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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bulstrode The Barge Thomas wooden railway toy

Sodor friends Thomas and Bulstrode the barge on the water waysThomas and friends Bulstrode the barge has spent most of his working life in Sodor harbour on the coast. He is a sea worthy vessel and loves the big waves to ride on.

Bulstrode barge likes it when he is full to the brim with coal or sand and enjoys it when the Brendam Docks side Cranky the crane loads him up very fast with the maritime cargo load.

If there is a day when he is empty Bulstrode the barge is very upset and moody, crotchety and rude to every one he sees in the Sodor harbour bay.

This made Tomy Thomas and Percy train very malcontent and glum with him Bulstrode the barge attitude.

One day, the Thomas and friends green Percy tank engine decided to turn the tables on Bulstrode the barge.
Train Percy tank engine decided to turn the tables on Bulstrode barge with the troublesome trucks
Train Percy the small engine accidentally shoving the silly giggling troublesome trucks off the edge of the marina dock key side on to pour barge Bulstrode snapping his ships hull with a large crack.
Bulstrode the barge at the Sodor Brendam dock side
After this he was towed away to the sandy seaside beach of Knapford town, there he was converted to a kids fun attrition in the playground for the young children to play games on.

Even to this day he's still grumbling but happy with his new paint work. Now, Bulstrode barge is a good looking cream, black and red in color.

Brio Bulstrode the barge harbour's lighthouse Bridge toy set.
Wooden railway Brio Bulstrode the barge lighthouse toy set
This Thomas Tank Brio train Bulstrode the barge wooden railway Brio toy set has bright lights and sounding foghorn so this Lighthouse makes the deep sea boats safe in the harbour bay.

Bulstrode the Barge also is working close to the Bridge, sounding of his warning horn as he is going under the lift bridge.

Thomas and friends wooden railway lighthouse lift bridge classic character Bulstrode the boat toy

You can raise & lower drawbridge by pressing a lever and the Barge horn sounds when bridge is lifted up.

The Thomas and his friends wooden railway system lighthouse lift bridge with classic character Bulstrode the boat toy Includes: 2 inch adapter rail track piece and it requires two AA size batteries.

This fun action-packed Sodor Brendam bay lighthouse train bridge with Bulstrode the barge is a must-have for any Thomas wooden railway toy colleting enthusiast!

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