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Monday, November 29, 2010

Thomas and the Special Letter delivery a Thomas & Friends story

The childrens story train Thomas and the Special Letter delivery.

One shinny summer's day late in the afternoon, tomas the tank engine delivered his last train to the southern railway junction point. Talking Percy the train was glad to see him, are you on your way to the Tidmouth busy town station Thomas, yes I am why, because I am going the Sodor roundhouse shed also.
Thomas and the Special Letter delivery southern railway junction point Percy the train and Toby tram
The number one engine Thomas train thought there was some thing up, Toby the tram looked up at the blue sky were, not up there down here said Thomas the train chuckling.

How can some thing be up when its down I wonder, thought Toby Thomas tank was too exited to explain to him, it was going to be a special day on Sodor adventure Island, bust my buffer glance your eyes over that way he called to Percy and Toby the tram?

Mavis the quarry diesel BoCo diesel Donald and Douglas Oliver the Western Engine proudly paradingMavis the quarry diesel BoCo diesel Bill and Ben tank engine, Donald Oliver the Western Engine and Douglas trains were proudly parading past the old fog-man haunted train station all in formation.

Scottish railway train Donald an extremely splendid display of trains indeed admired Toby the tram Good evening you three whistled the Scottish-railway train Donald, aren't we all a fine view to see. An extremely splendid display of trains indeed admired Toby the tram engine; sorry we can't stop; Sir Topham Hatt wants us all together at the station yard sidings!

What this great event about inquired Tomas-train? Sir Topham Hatt has a plan answered Thomas the tank engine driver.

So they followed the other engines to the giant Tidmouth shed roundhouse station at the end of the southern railway line.
Big express Gordon Percy tank and all the railway of Sodor train engines noisily blow steam trumpets
Gordon Percy and All the railway of Sodor train engines noisily blow there steam trumpets, quiet boomed Sir Topham Hatt his voice echoed around the roundhouse turntable telling them, I have some important news, a Special letter delivery to read from a little girl who is only five years old.

Sir Topham Hatt voice echoed around the roundhouse turntable important news Special letter deliveryDear Thomas and all the engine friends at Sodor, please can I meet you, my friends they say they would like to meet you to, you could come to my house for tea and small cakes, but my mum says there isn't any railway tracks to my house. Can you travel to the London station instead? Thank you very much.

It appears continued Sir Topham Hatt that lots of young girls and boys would like a family fun day meeting you having a day-out-with-Thomas; therefore each and every one of you are going to the big intercity station in the capital far away for the vintage railway exhibition show.
Thomas the train a Special letter delivery hurray the locomotives happily whistled on Sodor Island
Hooray Hip-hip hurray the locomotives happily whistled there rail steam trumpets loudly with joyful enthusiasm.

Thomas the tank engine Annie and Clarabel the faithful carriage coaches were going to the big city Quiet Thomas & Friends boomed Sir Topham Hatt other steam-locomotive engines will be working here on the Sodor Island tracks whist you're all absent from your posts, please kindly demonstrate to them which jobs require finishing.

As Thomas the tank engine Annie-and-Clarabel the faithful carriage coaches were going to the big city to, Great-western engine Olive Thomas & friends Percy the green engine practiced with some other coaches.

Thomas train grow more and more exited, to exited for his own good, I glad I am a splendid engine he puffed, the Fat Controller thinks I am a really useful engine. I had a great race with Bertie bus once; I woofed thought the misty island tunnel quarry bridge and stopped an inch from the buffer stops.

Thomas the tank engine silly mistake lucky nobody was injured in this crash and smash train accidentThen Thomas the tank engine made a silly mistake, just similar to this he said but he went crashing into the rail buffer stops and rolling down the grass coved hill embankment it to a brick wall at the bottom with a crash and a smash.

Lucky nobody was injured in this train accident but Thomas the train engines front couplings were baddy bent and buckled out of shape.

The cabin crew telephoned to Sir Topham Hatt, I will send up the track breakdown truck workman he said, but if they can't fix Thomas at the Sodor steamworks in time we will have to travel the big city rail for London St Pancras station with out him. It was a sad day for Thomas the tank engine on the Sodor railway tracks.
A shinny morning Sodor steam locomotive trains at the railway junction station train ticket office
Eight o'clock the following morning all the Sodor steam locomotive trains waited at the railway junction station train ticket office. Steam-tram engine Toby the tram and Percy the tank engine were each on a flatbed truck trailers.

Thomas & Friends Duck the great western engine had shunted them into place behind blue Edward train big express engine Gordon James and Henry was waiting to lead the carnival convoy off.

Beep beep Thomas train Annie and Clarabel arrived at the London Victoria line railway station office They whistled impatiently Sir Topham Hatt looked at his gold pocket watch and euro train railway timetables sheet, I will hang around here only one more minuet of Thomas the train then we have to go.

Beep-beep Thomas train arrived just in time at the railway station office, you are still here he wheezed, Thomas carriage Annie and Clarabel coaches said hope we are not late because its just after eight.

The platform conductor blow his football whistle and waved the green flag for go. The engines cheered look out big-city here we come and the Thomas & Friends carnival parade cattle cavalcade proudly went clickety clack down the Victoria line track.
Thomas the train city train exhibition beautiful gleaming engines lined up in a splendid wooden shed
Latter in the big city train exhibitionall the beautiful gleaming engines were lined up in a splendid wooden shed, the kindergarten-children were delighted to meet up with there new friends. I glad the little girl wrote the Special Letter to Sir Topham Hatt Thomas the tank engine happily whispered to his best friend Percy the small engine. Isn't it wonderful the happiness a Special letter delivery can bring.

Youtube Thomas the tank engine special letter delivery story for children.

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