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Monday, October 8, 2012

Ghost Train Ride Halloween Haunted Railroad Model Collectible Buildings

Are you booking your seat for a thrilling ghost-train ride this happy Halloween holiday time to witness the beautiful autumn woodland trees and pretty pumpkin patches?

Watch out for this great set of collectible decoration Halloween haunted railroad model train buildings, unquestionably a chilling shiver will run down your spine, whilst the replica ghostly haunted rails engine and wagons is pulling up to the old station-house, the wise train trekker will certainly wish to hang around on the platform for the following time railway conductor scream All Aboard!

The majority of pieces in this haunted Halloween ghost train railway model collection are all really charming entertaining seasonal decorations, moreover they come across extremely spooky and festive to see in the dark.

Decoration Steam Locomotive Halloween Haunted Railroad Model Ghost Train Ride.

This 2008 toy collectible model train locomotive engine was launched for Department 56's 10th anniversary celebration, it is a special edition part of the pack, the initial train in a set of 4 reproduction railroad cars, plus it synchronizes wonderfully in the infamous company of the legendary eerie Halloween Village model buildings.

The comprehensive phantom train model is nicely detailed ceramic rail-locomotive, with some first-rate mold characteristics a flickering imitation fire coal-burning stove, an enchanting railroad lamp that can light up at night, a trick or treat jack o' lantern beneath the iron-horse cow catcher grill, in addition to tarnished looking steam engine chimney-pipe stack.

The creepy ornamental Halloween haunted train engine model railway set measures about 10 inches long by 2.75 inches broad and 4.75 inches tall plus it incorporates an adapter cable. The product is packaged in an original winter Snow Village Halloween box.
Decoration steam locomotive ghost train ride Halloween haunted railroad model collectible buildings

Halloween Haunted Railroad Model Ghost Train Ride Product Attributes.

Childrens Halloween Ghost Train Dimensions 2.8 x 4.8 x 10 inches!
Haunted Rails Engine & Coal Car has an enchanting railway lamp that can light up at night!

Synchronizes magnificently in the wicked company of the legendary strange Halloween rural community farm model buildings!

Department 56 Snow Village Halloween Haunted House Model Dracula coffin rail-wagon.

Castle Count Dracula coffin boxcar lantern trick or treat decoration is entirely hand-crafted and painted by talented model railroading artisans, from the happy Halloween toy compilation of Christmas Snow Village Homes from Department 56 - frightfully fun as well as meticulously finished.

This entertaining display model railway toy is sure to get you in the Autumn spooky spirit of the trick or treat cotton candy holiday, with such cool phantom haunts of this fright-freight consortium, it will give you quakes and quivers of seasonal party excitement.

The newest monster graveyard addition, Dracula tomb truck flatbed is part of the replica railroad ghostly decorations for Halloween Haunted Rails Train Car model series.

The Bram Stoker castle Dracula crypt sleeper railcar has interior LED green lights for a really creepy visual festive lighting effect, which kids will love to see glowing in the dark.

A fantastically hand-made and paint coated ceramic light train car toy for trick or treat scary decor. Power supply source is not included, employ with 800001 Haunted Rails Engine otherwise the 4030961 Train and Parade Adapter.
Department 56 Snow Village Halloween Haunted House Model Dracula coffin rail wagon scary ghost train

Halloween Haunted House Model Dracula Coffin Rail Wagon Item Characteristics.

Caskets are hand painted to the highest art standards!
Castle Count Dracula coffin boxcar lantern trick or treat decoration model!
LED green lights for a truly scary visual festive lighting effect, this will make a monster Halloween display!

Holiday Halloween Haunted Rails Model Railway Dining Car Set.

On happy Halloween and merry Christmas holidays, special family days, or even on a daily basis, avid vintage steam railway memorabilia collectors and fresh beginners wishing for train driver jobs are getting pleasure from interior room decorating with miniature landscape pieces from the beautiful Snow Village Halloween range department 56 ornaments.

The brilliant intricate work gone into making these magic monster Halloween decoration complex small figures are truly frightfully, with meticulously vivid mold styling details, these tiny unique holiday-haunts and house buildings of the model scenery Halloween community will provide spooky-shivers of excitement.

