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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Alfie the Excavator.

Alfie the Excavator standing on the grassAlfie the Excavator belongs to the Sodor Construction Machinery Company. Their bands of workers are could the PACK. Earth digger excavator Alfie original worked along side with his friends Jack the digger loader, Kelly the crane excavator with a Lifting arm to carry the loads high in the sky and caterpillar Oliver the Big Excavator. This team all work well together doing the best job that they can of demolishing building, moving crushed rock, macadam, sand stones and digging big hole in the ground. Alfie the excavator loader love to tell the others "More work means more dirt; more dirt means more fun!” He is the colour tree green with a big number 12 painted on his side cab and has a good coating dust and muck. He loves A day out with his friends, at the rock quarry picking up crushed stones, using the long reach construction digger arm and hydraulic excavation bucket. There he would chat away to big Oliver doing earthmoving the sand and gravel. Both of them making the hardest of tasks look so effortless easy work.

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