines laughed at the Thomas Percy and the dragon story When the other railway Thomas & friends Island of Sodor engines herd the news they too laughed at the Percy and the dragon story.
Look out Percy the train! Sniggered James the red engine or the eastern fire dragon phoenix could just wolf you down for his hot dinner snack.

None of the engines believes me about the giant dragon huffed Percy, maybe I did imagine about the enchantica oriental dragon breathing fire flames after all; he said to him self as Percy cruised along the seaside victory line.

Station platforms Thomas Percy and the dragon theme design for the childrens carnival costume party
But at the station platform he soon found out that he didn't, help save me cried green Percy the small engine, and it's alright whistled loco Thomas and he explained about the kids paper lantern light theme carnival firecracker display. By the way how was your night out?

Thomas & friends Percy tank engine decided to tell Thomas tank the truth about the ghostly magic dragon parade float decorations, well Percy said Thomas maybe we do get frightened sometimes, but if we are not afraid to tell each other, then that means we're quite brave too.

Watch Youtube Thomas Percy and the dragon Thomas the train video.

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