Simply incorporate a small quantity of troubled trendy trinket party accessories to your family social gathering surroundings and your childrens Halloween event will without doubt a magnificent monster mash for all to enjoy.

The succeeding sculpture in a continuing series of seasonal decoration railroad model wagon cars and scary ghost town reproduction structures, which coordinates with Rickety Railroad Station platform, is the grand Haunted Train Rails No. 13 Dining Car, except merely the most gallant bravest of the traveling train journey passengers have the courage to cross the forbidding threshold into this daunting Kingdom.

Broken down railway carriage windows, threadbare old curtain-drapes, in addition to the dilapidated iron cemetery railings furnish you with a good indication to the variety of rancid platefuls of rotten food served-up within the battered buffet car.

Similar to the matching vintage steam engine, this ghostly railroad buffet lunch carriage also contains an illuminated spooky jack-o-lantern light.

The glitzy Halloween spider web pictures fashioned into the surface of the banquet coach, beyond doubt inserts a weird and wonderful bloodcurdling flamboyant flair to this mysterious locomotive cooking cart model blueprint.

Shining bright with a LED ghostly-glow, the food refreshment dining rail car has a minute power lead, which easily attaches to Haunted Rails Railroad Train & Coal Tender.

First introduced in 2010 the display toy electric train power jack-plug connector on the vehicle rear stage, houses the lighting power wire to link the next model rail-car in the chain.

The collectible electric railway train dining boxcar contains a bona fide 10th Anniversary Department 56 Snow Village Halloween stamp on base.

The funfair style Halloween roller coaster ghost train railroad car is a nice size and measures 9.25 inches long X 2.75 inches high X 4.25 inches.

This fun ghost train replica collectible railroad wagon was first introduced in December, 2008, and sadly retired on December, 2011 but you can still find Department 56 on internet auction sites like EBay and

IMPORTANT: for the reason that haunted carriage dining car was intentionally made to plug into the steam-engine, no locomotive power electric cord is included with this Halloween accessories village set.

Every charming mock-up steam railway building and scenery accessory in a Department 56 village toy collection makes a beautiful looking display panorama, combination of imaginative poltergeist and monster man authenticity, whimsy, along with countless enchanting artistic touches delightfully designed to warm your hearts and homes at this colorful fall time of year.

You could plan out and artists build up an elegant town arrangement for each replica village landscape, with each and every one of the model railway detail ideas watchfully thought through as well as gracefully drawn-on.

Sculptors generate three-dimensional wax figures by means of experienced handwork artistry, which results in an unbelievable level of amazing 3D reproduction detail.

Each hand finished mischievous spirit location set has been shaped by skilled craftsmen. All the small scale buildings and accessories are fired for more than a few hours at high-temperatures to grant the uppermost quality and robustness.

Size reduction for the period of the firing is considered into the blueprint-design to house objects like die cast details as well as electric model motors.

All ornament house and station building constructs are color-painted by hand after that high heat fired for a second-time, this provides additional sturdiness to the dye finish.

The Halloween decoration completed pieces are all carefully box-packed in protective foam then dispatched, following passing a plummet test to meet a stringent quality control standard.

The box wrapping for every Halloween exhibit item is custom designed, intended for long term employment as safeguard storage, whilst the pretty ornamentation pieces are not setup on your room display.

To care for and clean the Department 56 pieces, make use of a small soft-brush otherwise a feather-duster to eliminate exterior dust.

Using a standard hair dryer blowing on a, cold low-setting, if not bring into play some canned-air that is normally draw on to unsoiled home computer-components, this is fairly successful to remove dust too.

Do not perform the cleaning of these pieces with a liquid spray, or a soapy water solution, it possibly will damage the finish.

If slight model repairs are called for, Super Glue gel is suggested as the best fixing agent, you should make certain to remove all the old Super-Glue adhesives, previous to starting a new repair.

The unwanted aged Glue-adhesive could easily be removed by means of using a hairdryer to soften up any redundant bonding agent glue.

The intricately detailed rail Halloween models from the charming winter snow village building series are as unique and assorted as the extraordinary districts that inspired them.

