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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Thomas And Percy The Train Winter Adventure Mountain

If some day you see Percy and Thomas the tank engine happy puffing along the mountain railway tracks, they possibly will be traveling to a hillside village huddled deep in the heart of the Island of Sodor.
The train Percy and Thomas the tank engine happy puffing along the hillside mountain railway tracks
Thomas and Percy the train winter adventure white Island landscape covered with thick snow blanketOne November morning Thomas the train whistled to all his good friends, it's almost Thanksgiving turkey time and ill bring you bags of special letters and colorful wrapped parcel gifts.

But then an early winter snow storm came blowing in.

This white lost Island landscape was now covered with thick snow blanket; the Isle of Sodor engines found Sir Topham Hatt work difficult.

Thomas and friends James the red engine wheels were sliding and slipping on the icy tracks when he was trying to shunt the Sodor tar trucks.
Thomas and friends James the red engine wheels were sliding and slipping on the winter icy tracks
The two twins Donald and Douglas the Scottish-railway engines assisted to clear the cold wintry weather falling snow from the mountain tracks. The line workman hacked away at the frozen banks of ice.

Sodor harbor for tug boats Thomas and Percy the train colleting mail for Thanksgiving holiday party At the Sodor harbor for the tug boats Thomas and Percy the train was colleting important mail for Thanksgiving holiday festivities, driver says there's lots of winter mail for the village and towns said Thomas, and I'll require an extra post box car to take it all.

Thomas and friends Percy the small engine was feeling forgotten it's not reasonable your not leaving any mail for me.

But Percy the tank engine big chance had come, there has been a change of plan said Thomas the choo-choo train driver.
The Fat Controller wants us at the big station Knapford.

Percy train you are to take Thomas the train to the mountain village steam tank Percy green engine was overjoyed at this news, but Thomas was gloomy.

I won't be able to say happy Thanksgiving to all my friends. Don't worry! Percy train kindly I will do it for you, it not the same whispered Thomas the tank engine sadly.
Little Percy the train making good time chilly voyage railway fog man holding a red light lantern
Little Percy the train was making good time on his chilly voyage to the old country village mountain houses the suddenly, what is that called his steam locomotive driver.

In the distance was a railway fog man next to the tracks he was holding a red light lantern. The small parish village community is cutoff by the deep snowdrifts he shouted!

Winter adventure Percy the train steaming to the Thomas and friends Harold the helicopter airfield We could do with a winter snowplough, strong workman and the Harold the helicopter rescue service, leave your parcel and package dispatch cars in the track sidings and go back quickly.

Percy the train was soon steaming to the Thomas and friends Harold the helicopter airfield, peep-peep whistled Percy, wakeup lazy Harold the helicopter wings time for a winter adventure mountain rescue the villagers need your help they are stranded in the snow.

Hoy ho replied Harold helicopter I like a rocky bolder mountain rescue emergence to keep me hot and helicopter Harold buzz-buzz buzzed as he was flying away.

Percy the train and tank Thomas Terence and the snow plough train winter adventure mountain rescue
Now what job is next called Percy the train, suddenly there was tank Thomas Terence and the snow plough train.
Come-on Percy Thomas the tank engine whistled please do follow me. Thomas And Percy The two engines battled their way though the snow, at last they reach the village.

Winter adventure mountain rescue Thomas and friends Terence the tractor engine pushed the snow ice Harold helicopter was already there busily dropping food containers for the Thanksgiving turkey dinner to the people below.

Terence the tractor engine quickly got to work lovely stuff he said as he pushed the snow ice out-of-the-way.

Well done Thomas and Percy the train cheered a joyful crowd of the village people.
Percy I've just remembered your holiday mail train is still back at the rail siding!
Green train Percy tank engine rushed to fetch bags special letters and colorful wrapped parcel gifts
Green train Percy tank engine rushed back to fetch it, just then Toby the train tram engine arrived with Henrietta coach. We've brought lots of hot drinks and nice childrens cakes for the villages Toby tram whistled.
Thomas and friends Toby the train tram engine with Henrietta coach hot drinks and childrens cakes

That frosty winter night all the locomotive tank engines had gone back the Sodor roundhouse shed apart from Toby the tram.

Frosty winter night locomotive tank engines Sodor roundhouse shed apart from train Toby the tram The villagers had made a plane to thank Terence Thomas tank and his friends, they loaded paint pots as well as some parcels into Toby the train tram's coach Henrietta, then they all setoff thought the frosted glistening moonlit country side.

All the weary Sodor-tank-engines were sound asleep in the wood sheds, as Toby tram ran silently into the roundhouse yard.

Toby tank engine had no suggestion or ideas to what fun astonishing event the villagers were going throw, but he knew it was going to be a big surprise for everybody.
Train Thomas tank and his friends wooden roundhouse shed repainted a really happy Thanksgiving party
When Thomas tank and his friends woke the next morning they couldn't believe their eyes, the Tidmouth wooden roundhouse shed had been repainted and decorated, the tank engines whistled in delight and every agreed it was a really happy Thanksgiving party.

Youtube Thomas and Percy the Train Winter Adventure Mountain.

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