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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Thomas the tank engine and the snowman party hat

Sodor Thomas and friends Rosie the train steam locomotive railway engines the childrens iceman partyThomas & the Snowman Party it was a cold snowy winter's day on the Island of Sodor railways, the young-children were busy building the biggest snowman on the Island of Sodor.

Thomas and friends Rosie the train and every one of the steam locomotive railway engines wanted to assist the children with the iceman party, Thomas and friends trains were extremely happy and excited about the wintry weather snowman festivity.
Thomas tanks best friends train James and Percy the train were having a big frosty the snowman party
Thomas arrived at the town square Thomas tanks best friends James and Percy the train were there.
Blue Thomas the tank engine Percy the green train building big snowman on the winter Island of SodorThomas and friends Percy the tank engine was smiling, hello Percy train you look happy, soon we are having a big frosty the snowman party Thomas the tank engine farmer McColl's sheep dog will hunt the hat.

The musical brass band will play said red train James and Percy the small engine told him about Mr. Bubbles the clown performing magic hat tricks for the childrens entertainment show. Thomas the tank engine fire box fizzed that will be fun and party games for the kids to enjoy.

Sir Topham Hatt arrived for the frosty snowman party with jobs for Thomas James and Percy the trainThen Sir Topham Hatt arrived, there is a lot to do for the frosty snowman party! Percy the green train you are to collect the childrens party cup cakes from the bakery, red train James the tank engine you are to collect the special guests from the Brendam docks and Thomas the tank engine you are to pickup an important package from main railway Knapford station house.

This little blue steam train Thomas tank engine pumped his pistons proudly; then he saw that the village children looked sad. The frosty the snowman has an orange carrot for a nose black coal for eyes and mouth also a brightly colored scarf, but he doesn't have a hat!
Cold snowy winter Thomas and the hat adventure small children frosty the iceman party decorations
Thomas the train didn't want the children to be sad. He wanted to help the small children with the iceman party decorations, don't worry I'll find a hat for your frosty the snowman party.
So he didn't go to Knapford station platform to pickup the important package for the Fat Controller, he chuffed cheerfully away to fine a hat.

Thomas the tank engine and the snowman party hat Thomas train at farmer McColl frozen farm yardI'll look and look to find a hat the children will be pleased at that. He puffed pass farmer McColl chicken and pig farm.

Suddenly he huffed to a halt there war a big brown hat on a barley straw hay bale. Thomas the tank engine boiler bubbled with enthusiasm this would be a very good hat for the childrens snowman party decoration that would make them happy.

So Thomas the train's driver put the big brown hat into locomotive Thomas-train driver's cab and he puffed happily away.
I've found a hat I've found a hat the children will be please with that and Thomas the tank engine choo-choo train speed on to fetch the important box.
Thomas the blue train traveling to Knapford another large cap on the Maron station platform bench
On his way traveling to Knapford Thomas the train chuffed though Maron station suddenly he screech to a shop, there was another large cap on the platform bench. This small blue train smiled from footplate to fender, this purple cap is even bigger than the big brown hat, it will make the children even happier.

So the railway engine drive put the big cap in Tom's cab, I've found a bigger better snowman party hat the children will be pleased with that and he puffer perkily away to pickup the important package.
Arlesdale railway line Thomas the train steamed though the snow covered frozen Marthwait station
On his way to Knapford on the Arlesdale railway line Thomas steamed though the snow covered frozen Marthwait station. Suddenly he stopped there was a very large hat sitting on some suitcase's it was blue green red and purple it was the most colorful hat that Thomas the blue train had ever seen, it was also the biggest hat.

This lovely rainbow multicolored party hat would make the children building a snowman happiest of all. So Thomas engine drive placed the big colorful hat in Thomas's cab. I've found the biggest brightest hat the children will be pleased at that!

Thomas the tank engine and Toby the tram engine track junction building a gigantic snowman figure Then Thomas the tank engine drove away to pickup the Fat Controller's essential parcel box, the Thomas chuffed along to a track junction Toby the tram engine was there.

Toby the tram engine was worried, the children have finished building a gigantic frosty the snowman figure but they still don't have a hat for him.

Thomas the train gasped, I have a hat for the childrens snowman party, and I will take it to them strait away.

Thomas pumped his pistons and raced to the town squire.

Percy the small engine and red train James the tank engine looked sad farmer McColl lost his big hat Hello steam train Percy and James! Percy and James the red engine looked sad farmer McColl's has lost his big brown hat and now his farm sheep dog can't hunt the hat Said train Percy the tank engine.

Then James train told brass band haven't arrive they are looking for the conductors big hat and Mr. bubbles has lost his blue red green and purple hat now he can't do an magic hat tricks.

Thomas the train felt terrible about hats and caps Percy and James the tank engine were surprised Tom train felt terrible, clinkers and ashes I have all those hats and caps in my cab! Steam Train Percy and James the tank engine were surprised, I wanted to help the children, I wanted to find a hat for the winter holiday snowman display, I wanted to make them happy.

Then the railway industry Sodor manager Sir Topham Hatt arrived, where is my important package Thomas train?
I am sorry Fat Controller your important package is still at Knapford station, I was trying to find a party bonnet for the childrens snowman celebration.

Now you don't have your package box and I have spoiled the childrens fun get-together. Sir Topham Hatt was looking bad-tempered, I am certain I can put thing right Sir! Very well then Thomas train. So the little blue engine raced away as quickly as his wheel could spin round.
Winter Thomas and the hat adventure great Knapford station Sir Topham Hatt important top hat package
He puffed into the great Knapford station Sir Topham Hatt important package tin was deposited into his cab and tank Thomas the blue train raced quickly away.

Thomas the tank engine rocketed to old farmer McColl snow frozen farm yard Farmer and sheep dogNext he rocketed to old farmer McColl's snow covered frozen farm yard. Farmer McColl and his sheep dog were looking for his big brown hat.

I have your hat Sir called tank engine Thomas the children are waiting for you at the snowman party. So after hearing this farmer McColl and his sheep dog jumped into Annie & Clarabel Thomas the tank engine steam swiftly away.

Train Thomas the tank engine at Maron station entrance with a coal pit musical brass band conductor
The he puffed to Maron station entrance the coal pit brass-band was still looking for the conductor's hat, I have your hat Sir all aboard the town square and the winter snowman party. So the conductor and the brass band climbed in to Thomas Annie and Clarabel, then he raced off.

Tank Thomas Annie and Clarabel rushed to Marthwait station Mr Bubbles looking for a clown magic hatThomas rushed to Marthwait station Mr. Bubbles had been looking for his magic hat, every where. I have your bright childrens party hat Sir ho ray Thomas the engine, now I can come to the party and do my magic tricks.

So MR. Bubbles the circus clown bounced onboard Thomas Annie and Clarabel then he raced like the wind back to the Sodor town squire and the childrens snowman.

Thomas train chuffed into the town squire his axils ached and his cheeks were Rosie-red. Here I am Sir! I have farmer McColl and his old English sheep bog, the live performing brass band, Mr. Bubbles the funny clown and your important package.
Sir Topham Hatt opened a important package inside a top hat tremendous Thomas the tank engine train
Very good Thomas train, Sir Topham Hatt opened his important package inside was a brand-new top hat, tremendous Thomas the tank engine just what I required and this children is just what maybe what you need a hat for your chilly winter-wonderland snowman.

The children cheered Thomas and the hat adventure made him smiled from buffer to buffer his merry winter-wish had come true; this was the grandest snowman on Sodor.

Thomas and friends DVD You Tube Thomas and the Snowman Party hat Season 14.

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