The exquisitely crafted collection permits folk to showcase a magical miniature world, which reflects individual style, expresses creativity furthermore it brings a thrilling delight to each and every one who witness it.
Ghost train ride Trick or treat and Halloween Haunted Rails Model Railway Dining Car Collectible Toy

Halloween Haunted Rails Model Railway Dining Car Product Description.

Haunted Rails No. 13 Dining Car is 2nd in series to coordinate with Rickety Railroad Station set!
Eerie Halloween decoration replica railroad dining car is a nice size and the dimensions are 2.8 by 4.2 by 9.2 inches
10th Anniversary Department 56 Snow Village Halloween stamp on base!

Original Snow Railway Model Collectible Village Halloween 10th Anniversary Troubled Rails Passenger Car Lit House.

Department 56 Village replica decorations lay down a truly gold-standard for seasonal Holiday lit house beautifications.

Scooby Doo spooky and ghoulish, frightfully entertaining with gorgeously finished porcelain details, the strange haunts of the snow township Halloween spooky accessories, will make your tiny Halloween land of monsters take on a complete new existence all of its own!

Railway Model Collectible Village Halloween 10th Anniversary Troubled Rails Passenger Car Lit House

Original Snow Railway Model Collectible Village Halloween 10th Anniversary Troubled Rails Passenger Car Lit House.

Toy village railway model collectible Halloween 10th Anniversary troubled rails passenger car lit house dimensions are 2.6 x 3.7 x 9 inches!

Scale mock-up railcar with sea pirate skull and crossbones decoration porcelain ornament lit house!
Your tiny Halloween land of monsters takes on a complete new existence all of its own!

Halloween Railroad Set Snow Village from Department 56 Haunted Rails Caboose Brakevan.

The frightening look of this Happy Halloween Caboose will give you terrifying trembles of trick or treat excitement.

The Happy Halloween Caboose end of the train brakevan incorporates the iconic carved pumpkin and an abundance of spooky startling details.

Hand-crafted in addition to color painted ceramic magic lamp lit building, LED lit, to be utilized with set 800001, Haunted Rails Engine and Coal Car.

Ornamental Ceramic Halloween Railroad Set Snow Village Department 56 Haunted Rails Caboose Brakevan

Halloween Railroad Set Snow Village Haunted Rails Caboose Brakevan model.

Dimensions: 6.9 inches by 2.6 inches by 4.7 inches and 15.7 ounces!
Color painted ceramic decoration locomotive replica magic lamp lit building LED!
Happy Halloween Caboose end of the train brakevan incorporates the iconic carved pumpkin!

Department 56 Snow Village Halloween Rickety Railroad Station Haunted House Building.

Wishing for extra backbone-chilling and hair-raising happenings on All Hallows Eve this year?

Autumn train travelers take heed never attend the Rickety Railroad Station house to purchase a cheap railway ticket take a trip out of town!

The collectible ghost station model is a chilling addition to Department 56s Snow Village Halloween compilation of haunted houses and horrors lie ahead of any unsuspecting rail riders at this bizarre ominous depot.

This is an exceptionally finely detailed ceramic replica train station structure with first-rate tumbledown characteristics like realistic looking flashing lights, plus daunting scary-sounds coming from inside the ramshackle dilapidated, cob-webbed Haunted railway station building.

The station platform exterior is just as dangerous, the waiting wooden bench is occupied by gaunt ghoulish salesmen who give the impression to be none too welcoming.

This Halloween haunted railroad model 10th anniversary set formulates a first-class foundation for any original Halloween model-village otherwise an appropriately frightful addition to a veteran collectors set.

It measures 11.5 inches wide by 8 inches deep by 8.25 inches high as well as it incorporates a power adapter cord.

Creepy Ghost Train Ride Halloween Rickety Railroad Station Haunted House Building Collectible Model

Department 56 Snow Village Halloween Rickety Railroad Station Haunted House Building.

Dimensions 8.2 x 8 x 11.5 inches

Trick or treat and Halloween travelers beware of the haunted Rickety Railroad Station construction!
Parceled in an original Snow Village Halloween container launched in 2008, a very collectible ghost station model!

High-quality ornamental ceramic railroad station building with exceptional features including LED flashing lights, creepy sounds, spider webs, and ghoulish traveling salesman!

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