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Friday, August 21, 2009

Thomas and friends Rosie tank engine

America made the brilliant red Rosie tank engine a small scale railway drawing in wooden station
Rosie tank engine is standing outside the sunny Island of Sodor train station in Tidmouth Thomas and friends Rosie tank engine is a friendly and pretty little girl train with good spirit.
When she first met Tomy Thomas the tank engine, this brilliant red Rosie engine became totally idolized and chased after her hero of the rails all over the Sodor Island. Thomas engine if truth be told was not actually very happy about all of this it makes him have the feeling, of getting the run around the tracks also makes him as red as a Raspberry.

He in actual fact wishes to escape from Rosie the tank engine so he can continue doing his work with Annie and Clarabel the faithful passenger coaches.

A Movie CGI Picture of Thomas and friends Rosie the tank engine with the fat controller on the Maithwaite branchline Thomas train station platform, chatting to the two Rosie the train railway engine drivers.
Thomas and friends Rosie the tank engine with the fat controller on Thomas train station platform
Rosie train had a job to understand this furthermore wanted to work along side him on each job he was doing. One stormy day in late autumn after some heavy rain, there was a rockslide on the mountain embankment the earth did fall down onto Thomas trapping him.

This did cause the bring to a halt of Tomas tanks really important journey going toward High Farm yard to drop the night train post bags, but Rosie the tank engine was ready to assist him, Rose was able to recover little loco Thomas tank from the muddy dirty landslide wreckage.
Rosie the tank engine is ready to assist and recover Thomas from the muddy dirty landslide wreckage
Happy smiling freckle face Rosie train is going to Sodor bay bridge festival funfair to find EmilyEver since the accident happened they have got on like a house on fire and Rosie tank engine is no longer so obsessed, but, still wishes to follow in his foot steps being just the same as him. Rosie tank engine is a little bit boyish in her behaviour with stupendous delightfulness and equal amounts of steadfastness in her work load.

Being a USA made 0-6-0 tank engine Rosie is about the equivalent freight carrying capability and effectiveness, as Percy tank engine and Thomas the Really Useful engine. She is a purple pink rose colour with fire engine red wheels, battleship grey painted sides and a happy smiling freckle face.

This small friendly engine and was manufactured in Pennsylvania America, first arriving in Great Britain in 1943.
Toy railroad system Brio Thomas and friends Rosie tank engine set a pretty little girl train 0 6 0After nearly three years for working on England's railroad system, in the year 1945 she went to live at her new home with Thomas and Percy the train in the wooden Tidmouth shed roundhouse on the sunny Island of Sodor.

The Thomas and friends Rosie train is a smidgen restricted to the jobs she can accomplish and handle only because of her size being so tiny, she is not very athletic or capable of being very powerful.

The small scale railway dimension of train Rosie tank engine doesn't deter or discourage her in anyway from trying her best, at doing every single job on the steam railway line track's, that her friends Henry tank, Spencer and
Gordon engine the larger trains can accomplish.

The traveling carnival funfair for the children came to visit Sodor Island, there was a very special locomotive train arranged for this particular festive day.

Thomas and friends Rosie Carnival Special Rosie the train at a main station waiting for the funfair
Rosie engine was given the job of helping the pushing as the back-engine for the funfair train, that
green emerald Emily tank engine was leading down the line. The Thomas and freinds Rosie train wanted to help so she setoffs on her own leaving lost Emily the engine behind at the narrow gauge railway station.
Doing this created bewilderment a massive muddle, not a soul knowing what they were doing or were they were going. But in the finish it all went all right for Rosie tank engine and her friends of the railway. Every one had great time at the Sodor bay bridge, festival funfair day.

Youtube Rosie tank engine video.

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