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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Thomas the games.

Thomas the Tank Engine - The Great Festival Adventure PC game CD-ROMThomas the Tank Engine - The Great Festival Adventure game cd-rom.

This is a classical PC online train game cd-rom preschool play, a perfect game for young Thomas fans! Kids of the age four years and up will be crazy about lend a hand to help Thomas and his Friends getting the entertainment organized for a crowded festival on the Island of Sodor. There is great deal to see and mountains to do at every train station stop along the way, including colour matching, play the shape sorting game and number counting games. Particularity good features including 7 engaging activities, rich 3D graphics and animations, ample favourite Thomas characters and railway locations, receive a winning certificates of achievement on completion for each the individual activity participated in, accompany brave Thomas tank on a fun adventure journey all over the island or pick one a delightful location to stop to view. This cd-rom includes some specially formulated video footage featuring Thomas and his Friends.


This cd-rom comes complete with a colour picture brochure booklet and Thomas games. With eight enchanting and captivating activities including varying levels of difficulty and game play. Rich media 3D graphics and sounds, the printing out of your favourite Thomas online train games pictures and photo prints. There are many colourful picture Jigsaw puzzles and many more creative colouring enterprising fun things to do on this great game. You will have hours of enjoyment fixing the troubles along the tracks.

Save the Day with Thomas and his friends CD-ROMIt's Save the Day with Thomas and his friends!

It’s an exiting new adventure for train Thomas & Friends in Thomas Saves the Day. This cd-rom software game will proved hours of enjoyment again and again. A torrential rain thunderstorm has brought about destruction, in nearly every place on the Island of Sodor. Regrettably cursing the misplacement of the consignment of chocolate supplies goods for the chocolate factory. In the game you have to locate more coal from Thomas and find the lost cargo with the help of Harold sorting out the Troublesome Trucks. Additionally to this there are some mini-games to play producing sweets chocolate candy bars to give to Sir Topham Hatt and Fosters listening and memory skills test. This Save the Day PC CD-ROM is my favourite of the four Thomas the games collection. There’s a lots of interesting work for everyone to tryout in this cdrom proving teamwork-building skills on the Sodor Island.

Vtech Whiz ware for the Whiz Kid Learning System. Thomas the Tank Engine CD-ROMThomas the Tank Engine - A Busy Day on the Island of Sodor.

The Busy Day on the Island of Sodor cdrom /Cartridge Teaches young children aged 3-5 years 120 learning activities Thomas and all his friends have to work well undertaking the jobs so keeping the Sodor railway line functioning efficiently. Pay a visit the top of the Mountain, the Alphabet train Station, a Friendly goods Depot, the Number Quarry and Puzzle Dock by the seaside. There is trainloads of entertaining learning reading skills, maths games, lively logic tests, get the hang of social skills and science. This cdrom is made by BNIP Vtech Whiz ware for the Whiz Kid Learning System.

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