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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Thomas Terence and the Snow

Thomas Terence and the Snow, autumn was now fading away changing the leaves from olive to sunburned brown. The pony hay fields were altering also from yellow stubble to brown earth.
On the road is the bus Bertie Thomas the tank engine and Terence the tractor are at the farm field
Thomas the train has stopping opposite a meadow for a red railway signal seeing Terence and the SnowAs Thomas puffed along he heard to chugging sound of a farm tractor at work on the land. One day he stopping opposite the old meadow, for a red railway signal, he saw the tractor close by, hello side the orange tractor I’m Terence the tractor I’m ploughing the corn field. I’m Thomas furthermore I’m pulling a train. What horrible ugly wheels you have got, there not ugly there caterpillar said Terence I can go any were, I dot require rails. I don’t want to go anywhere said Thomas the train huffily I like my steam rails thank you. Thomas often saw Terence the tractor working but though he whistled his steam trumpet, Terence never answered him.
The bleak winter weather season approached and with it came dark heavy clouds full of snow showers. I don’t like this unpleasantly cold and chilly temperature climate said Thomas driver heavy snowfall conditions are coming soon. I hope it doesn’t shop use, who side Thomas seeing the snow melt on the rails, soft stuff nothing to it and he puffed on felling cold but confident, they finished there journey safely but the country was covered and the rails were two dark lines standing out in the white snow.

Thomas Terence and the Snow covered train station with the two faithful coachers Annie and ClarabelYou will need your snow plough for the next journey said Thomas’s driver, snow is silly soft stuff it won’t shop me, listen to me his driver replied we are going to fix your winter snow plough on and want no nonsense please. The snow plough was heavy and uncomfortable this made Thomas bad-tempered he shuck it and band it, when they arrived back at the Sodor railway shed roundhouse the plough was so broken and damage that the driver had to remove it. You’re a extremely naughty engine said the driver to the little blue frightful train, as he shut the glistening white frosted railway shed doors, that cold winters night. Next morning both driver and fireman came to the shed in the early hours and toiled hard to attempt to position back together the snow plough, but they couldn’t make it fasten properly to the buffers.

Thomas Terence and the Snow frosted railway shed doors with rails two dark lines in the white snowIt was time for the first train Thomas was pleased I shall not have the wear it he cheerfully puffed to the two faithful coachers Annie and Clarabel, I hope it’s alright they wisped anxiously to each other, the driver was anxious as well. It’s not terrible in the goods yard he said to the fireman but the blizzard sure ought to be deep in the valley.

It was snowing again when Thomas started his travel but the rails were not covered, silly soft stuff he puffed I didn’t need that stupid old thing yesterday and I shan’t require it today, the snow can’t halt me and he swiftly rushed in to the tunnel thinking how clever he was.

Terence the tractor has caterpillar wheels with iron man grip to drag Thomas out a deep show drifted.At the other end of the railway train tunnel he saw a large heap of frozen snow that had fallen form the backside slopes, silly old snow said Thomas and charged at it at full speed. Smoking cinders and ashes called the little blue train as he crashed into the beep cold snowdrift I am stuck. Reverse Thomas back up called his engine driver, Tank Engine Thomas tried but the wheels just slipped on the frozen metal rails, he was wedged in the snow more new flurries fell and stacked up all around him. The railway guard when home to the station for assistance, leaving the driver fire-man and passengers all helping the dig the snow covered tracks clear, but as quickly as they were digging additional horrid snowfall slipped downwards until Thomas engine was covered. My poor blue wheels and coupling rods said ice-covered Thomas the train miserably I shall have to stay here waiting for assist whilst getting frozen, what a childish engine I am and Thomas started to whimper.

Red Bertie bus appears to save Thomas the trains winter soft snow stranded railway line passengersSoon red Bertie bus appears on the roadway to save the stranded passengers, next to turn-up was Terence the tractor and the Snow on no account worries him, he moved the two faithful coachers Annie and Clarabel down the line and then retuned back for trapped train Thomas. Terence tractor caterpillar rubber wheels had iron man grip on the slippery ice he pulled and heaved dragging Thomas away from the deep show drifted. Thomas restart your voyage back home called his drive, Tank Thomas and Terence said goodbye as he drove humbly away home.

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